Contraband Police: How to Save Game

How to Save the Game in Contraband Police

Saving your game in Contraband Polie is essential if you want to keep your progress through the next session. Additionally, many players want to use the save system to revert certain bad decisions they made … Read more

The Last Spell: How to Beat Lakeburg

The Last Spell - How to Beat Lakeburg

Lakeburg is the third map in The Last Spell and players can access it after completing Gildenberg. To complete Lakeburg, players will need to survive 11 nights and beat a boss on the 12th night. … Read more

The Last Spell: How to Get More Heroes

How to Get More Heroes in The Last Spell

When starting a new game in The Last Spell, you’ll be given three random heroes to use. However, these won’t be enough to deal with what the mid and late-game waves will bring. Thus, it’s … Read more

Coromon: Best Water Type for your Team

Best Water Type Coromon for Your Team

Water is one of the seven available elemental types in Coromon. It is unique because it’s the only type that’s super effective against two different types. Specifically, Water-type moves are very effective against both Sand … Read more