Should You Build A Custom Gaming PC?

how to build a gaming computer

If you’re thinking about building a custom gaming PC, you’re probably itching to pull the trigger. After what feels like an eternity of overpriced GPUs, it seems as though prices are finally beginning to cool off. Although many are starting to buy GPUs for a gaming PC once more, it may not be the best idea – at least, not yet.

Now that the cryptocurrency market is down more than 50% from the beginning of this year and miners have stopped buying out GPUs, it is becoming ever more affordable to build a gaming PC.

I built my first gaming PC back in the 8th grade. I had a $700 budget, and at that time, components were cheap. I used the money I’d been saving to build my first rig. I probably could have made wiser decisions when it came to parts, but you live and you learn, right?

With that in mind, believe me when I say I’m a huge fan of building your own custom gaming PC, rather than buying a prebuilt gaming PC. Especially a few years ago, custom building was far cheaper than buying a prebuilt. However, prebuilt gaming PCs have stepped up their game. In the last 6 months, prebuilt gaming PCs were often a better deal than custom building.

On the other hand, building your own PC offers so much more than having a PC shipped to your house. Firstly, you have to tirelessly research which parts are best for you and your budget. During this process, you learn about gaming computers and how they work.

Next, you learn how to build a gaming computer. I learned via YouTube, and I taught many of my friends how to build a computer after I painstakingly built mine. Sometimes you’ll turn the computer on and it won’t work – that’s when you have to try again, and again, and again. Eventually, though, you’ll have successfully built your first gaming computer.

Now that GPU prices are lowering, I’m sure you’re about to pull the trigger. While I’d love to have more members in the PC gaming community, you might be wasting your money if you decide to buy a GPU. The GTX 1000 series has been out for a while now, as well as AMD’s 500 series – the next line of GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD are right around the corner.

Looking back to the GTX 700 series of GPUs, some consumers purchased a GTX 770 for a hefty price tag. To their dismay, the GTX 900 series was announced just a few weeks later. Not only was the GTX 970 around the same price as a GTX 770, it was a superior graphics card, not to mention less power hungry.

More powerful GPU options are just around the block. Once those new cards hit the market, older cards (today’s GPUs) will become even cheaper. Whether you decide to buy a newer card or an older card, either way, it makes more sense to wait. That is if you want to get the most bang for your PC gaming buck.

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Cool Sports Mobile Game Apps You Should Check Out

best sports mobile games

We are in the time when technology is taking over our world in very positive ways. One of the ways this is happening is through mobile technology. Mobile technology has elevated the standards and the ways we live life in many very creative ways. We cannot begin to count the manner and ways this has happened since mobile technology happened to us. With the inception and popularity of smartphones came mobile apps and some of these mobile apps are games that make our phones all fun and a tool for relaxation. If you are into mobile games, then you should check out these wonderful games that would be worth every time you spend on them.

Football Heroes 2017

Football Heroes 2017 is an interesting game that you should check out. In this mobile game, you have the opportunity of building your team and players and training them to an optimal level. The building of the players and team does not come on a silver platter; it is done through card parks which you can get by purchasing using the in-app coins. However, you can get some game fortune or currency through various ways in the game. Here are some of the ways to get the in-game currency: you can by playing against the CPU team, or competing with other users. The Football Heroes 2017 satisfies the hunger for a mobile football experience.

Red Bull Free Skiing

The Red Bull Free Skiing is rendered in great graphics that would wow game lovers anytime. You do not have bother much about understanding the brass-tacks of the game as the game comes with a useful tutorial features that teach you everything you need to know about the game to have a fantastic gaming experience. There are options to make in-app purchases to buy more gold. One very lovely thing about this game is that is ad-free. Download the Betway mobile app to get popular mobile sport betting, Vegas games and casino games experience.

Score! Hero

This is a beautiful football app, and it is unlike most football games out there. In Score! Hero, you are given the total opportunity to build a player from being an amateur to a professional. Also, in this game, you determine how events will turn out in any game. There is the freezing of actions between passes where you have the time to plan where the next pass will be going to. A wrong pass into your opponents makes you lose the game. This game comes with several tasks. Some tasks are as simple as making a kind of pass or scoring at a particular angle.

NBA Live Mobile

This mobile game is from the stable from EA Sports games. If you are really into NBA games, you will love this. New players are unlocked in NBA Live Mobile through the collection of cards, and you can also make in-app purchases to be able to unlock more players. You have the opportunity of playing the NBA championship. Unlock Level 5 gives you the freedom to play the leagues. This is a very cool NBA mobile game.

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The Best Smartphones for Mobile Gaming

best phones for mobile gaming

In having the best gaming experience on our smartphones, it is necessary one choose the best fit. There are various smartphones on the market that come with multiple specs that are made for different mobile tasks. In choosing the smartphone that can render quality mobile gaming experience, certain predefined factors should be considered. Some of those things one should consider when getting a mobile device for gaming are the battery capacity of the phone, the memory size of the device, and the processing speed of the device.

The three above mentioned features take the premium in choosing a phone that can handle gaming without lagging. Good battery capacity, for instance, will ensure you do have to always plug in your phone as gaming is known to drain batteries faster than most tasks on the device. Getting a phone will good battery capacity will also ensure you do not have to constantly run out of power.

A good storage size that includes the RAM size and the internal memory size will ensure you have enough space to store the downloaded files of the games. Good processing speed is everything when choosing a smartphone as this is the core feature that makes sure you have a fantastic experience with mobile gaming. William Hill app poses as popular Android betting app and allows you to enjoy both sport and non sport betting events. Below are therefore the smartphones that you check out for your mobile gaming need.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

This is a 5.5 inches phone. With that display size, Samsung Galaxy Pro gives you a good view of your mobile games. This display also comes with AMOLED display technology, which is a bespoke technology of the Samsung brand. With a resolution of 1080×1920, gaming on this gadget should be fun. It also comes with a powerful processor speed with its Octa-core CPU speed that should handle your mobile gaming pretty well. It has 3G RAM and 64G internal memory. It packs an encouraging 3600mAh battery power.

iPhone X

The iPhone X comes with a better resolution than other previous iPhone smartphones. That should be good news for mobile gaming as mobile games need good resolution power to render good gaming display. The powerful resolution is empowered with the phone’s large screen size of 5.8 inches. This smartphone comes with a good 3G RAM and a Hexa-Core that ensures your games never lag during play. It comes with a fairly good 2716 mAh battery capacity.

Sony Xperia XZ2

Sony Xperia XZ2 looks traditional in its bezel looking architecture. However, it makes up for that with its 5.7 inches display and a power processing speed. This mobile comes with a powerful Snapdragon 845 CPU and 4G RAM. With that, you are guaranteed a good mobile gaming experience. The battery capacity is 3180 mAh.

Nokia 6

With 5.5 inches display and a resolution of 1080×1920, the Nokia 6 is a cool mobile phone for wonderful gaming. The Nokia 6comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 CPU on an Octa-Core capacity. You can get the same device with 3 or 4G RAM depending on your preference. The fair battery power of 3000 mAh ensures a good playtime.

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Casino Games that Have Good Returns

online casino

Most video game players at one stage or another try to switch to conventional casino games. Some will be just looking to try different games for a change though others will be looking to switch permanently to casino games and become pro gamblers. The biggest challenge many face when switching from video games to casino games is choosing those casino games which have high payouts. Among the hundreds if not thousands of casino games, these are the casino games that have good returns.

Sports betting
Sports betting is an activity which has grown in leaps and bounds over the recent years owing to the emergence of mobile technology. Sports betting is not particularly difficult and is offered by both sportsbooks such as and casinos. Sports betting entails betting on different sport games, it’s betting on the outcome but not necessarily the result.

You can bet on the result i.e. Arsenal is going to win over Manchester United or you can bet on things like the total corner count after a game, total foul count after a game and the player to score the first/most goals in a match among many other betting options.

Sports betting does not really have a special skill set that you must have but all you need is basic knowledge about the sport you are betting in. if you are knowledgeable enough, then it’s easy to scoop regular wins.

Roulette is the game which lures many people to the casino including video game players. This is because the game is deceptively simple and to some extent it’s the most advertised. We say it’s the most advertised because it’s the one casino games which features on most casino ads and it also features regularly in gambling themed movies.

Think of most of the top rated gambling themed movies and you will find that most of the action takes place on the large black and red wheel. While the game looks seemingly simple, it’s actually pretty difficult to master. However, once you master the roulette table strategy, then you are most likely to become a regular winner. The beauty of roulette is that it is the one casino game which has relatively low odds.

Depending on the type of roulette you are playing, the odds are 1 to 37 or 1 to 38 when playing a straight bet and they significantly reduce when you bet on two or more numbers.

Unlike roulette, blackjack isn’t deceptively simple but it’s outright pretty difficult. However, once you teach yourself all the tricks about this game, you are guaranteed that you will increase your bankroll each time you play. Learning the tricks of blackjack is not difficult thanks to the internet which readily provides us with guidebooks on how to become a blackjack pro.

The beauty of blackjack is that it does not pay out small wins as each time you win, you win big. However, the mere fact that you will be winning big amounts does not mean that you become an instant high roller, blackjack needs players will calm heads otherwise you may lose more than you gain.

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Gaming News

More than a Hobby – How Gaming Changed over the Years

gaming evolution

Over the last two decades, the world of gaming has evolved significantly undergoing some profound changes from being solely a hobby. Gaming now can provide potential professional careers or practical real life benefits.

Gaming has now come into its own as an organized sport known as eSports. At its simplest, eSports are competitive gaming at a professional level. Essentially any game with a winner and loser can be featured but there are variations from game to game. Participating gamers compete not only for bragging rights but cash prizes as well. Like physical sports, eSports can also be found in specially built stadiums with the first appearing in China in December of 2017 with more venues planned around the world. Perhaps an even greater endorsement of the sport, there are talks for it to be included as a demonstration sport in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Gaming has also become used for practical purposes. The military has long used gaming for training purposes. The United States Army enter a partnership with Nintendo to create a combat simulator to train army marksmen. While some of the games are used as simulations to provide troops with a sense of what they could face when deployed, others are designed to specially hone in and sharpen specific skills.

Other industries have also looked at video games as a way in which to train their employees. This would include the health care industry. Simulation games can help train professional to make split second decisions when faced with certain criteria. Surgeons use these games to help fine tune their coordination and fine motor techniques.

While these are just a few ways in which video games are crossing over from being a source of entertainment to becoming more of a practical application with numerous implications for professional industries.

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Wizard of Legend Outfits Guide: Best Outfit in the Game

wizard of legend outfits guide

Wizard of Legend offer you the chance to customize the appearance of your character with various outfits. These outfits not only change your looks, they also provide various stat changes and boosts. In today’s article we’re going to talk about the outfits in Wizard of Legend.

Don’t forget that we have already shared a complete guide to all the relics in the game, as well as the cursed relics that you can get from Nox’ shop.

Now, back to the Wizard of Legend outfits! Most can be purchased from Savile in the Plaza and they are varied enough to go well with any type of favorite play style. We’re listing all the details about these outfits below and it’s up for you to decide which is the best outfit in Wizard of Legend based on your play style.

Max health +5%
Run speed +8%
Crit chance +5%
Damage +6%

Note: This is a starting outfit but it has no effect until you unlock the Vigor, Venture, Pace, Awe, and Rule outfits.

Max health +5%
Run speed +8%
Armor +4%
Evade +5%

Note: This is a starting outfit but it has no effect until you unlock the Vigor, Venture, Pace, Awe, and Rule outfits.

Max health +10%
Defense +1%

Armor +8%
Defense +1%

Run speed +10%
Damage +16%
Cooldowns -12%
Max health -40%

Cooldowns -12%
Run speed +8%

Run speed +16%
Evade +5%

Evade +10%
Crit chance +6%

Crit chance +12%
Crit damage +20%

Damage +10%
Armor +4%

In addition to the outfits, you can also get the Savile Special from his shop in the Plaza for 5 gems. This will give your outfit the following effects (removing any current effects):

+ 5% Max health
+12% Run speed
+8% Evade
-8% Cooldowns

Although really good, the main drawback of this special effect is that these good effects will only stay for one run. Afterwards, the outfit you’re wearing will get back to providing the default boosts unless you get a Savile Special from his store.

These would be all the outfits that you can get in Wizard of Legend. Some really good stuff here, without any clear winners in my opinion.

I personally believe that the starting outfit Hope is really good (but you have to wait until its effects become active). I also like Rule, which gives a nice damage boost and extra armor. Some play types are definitely better with the evade outfits… so don’t hesitate to share your opinions on the best one in your opinion by commenting below.

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