Search for Balloons in Luigi’s Balloon World, a Free Update for Super Mario Odyssey

Welcome back to the greatest Odyssey ever! Super Mario Odyssey received a free update today that adds a new mini-game: Luigi’s Balloon World! That’s right – Mario’s plucky brother finally gets a turn in the spotlight!

The update patch has already gone live, so all you need to do is simply launch Odyssey to automatically update it. However, to play with Luigi, you’ll need to have finished the main story first, so keep that in mind, you eager green-cap wearing fans!

Luigi’s Balloon World is a balloon version of hide’n’seek. In “Hide It” mode, you get 30 seconds to hide a balloon somewhere in the world you initiated the mini-game. In “Find It” mode, you’ll do the opposite and try to find balloons hidden by other online players in 30 seconds. The trick to this is knowing the layout of the world you’re in like the back of your hand!

Finding other players’ balloons and hiding yours well will allow you rank up and climb the leaderboard, which showers you in coins. This is a good thing – this update also adds three new outfits for Mario to purchase, including a Super Mario Sunshine themed one! You’ll need 14,000 coins to get all the new outfits, so get to balloon hunting!

As a smaller bonus, two new filters have been added to the game’s Snapshot Mode. The new coin filter is sporting Luigi’s mug on it, and the neon filter does exactly what it sounds like it would do: turn everything into a colorful laser show!

Do note though that there seems to be some eShop congestion happening at the moment, so if you’re unable to download the update due to a maintenance message, just try again in a couple of minutes and you should be good to go. Luigi’s Balloon World awaits you!

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