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Fortnite Announces 20-Man Team Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

As Fortnite continues to gain traction in the competitive multiplayer survival genre, Epic is keeping the momentum going with limited time modes. This time around, we’ve got a special treat on a massive scale: an all-new 20-team battle royale!

You heard right: five teams of twenty players will duke it out in a fierce survival game to the fittest. Starting today, you’ll be able to queue up for the new mode that pits bigger squads against each other. This mode will play out just like the regular mode, but of course with bigger teams. And you know what comes with bigger teams – bigger battles!

To encourage an all-out war, treasure chests and ammo have a greater chance of spawning in this mode, and the storm circle will come at a much faster rate. Be on your toes, stick together with your squad, and take down the world! Remember: this is a limited time mode so be sure to try it out while it’s around, though we’re sure it’ll come back at a future date.

In addition to the Battle Royale changes, the regular PvE Save the World mode has received some new goodies too. A new slick skin, Burnout, has joined the store. Hoverboard Boost Pads have also been added as well, so you can create some gnarly race tracks and build some epic jumps! Finally, the legendary monkey hero Wukong joins the Fortnite roster as a new playable character. You can grab him from the Event store.

This patch brings a lot of new cool stuff to the game, but it also fixes a lot of bugs and adds some quality of life changes, including an easy anti-cheat protection. Hop onto Fortnite today to try out the new mode!

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Far Cry Arcade Lets Players Create Their Own Maps

Far Cry Arcade

Last month Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 5 would receive some wacky DLC packs after its launch on March 27. That’s not the end of it, though! Today they’ve announced one more big feature for Far Cry 5: the Far Cry Arcade!

The Far Cry Arcade is a free, built-in feature of Far Cry 5 that is one big user creation hub. Players can play and create their own maps and game modes, including single player, co-op, and 12-player competitive maps. The possibilities are truly endless here!

The map editor will be the largest editor that any Far Cry game has gotten to date. There are over 9,000 assets that you can use to build your maps, including assets from other Ubisoft games like Watch Dogs and the Assassin’s Creed games. Players will be able to create some really unique looking maps considering how different each game looks. You’ll also be able to pull assets from the aforementioned DLC packs if you own them!

To help the community find the best maps, Ubisoft will also launch a website dedicated to the Far Cry Arcade. You’ll be able to view the most popular maps, favorite maps and players, and see maps from specific game modes. Ubisoft will also run their own community events every Friday night to showcase their own maps or featured community maps.

No matter what you’re doing in the Arcade, you’ll be earning in-game money and perk points, which can be spent to customize your Arcade character. You can also spend your perk points in the single player campaign. It’s a win-win situation!

With an impressive line-up of features to come, Far Cry 5 is already looking to be quite the heavy hitter. Stay tuned for more information when it drops on March 27, 2018.

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MyNintendo Gold Points Can Now Be Redeemed for Cash


Earlier last month, Nintendo announced that MyNintendo members would finally be getting another use out of their hard earned gold points. We were promised that we would be able to redeem those gold points for cash on the eShop, and the change has officially gone into effect.

Starting today, any purchases made on the Nintendo eShop (including the Switch, Wii U, and 3DS) will reward you with gold points, with a conversion rate of 1 gold point to 1 cent. For digital purchases, you get 5% of the game’s price back in gold points. So for example, buying a $59.99 game on the eShop will net you 300 gold points, which equates to $3.00 that can be applied to your next purchase.

This new program seems to encourage players to go the full digital route. If you buy a physical copy of a Switch game, you can still get coins for it but you only get 1% of the game’s MSRP, which pretty much amounts to nothing. As a point of reference, the four games we have for the Switch are all physical copies and we only have 100 gold coins. Yay for $1 off!

Is that conversion rate sort of low? You bet it is! Are we still glad that we’re getting more options out of MyNintendo? Yeah, kind of. We, and we’re sure many others, really miss the neat little physical rewards that Club Nintendo offered. Those things were priceless and really awesome for Nintendo fans. While we appreciate the digital goodies and this step – albeit small – in the right direction, MyNintendo hasn’t quite reached the status that Club Nintendo did years back.

Time and time again Nintendo always shows that while they are a class of their own when it comes to game design, maintaining online services isn’t quite their strong suit, and some gamers see this as more proof. Do you think the conversion rate for the gold points is fair? Is it too low? We’ll see what the future holds for the eShop.

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Square Enix Teases New Valkyrie Profile Game

Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile… now that’s a franchise we haven’t heard of in a very, very long time. Today Square Enix released a short preview teaser on their YouTube account for the next Valkyrie Profile game.

Now, we’re guessing a lot of you aren’t familiar with the series. Released originally for the PlayStation way back in 2000, Valkyrie Profile was a unique action RPG developed by tri-Ace (Star Ocean) and published by Enix, before the Square merger. The game was unique in the sense that it had a rather dark tone and semi-realistic art style compared to other RPGs of the time, like the beloved Final Fantasy VII.

You played as Lenneth, a valkyrie serving under Odin. Tasked with finding the greatest warriors to recruit for Valhalla, Lenneth’s journey brought her face to face with many heroes’ last moments in the mortal realm. Once a human passes, Lenneth is able to turn them into her Einherjar, noble battle spirits that fight alongside her.

Battles in Valkyrie Profile were quite the explosive deal. Instead of selecting commands and watching them play out in a fixed order, your characters launched their attacks as soon as you pressed their corresponding button. With proper timing, you could combo enemies into oblivion and launch super powerful “purification” attacks. While action RPGs are pretty common nowadays, Valkyrie Profile was pretty different for its time.

With critical praise but poor sales, Valkyrie Profile became an instant cult classic. After the Square Enix merger, a sequel was released in 2006. A third game then came out in 2008 for the DS, which mixed things up a little by introducing a tactical RPG system while still retaining the combo focused battle system. But after that, the series remained dormant until a mobile game came out in 2016.

And now we’ve gotten a little teaser trailer for the next game in the series. It’s interesting to note that the original game was ported to the PlayStation Portable as Valkyrie Profile -Lenneth-, and that’s exactly the name of the trailer. Could this be a full remake of the original game? We think that’d be awesome, especially considering how many RPG fans missed it the first time around. Either way, we’re excited to see this series come back to life.

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Blizzard Potentially Teases Diablo III for Switch

Diablo 3

So this is an interesting turn of events! Several days ago, the official Blizzard Entertainment twitter account tweeted a particular tweet that caught the attention of many. The tweet simply said “sweet dreams” and featured a picture of an awesome nightlight modeled after Diablo’s face.

Nightlight? What’s another name for a light fixture on the wall? Oh right – a SWITCH! Because of the cryptic nature of the tweet, the gaming community is reading into this as a teaser that Diablo III will be heading to the Nintendo Switch.

This is pretty big news for several reasons, the main being that if this ends up true, this will be the first Blizzard game on a Nintendo console since, what, Starcraft 64? That game came out in 2000! That’s an eighteen year gap, and this is a reunion worth celebrating.

Diablo III already saw a console release on the PS4 and XB1, so this isn’t too far-fetched of an assumption. Plus, we can already tell you that the game is going to perform very well. A portable Diablo experience? For many fans of the series that’s a dream come true, as Diablo III is the perfect game suited for short-burst playtimes. That’s exactly what the Switch is made for!

And, who knows, this could be the start of something great. Every company is starting to notice how well the Switch is doing, and now that Blizzard could potentially be one of those companies, we might see their other games as well. Overwatch on the Switch, anyone? That might be bit of a stretch, but that’d probably sell a ton too.

Blizzard hasn’t said anything else about the mysterious tweet as they’re still busy with the Warcraft III invitational and the announcement of Brigitte, the new Overwatch hero. But we’re waiting to see if this really happens. We’re excited to find out!

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PlayStation Plus Drops PS3 and Vita Support Next Year


For the Sony faithful, we’ve got some good and bad news for you this week. You want the good news first, don’t you? Today, Sony revealed the free games for PS Plus subscribers for the month of March, and it’s quite the heavy hitter!

First up is Bloodborne, one of the PS4’s killer apps developed by FromSoftware, the studio that brought us the legendary Dark Souls trilogy. Set in the gothic architecture world of Yharnam, players are cursed with a mysterious endemic ailment that’s spreading through the streets of the city. Death and decay await around every corner as you fight for your life through the nightmarish world of Yharnam in this action RPG that’s just as hard as its predecessors.

Next is Ratchet & Clank. This PS4 exclusive re-imagining of the original PS2 classic introduces us to the dynamic duo once again, and this game established the trademark of Insomniac’s platforming run’n’gun type of gameplay. While you’ll battle through the same locales in the original game, Ratchet is packing new weapons and gadgets for you to play with this time around.

Those two are the big games, but this month will also include more games like Legend of KayMighty No. 9Claire: Extended Cut, and Bombing Busters. All of these games – save for Legend of Kay – are cross-buy compatible so you can play them on your PS4.

Now, for the bad news! If you’ve been enjoying free games on your PS Vita or PS3, that’ll come to an end somewhat soon. Starting next year on March 8, 2019, the PS Plus free monthly games will no longer include PS3 or Vita games. This won’t affect previous month libraries, so you’ll still be able to access those old games so as long as you remain a PS Plus subscriber. There just won’t be any more games added to the monthly lineups after March.

With the already dead Vita scene and the PS3 slowly retiring, this only makes sense. If you still play on these consoles, enjoy the free titles while they last!

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