Genshin Impact: How to Explore the Dream of the Vasara Tree [Full Guide]

The Explore the Dream of the Vasara Tree in Genshin Impact is a task in the game that involves three separate World quests to be solved in Sumeru.

These quests are relatively much more difficult to finish, especially the third one, and have been a key source of frustration for all the Genshin Impact enthusiasts.

If you’re one of them, you’ve stepped foot in the right place today! In this article, I’ll try to break it down and simplify these quests for you, so you can finally be set free off this daunting task!

How to Explore the Dream of the Vasara Tree in Genshin Impact?

The Explore the Dream of the Vasara Tree is an objective or a task that you’ll have to complete while progressing through the Aranyaka World Quests.

These are as fun and exciting as the Ardanish Puzzles also taking place in Sumeru, but maybe not as simple!

You’ll come across this objective while doing the Encounter in the Woods sub-quest in Part II of the Aranyaka World Quest, which is called the Dream Nursery.

These quests are part of the exciting lore that Genshin has brought with the introduction of Sumeru.

The objective comes in three separate parts of quests.

Vasara Tree's Dream Message Genshin Impact
Vasara Tree’s Dream

You start off with “The Rhythm that leads to a Gloomy Path” and this is followed by “The Rhythm that Nurtures the Sprout.

The final quest, which is also the most frustrating of the three, is the “The Rhythm that Reveals the Beastly Trail”.

Let’s take a look at each quest and how you can easily progress through each of them!

NOTE: Before we proceed, make sure you have a Dendro character whose primary weapon is a Bow, like Collei and Tighnari.

These characters will prove to be very useful as we go further in the quests.

The specifications here are important. You’ll be stuck later on if your Dendro character isn’t a Bow character, like Dori, or if your Bow character isn’t of the Dendro type, like Yelan.

Dream of the Vasara Tree: The Rhythm that leads to a Gloomy Path

The quest starts off with the following message: “You seem to have entered someone else’s dream…” – this denotes that you’re in the dream of the Vasara tree.

When it resumes, you’ll notice Primeval Rosins inside a transparent dome, guarded by several enemies.

Eliminate all of the enemies to remove the dome and collect the Primeval Rosin. You can easily do this with any character of your choice, from Collei to Raiden.

After that, navigate around the surrounding area and look for a portal-like window on the trunk of a tree. It is called the Phantasmal Gate and the picture is shown below.

Phantasmal Gate Genshin Impact
Phantasmal Gate

Once you approach it, you’ll have to click on the right notes to play a beautiful tune using the Vintage Lyre.

To play the tune, follow the symbols shown on the top and click on those exact symbols from the range of options provided to you. All of them can be found in the first row.

Tune Notes Phantasmal Gate genshin impact

When you’re done playing the tune, you’ll be able to enter the gate.

The next task is to use Dendrograna and attack the green-colored, ring-like structures floating over another dome of Primeval Rosins. 

Floating green-colored, ring-like structures Genshin Impact
Floating green-colored, ring-like structures

The Dendrograna can be obtained from the Auspicious Branches available right when you enter through the Phantasmal Gate; these can also be found in an area beyond the dome.

genshin impact obtain Dendrograna

It’s easier to hit those targets using a bow character, so I’d suggest going for Tighnari or Yelan.

Once those are hit and gotten rid of, the dome will be removed and you should be able to collect the second Primeval Rosin.

Now, head towards the other route going from the Phantasmal Gate. As you go further, you’ll come across Fungus and similar creatures that also need to be killed before you can approach a second gate, similar to the first one.

As you approach the second cave-like entrance on the trunk of a tree, you’ll be asked to play a tune with the Vintage Lyre again.

Make sure you select the right notes; these can be found in the first row. Enter the portal when your character is done playing.

Vintage Lyre Tune Notes

Touch the small, blue-colored flower and that should create a flowery bridge for you to cross to the blue flower on the other side.

Before you touch the flower, break the leafy wall guarding the third Primeval Rosin right next to the flower and collect it.

Leafy Wall Genshin Impact

After that, you’ll obtain the Four-Leaf Sigil upon touching the flower, which will help you move to the platform above.

Place the Primeval Rosins on the leafy sections and press “Activate”.

Finally, you’ll need to fight more Fungi and similar creatures and kill them off to complete this challenge.

Dream of the Vasara Tree: The Rhythm that Nurtures the Sprout

Similar to the previous challenge, interaction with Arama will lead you to the second quest of the Dream of the Vasara Tree, which is the Rhythm that Nurtures the Sprout.

It starts off in the same manner – you’ll need to defeat all the fungi creatures to open a dome-like shield. But, this time, you’ll be touching the Blue Flower when you remove the dome rather than collect Primeval Rosin.

Blue Flower inside Dome Shield Genshin Impact

Touching the flower will open the blocked path for you to go through. Again, this has a huge similarity with the previous challenge.

There will be those green-like structures floating in the air that you need to take out by getting Dendrograna. The Dendrograna is easily noticeable as you go through the unlocked gate.

There will also be some surrounding fungi which need to be eliminated around the same area.

After that, go back to the plant where you got the Dendrograna from and this time, you’ll need to play a tune using the Vintage Lyre once again!

genshin impact plant where Dendrograna is taken from

However, unlike the last two times, the notes will be from the last row for this challenge. Carefully select the notes and your character should start playing a beautiful tune.

There will be Healthy Dendrogranum available on the plant now and you can summon it as many times as you want.

Use these Healthy Dendrograna to destroy more rings that are present above the dome-like shield. There will be three of those green rings and while eliminating all of them are important, try to take out the one in the middle first.

Ring-like structure in the middle above dome genshin impact

Go and stand on the area when the dome-shield is gone and it’ll automatically start moving upwards.

For the final part of the challenge, make your way towards the marked location from the ascended platform where you’ll have another face off against fungi creatures.

In my observation, a good combination of DPS and Sub-DPS characters have boosted my chances to ace battles better!

Defeating the fungi will bring an end to this objective and initialize the next one.

Dream of the Vasara Tree: The Rhythm that Reveals the Beastly Trail

Firstly, navigate your way through the area and locate the Claustroflora flower; the flower has a distinctive green aura.

Claustroflora flower Genshin Impact

When you interact with the flower, your Vintage Lyre will come in handy once again to play yet another sweet tune. The notes for this tune can also be selected from the third row.

When you’re done playing the tune, Paimon will indicate that it wasn’t good enough.

Therefore, you’ll need to jump down from the platform, where you’ll find Primeval Rosin, covered by a dome and guarded by Fungi, just like in the first challenge.

Similarly, defeating all the creatures will let you obtain the Primeval Rosin and open the entrance to another pathway.

first primeval rosin for third quest genshin impact

Follow this route and proceed forwards until you find various symbols scribed on trees, walls, and rocks.

Approach the symbols on the rocks and once again, you’ll have to play a tune using the Vintage Lyre. That’s a whole lot of music!

symbols on rocks genshin impact

As long as you select the correct notes according to what’s required, the tune should start playing.

When you’ve stopped playing the Vintage Lyre, you’ll notice a big blanket disappear and a mushroom will take its place.

Mushroom Genshin Impact

Jump on the mushroom to ascend upwards and find your way towards the Primeval Rosin. You can easily spot it if you look around a bit.

At this point, it’s important that you change to your Dendro character to make life easier. Attack the plant with Dendro to produce Four-Leaf Sigils, which will eventually get you to the platform on top.

attack plant with dendro genshin impact

Using other characters here will take you ages to reach the platform above and you may not succeed at all, either.

Move forwards in the platform that you landed on and yet again, a dome-shield needs to be broken in order to get Primeval Rosin.

green colored rings in third challenge genshin impact

You’ll have to obtain the Healthy Dendrograna and attack the green, ring-like structures to eventually remove the dome.

Once you collect the third Primeval Rosin, head bottom, towards the tree-like structure on the wall.

Place the three Primeval Rosins you collected on the leaf sections on the wall and the wall will open automatically.

For the final battle, you’ll meet the Fungi for one last time. You’ll have to kill the last of these creatures to ultimately finish the challenge and explore the dream of the Vasara Tree to completion!

Wrapping Up

The challenges you’ll be faced with in the Explore the Dream of the Vasara Tree quest are not that complex if you know what you’re doing and have the right characters for it.

Having a Dendro character, whose primary weapon is the Bow, is quite essential, especially for this challenge.

Almost all the tasks in the three separate quests are similar and follow a pattern, similar to the boss battles of Anemo and Geo Hypostasis.

Nevertheless, do leave a comment below, if you feel like you need a bit more guidance regarding this quest! Furthermore, in case you’re experiencing lag or a drop in FPS, do check out our guide on how you can improve the FPS in the latest update.

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