Who is the Scarlet King in Sumeru? [Genshin Impact 3.0]

Since allowing entrance to players on the 24th of August, 2022, the nation of Sumeru in Tevyat has sparked huge interest in the Genshin community.

There are numerous theories and predictions made about the several mysteries that have unfolded in Sumeru, one of them being the identity of the Scarlet King.

The Genshin Impact 3.0 update has brought a new dimension to the game with a unique look of the Sumeru City.

Rainforest in Sumeru

“The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings” patch update has players grinding and uncovering more and more exciting information about the history of the nation and the gods who formed it as it is now.

Who is the Scarlet King in Sumeru?

Although there’s no solid proof to claim this fact, the Scarlet King is partly assumed to be King Deshret.

King Deshret passed away a long time ago and is buried around the rainforest near Port Ormos. That’s all the information there is to it.

The Scarlet King in Sumeru is one of the most important characters in the formation of Sumeru. He was the Lord of the Deserts too.

Sumeru City

Also called Al-Ahmar (Ahmar means Scarlet/Red in Arabic), he was a God-King of Sumeru, similar to Greater Lord Rukkhadevata and Goddess of Flowers. They had a great bond of friendship too.

However, Al-Ahmar felt more than just friendship for the Goddess of Flowers. He did convey his love for her but we still don’t know if the feeling was mutual between the two.

Furthermore, the fact that the Scarlet King and the Goddess of Flowers built Ay-Khanoum together, tells us that there might have been something more than just a platonic friendship.

Ay-Khanoum is also called the “City of the Moon Maiden” and it was built based upon the language of Jinn.

Different Cultures in Sumeru

But good things don’t last!

The Scarlet King was hit by a tragedy when the Goddess of Flowers suddenly lost her life. It’s still not very clear whether she died naturally or she was killed, but it caused a major setback for Al-Ahmar.

The god-king couldn’t bear such a loss and couldn’t function properly at all after that. Not much information has been uncovered as of yet about what happens to him before his death.

Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, on the other hand, realized he wouldn’t be able to help the Scarlet King out and gave up.

He left for the west and made an oasis. The oasis eventually turned into a rainforest, where you’ll find the grave of the Scarlet King.

Wrapping Up

The Lost in Prosperity quest is one that was worth the time and effort and I can’t wait for the next patch to drop! Moreover, along with Ganyu and Kokomi, we can also play with new Dendro characters Tighnari and Collei in Genshin Impact 3.0.

From the “Fragment of Childhood Dreams” to the lore of Sumeru, this patch update is something that just keeps on giving.

I’m still looking for more information on what finally happened to the Scarlet King, how the Goddess of Flowers died, and so many more questions!

Do you have any theories about the Scarlet King? What do you think happened to the Goddess of Flowers? Do you think the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata had something to do with it?

Let me know all your predictions and theories in the comments below!

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