The Colonists Guide: Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Build a Thriving Robot Colony

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The Colonists for PC is a charming little city building sim that hasn’t been out for long. We’ve talked about it in our review already, but now it’s time to focus on the actual gameplay and share some tips and tricks for The Colonists.

In our complete guide for The Colonists, we’ll focus on the basic mechanics and shortcuts that you can take in order to improve your game’s experience. And, of course, complete the missions faster in order to see what’s in store next.

So let’s not waste too much time as we have a lot to talk about! Check out some The Colonists tips and tricks in our guide below.

1. Always start by building your road network
Whenever you start a new mission, the first thing you should do is pause the game and do some landscape planning. Decide where the main points of interest will be (mines, resources, expansion) and decide how you’ll go about this.

Then, build the roads! Always start by building the roads and try to anticipate future road blocks. Creating a solid road network with multiple potential routes for multiple types of resources is vital for having a thriving colony.

I would always recommend you to try and build a road network in squares: this seems to work best in terms of optimizing delivery of resources. And in order to make this work, you have to take some time and build as much of your road network as possible first.

2. Always start with 2 lumberjacks
Wood is one of the most important resources early on and you’ll speed up things a lot by building 2 lumberjacks instead of one. Getting the Forester is not mandatory early on, but eventually you will have to build one as well and have it replace the trees that the two other lumberjacks cut down.

This will speed up your progress and, with proper research, you will find that it’s enough to have 1 Forester for every 2 Lumberjacks.

3. You will always be able to build level 1 structures
When you get stuck – or you seem to be stuck, remember that you will always be able to build level 1 structures, starting with the basic ones and moving up. So retrace the route and see why you are stuck and create a level 1 building to fix the problem.

The game currently keeps the higher level building that you have unlocked as the default option. So if you have unlocked a Lvl 2 house, that’s what the game will try to build by default. Make sure that you actually select the required level of the building you are trying to build and everything should work smoothly.

4. Try to complete missions ASAP
Every mission that you complete gives you some ratings based on the time needed for you to get it done. The faster, the better so always have that in mind.

In order to complete everything faster, don’t hesitate to take the speed of the game down (or even pause it) when you start building a lot, during the planning and structure placement phase. Although you don’t really win anything from getting more stars in the game, you want to get them all from your first try as repeating a mission is time consuming.

5. Focus on military research after getting there
Starting with mission 4, military research and action will become an important part of the game and competing against the AI will bring a new breath of air to The Colonists.

However, you must always make sure that you’ve got the upper hand in the game – and that is achieved by focusing on military research when encounters with the AI are expected.

This means that you should focus on researching arrows as soon as possible – the AI seems, as far as I can tell based on my experience, not interested in getting that research first. And once you get the arrows (and the AI doesn’t) you basically have the fate of the game pretty much decided.

6. Take advantage of those storage buildings
The storage deposits (or whatever they’re called) are vital in the game, just as a solid road network is. Not only that they can make building new structures or items a lot faster, but they can also save you a lot of trouble and getting stuck eventually.

Therefore, you should take the time to build several storage deposits in key areas of the game and take the time to manually assign the important items that they should accept (as well as the number). Instead of having them accept whatever items you have in excess, instruct the deposits to only receive items that you need in the area or items that go through the road network you have build, according to your rules (we’ll talk about this in our final tip).

7. How to fix road blocks (resources not being delivered)
If you have read my review, you know that I got this early on in the game, at the 3rd mission. A road block ruined my game and in my case, no matter what I tried to do to fix that road gridlock, nothing worked and I had to restart.

But usually, roadblocks are fixed a lot easier and the only thing you have to do is to delete some roads in order to destroy the route the game has assigned for the delivery of the resources that are responsible for the blockage. When you do this, you force the game to find a different route and things are automatically fixed. You can even rebuild the roads you have destroyed and you shouldn’t have problems in the future.

Of course, this won’t always work – as it didn’t in my 3rd mission – but it’s worth trying since it’s easier to do than restart the whole thing.


8. Keep an eye on production / resource requirements
If you don’t pay attention for even a short while, you might find yourself in a complete mess due to the lack of resources. And one lacking resource can have a snowball effect on all others, resulting in time wasted to fix the problems – when preventing them would’ve been a lot easier.

So always keep an eye on production, looking not necessarily at the amount of items produced and required, but at the potential total production and requirements. If those numbers are equal (or production is higher), then you should be fine. If not, consider building structures producing that item ASAP.

9. Try to find a permanent deposit of Stone ASAP
Even though not as important as logs are early on in the game, stone is vital in The Colonists and the biggest problem with it is that the deposits you’ll usually have around your starting point will deplete over time.

The best bet you have is to find a deposit of stone that won’t deplete (requiring a mine shaft) and expand there ASAP. Another resource taken care of! And this will help you progress a lot faster when you’ll be able to start upgrading the roads to stone roads.

10. Micromanage resource transportation
This is not a fun thing to do, but you do have to do it if you want to have thriving colony. Micromanage the routes that your resources take and do it to the bone!

Using the first tip that I shared, you will have a road network that will allow you to have at least two ways (two roads) heading in the same direction. Starting from here, create rules for items that can and cannot be carried over those roads by setting specific instructions to each Road Post.

Combine this with smartly placed deposits where you only allow those types of resources and you will be surprised to see how fluid the whole thing will get. Sure, it takes time to set-up (and you have to constantly update them as new items are unlocked), but it’s worth it!

11. Keep multiple save files for the same game
You should be prepared for the unexpected at all times. This means that a road gridlock can happen at any moment, forcing you to start over. But you can prevent that from happening by keeping multiple save game files – I recommend keeping at least 3, so that if something really bad happens eventually, you won’t be forced to start over, but load a previous save game file and fix whatever got broken before it happens.

This would be everything that we have for you right now. With a game as complex as a city building sim, there’s definitely a lot more to think about and do, so if you have some other important tips and tricks to share with the world, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.

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Do Not Feed the Monkeys Guide: Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of the Game

do not feed the monkeys guide 1

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is an awesome game with tons of content and challenges for you. It is beautiful and difficult at the same time and I’m here today to share some general Do Not Feed the Monkeys tips and tricks in a complete guide to the game. This is not a walkthrough per-se and we won’t go into complete tutorial mode for each of the cages. Instead, I am sharing with you some Do Not Feed the Monkeys tips and tricks so that you still get to do everything on your own.

I have already published a bunch of content related to this game, which is slowly becoming one of my favorites, so make sure to check them out too: you can start with my Do Not Feed the Monkeys review, a guide to getting all the endings in the game or a guide to unlocking all achievements.

Now, that we’ve got all this covered, let’s move on and check out below some Do Not Feed the Monkeys tips and tricks!

1. Learn the times of the day when monkeys are active in specific cages
All cages – or at least most of them – follow the same daily routines. They all start getting activity at the same time each day and if you pay a bit of attention, it’s easy to learn their schedule and be online at the right time. Playing the game with an actual notebook to write down some data could also prove helpful in the long run with planning.

Take advantage of the fact that you can focus on two different feeds at the same time and switch between one and another if two things are happening at the same time. What interested you most is clicking the yellow words in order to start working on some puzzles and do your research.

And although there’s no real hurry to find out everything about each cage that you have unlocked, you will receive questions from the Club and you will only be able to answer them if you have unlocked the answer in the game.

2. Don’t ignore your hunger & health
Although you will never died of tiredness (as you will fall asleep no matter what), you can die of hunger or poor health. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on these stats and make sure that they’re in at least a semi-decent shape.

You should try to consume as many foods that increase health as well as lower hunger, since these are the safest bet around. They are expensive and you need to eat a lot, so mix and match with high hunger reducers as well.

Every now and then, there will be all sorts of promos and discounts in the in-game shops. Always take advantage of these and try to only buy when there are discounts in order to save your money. There are also in-game actions that can help you optimize food consumption, such as it is the case of getting a driver for your store visits (the spying guy in a cage).

3. Always get the things from the mailman (unless you’re working on a specific achievement)
Every now and then, the mailman will come with a package intended for somebody else, but which you can claim. Unless you’re playing the good guy (see tip #4), you should always get those goodies, since they usually can be sold for some extra money or give you some sort of a bonus.

If you get the drugs, though, don’t sell them as this will result in a bad, instant ending.

4. You decide the fate of the plant
Sometime during the 2nd in-game day, you will receive a plant from two visitors. This plant will stay with you for a while and your in-game actions will decide its fate. If you are good and perform good, positive actions and are a good neighbor and overall a good human being, the plant will thrive.

On the other hand, if you are bad and do bad stuff in your life as well as regarding cage interactions, the plant won’t do that well. It’s up for you to decide how to treat it and know that there are some achievements related to this plant.

5. Don’t forget to answer the Club’s questions
The Club will send you questions that you will have to answer about the subjects in the cages. You usually have a few solid days to find out the answer – so if you don’t already have that figured out, you should have enough time to do it.

But don’t forget about the questions in your mailbox and answer them in due time in order to get the rewards. This, I believe, also influences the type of ending you’re getting when the game finishes, so focus on these above all else.

6. Always pay the rent (aka work!)
There are various ways to supplement your income in the game, many of which result from your interactions with the monkeys. We won’t talk about them as they are usually not reliable and you don’t have a lot of control over them until later on.

But what you have control on is getting some work done. You will get three job offers each day – all posted on your door. Try to complete these during the working hours listed on the note, while also trying not to miss any important things happening in the cages. This requires a bit of planning, but it is easily done. Also make sure that you don’t order any fast food before leaving for work, as you will lose that shipment.

Work just enough to have money for food and paying the rent on time (you don’t want to get evicted, do you?) – but not much more. You don’t really need the money for anything else in the game – especially if you want to keep the interactions at a minimum, so don’t overdo it. But pay your rent on time!

7. Replay the game and then replay the game some more
There are multiple potential stories to follow in the game, as well as multiple achievements and endings that can’t be completed or unlocked during a single playthrough.

Therefore, you will have to replay the game a few times – up to several times if you really want to see everything and try everything. The good thing is that each time you play, you will get a slightly different experience – which is really fun, actually so definitely give it one more try (or two) after completing the game for the first time.

This would be my general guide to Do Not Feed the Monkeys. I a currently working on creating a guide for each of the cages you can interact with and I will publish these as well if there’s interest in such articles. So let me know if that’s something you’d like to read as well!

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Do Not Feed the Monkeys Endings Guide: How to Get them All?

do not feed the monkeys endings guide

I love playing and replaying Do Not Feed the Monkeys (review here) in order to unlock all the achievements or find new and awesome stories or things in the game. With so many options, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that there are multiple endings in Do Not Feed the Monkeys. And today we’re going to talk about them all and how to get them.

It appears that there are three different endings that you can get in Do Not Feed the Monkeys if you finish the game. But that’s not the only way the game can end, actually – there’s a lot more than that. So we’re going to try and cover all the possible ways to end the game, including the ones where you don’t actually make it to the end.

Probably this should go without saying, but I am saying it just to make sure that everything’s clear: there are tons of spoilers below!

Now, without further ado, here’s a guide on how to get all endings in Do Not Feed the Monkeys:

Ending #1: Uninstall the Monkey Vision app at any time. This will instantly terminate your game.

Ending #2: Don’t pay the rent on time. This will result on you getting evicted.

Ending #3: Let one of your traits (health / hunger) reach ZERO.

Ending #4: When the option arises, you start selling drugs. Keeping them will not result in a premature ending.

Ending #5: If you’re not able to unlock the required cages in order to level up in the Club, you will get an early ending too.

Ending #6: When the option arises, send the plant killer to the greenhouse, then confess on the phone.

These are all endings in Do Not Feed the Monkeys that basically end the game with a failure. There are no achievements related to these endings and it makes no sense to get them since there’s nothing special about them – they even lack the “You failed” message.

But there are three potential, full endings that the game has based on your performance in-game. These are a bit more difficult to unlock and at the moment I am not 100% sure how to get them all. But let’s see them all below and my thoughts on how to get them:

Ending #7: Mediocre Monkey (1/3 ending) – this seems to be related with you not able to answer the questions sent over by the Club, but still completing the game. There might be other things that we’re not aware of required to get this ending.

Ending #8: Obedient Monkey (2/3 ending) – this one seems to be related to you not interacting with the monkeys. There might be other things that we’re not aware of required to get this ending.

Ending #9: Enlightened Monkey (3/3 ending) – this one seems to be the total opposite of the first. Complete all the questions successfully and level up all the way to the top of the pyramid. Again, other things might be takes into consideration as well.

As you can see, things are not 100% clear right now regarding the full endings. It’s very difficult to say what triggers one or another since I haven’t played the game that many times to actually see some patterns, but this is what I believe is needed to be done.

If you have more information about the full endings – and you have any hunches what might have caused you getting one over the other, don’t hesitate to comment below and let us all know. This way, we’ll be able to put the puzzle pieces together and know how to unlock each of the endings for Do Not Feed the Monkeys.

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Do Not Feed the Monkeys Achievements Guide & How to Unlock them All

do not feed the monkeys achievements guide

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a beautiful game, as we’ve already discussed in our recently published review. It’s also a very confusing one at times since you don’t really know what you should or should not be doing. Unlocking all achievements in Do Not Feed the Monkeys follows the same pattern: some are pretty obvious, others are not.

So in today’s article I am going to share with you a guide to the Do Not Feed the Monkeys achievements and how to unlock them all – including the two hidden achievements that the game has. It won’t be easy and you will probably need multiple playthroughs in order to unlock them all, but at least the game is fun and you’ll have no reasons to complain!

So without further ado, let’s check out the Do Not Feed the Monkeys achievements guide and how to unlock them all!

Pongo lostintranslansis: They may communicate in a strange manner, but these apes can be very loving and passionate.
How to get: Talk to Peole in her language and say “Love” three times in a row.

Callimico oviparus: The only primates capable of laying eggs.
How to get: Blackmail Amelia Winnipeg to give you an Egg by convincing her you know about the money in the safe.

Papio stellaris: Their natural habitats include outer space, dreams and rainy cities.
How to get: Record videos of the captain for three days in a row and send them to the TV station. Then talk to the Captain’s son.

Galago cholesterolus: Generous by nature, they don’t let any member of their group go hungry.
How to get: Order any food for Rick Stevens

Microcebus nudensis: They look past appearances: these monkeys look for inner beauty.
How to get: Record a video of the monkey taking photos of the star from the attic, then start blackmailing for some of those photos for yourself.

Petterus supermegafan: They are crazy about spotlights, flashes and teen-ape actresses.
How to get: Talk to the star’s agent and tell him that somebody’s taking photos of her. He will send you a gift afterwards.

Aotus chauffeurii: They hate moving around the jungle on foot.
How to get: Blackmail the photographer and have them become your driver so you can move around faster to the shop.

Prebytis freedonius: They organize themselves around charismatic and slightly genocidal alpha males.
How to get: Talk to August Henkel and tell him to conquer the world again – afterwards, he will send you some gifts and you’ll get this achievement.

Mandrillus lupus: They transform themselves, howl and change their fur with great ease.
How to get: Talk to Jonathan Dull and don’t encourage him to become a singer. He’ll send you the wig as a thank you gift.

Cebus smilenis: These monkey put the happiness of their offspring before anything else.
How to get: Record a video of the crying kid and send it to CHCS.

Colobus corsarii: They love sports and cleanliness. And, above all, they hate confined spaces.
How to get: Get the telephone number of the cleaner and call his wife to save him.

Lepilemur poopoo: The most creative and talented, although with a certain tendency towards scatology.
How to get: Like the achievement’s name suggests, you will have to select a poopoo-themed name for the book that Gustav Jenkings writes for you.

Allocebus darwiniana: Monkeys with a passion for natural selection and the struggle between the species.
How to get: Record a video of the Three Antlered Deer and send it to the Hunters.

Lemur wylonii major: Apes with unimpeachable morality. ABSOLUTELY unimpeachable.
How to get: Be good with all the people coming to your door (lend money to your neighbor, give the delivery guy tips, pay rent on time) and the plant will blossom when the people come back for it and they will reward you with a book, unlocking this achievement.

Lemur wylonii medus: Good, caring, empathetic… These primates are morally acceptable.
How to get: Have a green, healthy plant by being a generally good person in the game.

Lemur wylonii vulgaris: Never trust them: they are the most immoral of all monkeys.
How to get: Be a bad person and do evil stuff, making the plant wither.

Gorilla clubensis minor: Obedient and helpful primates.
How to get: Correctly answer 3 of the Club’s questions.

Gorilla clubensis medus: Very obedient and very helpful primates.
How to get: Correctly answer 6 of the Club’s questions.

Gorilla clubensis major: The most obedient and helpful monkeys: ALWAYS at the service of their keeper.
How to get: Correctly answer 9 of the Club’s questions.

Aotus televisibus: They go crazy over the most extreme emotions on the boob tube.
How to get: Send 20 videos to the TV Station

Propithecus molli: Half ape, half mole: these primates cannot keep their mouths shut.
How to get: When the FBI moves in, uninstall MonkeyVision and collaborate with them.

Hylobates silensis: The most faithful, loyal and discreet primates.
How to get: When the FBI moves in, don’t collaborate with them.

Hapalemur dolarii: They like money almost as much as piggybanks do.
How to get: Have a balance of more than $499

Colobus express: Now you see ’em, now you don’t: these are the fastest monkeys in the jungle.
How to get: Uninstall the MonkeyVision app before noon on Day 1

Tarsius amazonius: Big fans of maxing out their credit cards without leaving the tree.
How to get: Buy and send 4 items with the Online Store in-game.

Ateles pencilianus: Methodical and obsessive: they don’t stop until their pencil is worn down to a stub.
How to get: Have more than 190 saved in your notebook in one game.

Mandrillus barfii: Their appetite knows no limits. It’s a good idea to keep a mop near them.
How to get: Eat 9 food items in a row.

Mandrillus collector minor: Amateur collectors. They always hold on to something as a souvenir.
How to get: Keep at least 4 gifts simultaneously.

Mandrillus collector: Experienced collectors. They have a hard time letting go of anything.
How to get: Keep at least 6 gifts simultaneously.

Mandrillus collector major: Compulsive collectors. They hold on to everything, absolutely EVERYTHING.
How to get: Keep at least 8 gifts simultaneously.

Macaco amateurensis (hidden achievement): They belong to the Club’s second level: “Amateur Zoologist.”
How to get: Get to level 2

Macaco masteriensis (hidden achievement): They belong to the third Club level, Master in Primatology
How to get: Get to level 3

Macaco doctoriensis (hidden achievement): They have reached the Club’s highest level, The Great Primate’s Cage
How to get: Get to level 4

And this is it! These are all the achievements in Do Not Feed the Monkeys and how to unlock them. Good luck getting them all now!

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Lethal League Blaze: How to Get the Secret Unlockable Costumes / Outfits in the Game

Lethal League Blaze secret outfits unlock

There are various outfits that you can unlock in Lethal League Blaze if you perform some secret tasks. But, with them being secret, you don’t really know what you have to do, right? Well, worry no more as we’re here to share with you a complete guide on how to unlock the secret costumes / outfits in Lethal League Blaze.

Each character has a bunch of costumes that you can unlock by spending in-game currency on them. There are pretty obvious and we won’t include them in today’s guide. Instead, we’ll talk about the unlockable costumes in Lethal League Blaze, the secret outfits marked with question marks.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out how to unlock these secret costumes in Lethal League Blaze, for each game character!

Raptor Secret Outfits


Complete every story mission with every character in the game.

Ballhead 2

Complete Arcade with every character

Switch Secret Costumes

Workbot Frame

Clear Blue 4B: The Mayfly mission in Story Mode.

Old Workbot Frame

Complete Arcade with Switch.

Candyman Secret Outfits

Strait jacket

Complete Arcade with Candyman.

Strait Jacket Alert

Complete Orange 1: Tests in Story Mode with Candyman without being scored against. You also need Strait jacket unlocked in order to be able to get this one.

Sonata Secret Costumes

Zoot Suit

Clear Orange 4: Getting Up in Story Mode with Sonata.

Zoot Suit Deluxe

Complete one match after maxing out your Spark.

Latch Secret Outfits

L.2 Full Mecha

Clear Arcade, then clear Green 1: The Offer in Story Mode with Latch

L.2 Full Mecha B

Complete Arcade mode without using continues

Dice Secret Costumes

Domino The Cursed

Go to his character select screen and navigate very fast through the unlocked outfits.

Domino The Blessed

Unlock all his other costumes to get.

Doombox Secret Outfits

Safety Weapon

Complete White 4: The Final Round in Story Mode aka completing the Story mode with this character.

Dark Safety Weapon

Complete the Story Mode AND Reach 1 million speed outside Training

And these would be the hidden costumes that you can unlock in Lethal League Blaze. Some take a lot of time to get, while others are really easy to unlock. Focus on them one at a time and you should have no problem unlocking all costumes for your favorite characters.

Did we miss any costume? Let us know if we did – and it’s even more helpful if you can share with us how to unlock the costume too.

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Return of the Obra Dinn: All Crew Members and Causes of Death

Return of the Obra Dinn walkthrough

Return of the Obra Dinn is a truly unique mystery game and I absolutely love it, even though it does drive me crazy every now and then. It is most difficult to track all the crew members and find out their causes of death – but things will be a lot simpler now thanks to our bare-bones guide to the Return of the Obra Dinn crew members and their cause of death.

You will still have to play the game and go through all the exploration elements yourself, but it will be easier now that you have this info. You will know where to search, what to do and you’ll have a bit of sanity left instead of having to wander aimlessly around.

As you can imagine, there are a ton of spoilers in our Return of the Obra Dinn walkthrough below so only read if you really want to know the causes of death of all crew members of the Obra Dinn. This list is not based on the chapters the deaths occur, but on the rank of the crew. Use Ctrl + F and search for a specific name if needed.

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s get started and move on with out guide. Return of the Obra Dinn – causes of death of all the crew members.

Robert Witterel (Captain) – Killed himself with a gun
William Hoscut (First Mate) – Killed with a gun by the captain
Edward Nichols (Second Mate) – Shot by Chioh Tan
Martin Perrott (Third Mate) – Spiked
John Davies (Fourth Mate) – Clubbed by Henry Brennan

Alfred Klestil (Bosun) – Torn apart by a beast
Charles Miner (Bosun’s Mate) – Drownded by a beast
Henry Evans (Surgeon) – Still alive (in Africa)
James Wallace (Surgeon’s Mate) – Clawed
Winston Smith (Carpenter) – Speared by a beast
Marcus Gibbs (Carpenter’s Mate) – Spiked

Thomas Sefton (Cook) – Struck by a tail
Emil O’Farrell (Butcher) – Spiked
Christian Wolff (Gunner) – Shot with a cannon by a beast
Olus Wiater (Gunner’s Mate) – Shot with a gun by John Davies
Duncan McKay (Purser) – Drowned by a beast
Finley Dalton (Helmsman) – Drowned by a beast
Edward Spratt (Artist) – Crushed by a beast

Passengers on the Obra Dinn & Causes of death

Abigail Hoscut Witterel – Crushed by rigging
Nunzio Pasqua – Knifed by Edward Nichols
Emily Jackson – Still alive (in Africa)
Miss Jane Bird – Still alive (in Africa)
Bun-Lan Lim – Clawed
It-Beng Sia – Burned
Chioh Tan – Spiked
Hok-Seng Lau – Shot by Henry Brennan

Stewards on the Obra Dinn & Causes of death

Zungi Sathi – Shot by Charles Miner
Fillip Dahl – Burned
Paul Moss – Killed with a sword by Leonid Volkov
Samuel Galligan – Knifed by It-Beng Sia
Roderick Andersen – Crushed by a cannon
Davey James – Still alive (in Africa)

Midshipmen on the Obra Dinn & Causes of death

Peter Milroy – Exploded
Thomas Lanke – Knifed by Olus Wiater
Charles Hershtik – Burned

Topmen on the Obra Dinn & their cause of death

Omid Gul – Drowned by a beast
Timothy Butement – Shot with a gun by Edward Nichols
Huang Li – Electrocuted
Jie Zhang – Clawed
Li Hong – Speared by a beast
Wei Lee – Drowned by a beast
Nicholas Botteril – Speared by a beast
Maba – Torn apart by a beast
Lewis Walker – Clubbed by Robert Witterel
Leonid Volkov – Shot with a gun by Emily Jackson

Seamen on the Obra Dinn & their cause of death

Alarcus Nikishin – Drowned by a beast
Aleksei Toporov – Drowned by a beast
Nathan Peters – Drowned by a beast
Lars Linde – Clubbed by Nathan Peters
John Naples – Torn apart by Fillip Dahl
Renfred Rajub – Dies of illness
Abraham Akbar – Crushed by a beast
William Wasim – Crushed by cargo
Soloman Syed – Dies of illness
Hamadou Diom – Spiked
Henry Brennan – Knifed by Robert Witterel
Alexander Booth – Drowned by a beast
Patrick O’Hagan – Speared by a beast
George Shirley – Shot with a cannon by a beast
Samuel Peters – Crushed by cargo

And this is it! These are all the crew members in Return of the Obra Dinn, as well as their causes of death. Solving mysteries has never been as simple – but make sure to only check these names out when you are indeed stuck and can’t progress, otherwise it will take away most of the fun of the game.

Endless amounts of kudos djsnowboy267 on Steam for sharing this list with the world. You can check the link if you want to also see all their portraits and give him a thumbs up. Without him, this list would’ve been incomplete and less useful.

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