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Editor in Chief and strong believer in his ability to do 34 hours of work & gaming in a day (and failing miserably at it).

He’s been a gamer since his dad brought home a Home Computer ’84 back in the days (yes, he’s that old!) He loves playing RPGs and turn based strategies the most. Even today, you’ll find him playing a good ol’ Heroes of Might and Magic 3 map or achieving world domination in Civilization 3.

He works as a game journalist since 2008, having created various and extremely successful (his words) gaming blogs since them. Now his goal is to make Common Sense Gamer the best gaming blog in the world.

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Harry has been a fan of video games from a very young age and writing allows him to share that passion with others. His favorite genres include MMORPGs, survival, and FPS.

With thousands of hours played on MMORPG, survival, and FPS games, Harry is happy to share what he’s learned with others to make their gaming experience better.

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Nikiforos has been a fan of Nintendo from a very young age and writing allows him to share his vast knowledge with others.

Though he will try most games at least once, his favorite genres include JRPGs, platformers, and turn-based games.

With thousands of hours played on Nintendo systems since the original Gameboy, Nikiforos is happy to share his endless passion for Nintendo franchises and everything he can get his hands on.

You can read his articles here.

These amazing writers used to work with us, but have moved on to other ventures:


She loves playing Path of Exile and other RPGs and MMOs. She’s now writing mostly about mobile games, but you can still read her PC & Console gaming articles here.

Md Tawsifur Rahman

You can check his articles here.


He has been an active member of the gaming community from a very young age, specifically from 2003 when he first played Warcraft 3 and discovered tachycardia from how enjoyable and relaxing it was. Gaming for him has been and still is his lifestyle.

He is very passionate about writing blogs and articles about games, as it is soothing for him. Check out all his articles here.


He was our news editor a while ago, before we switched to a more guide-oriented approach. You can read his published articles here.