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Dead Maze Clothing Sets: What Items to Wear for Extra Boosts

Did you know that in Dead Maze, if you wear special combinations of items, then you can get some extra boosts? Well, you do and that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s article: the Dead Maze clothing sets.

In this guide to the Dead Maze clothes to wear for added bonuses we will find out what items are required for each set in the game, as well as the awesome effects they give you. Some are better than others, depending on the type of game you like to play, but one thing is clear: these clothing sets are much better than just wearing random clothes, no matter how cool they look.

So, let’s check out below the complete list of clothing sets in Dead Maze and the effects they have on your character (I am listing them in alphabetical order):

Antibacterial: Permanent Toxic resistance +20% AND 10% chance during attacks for Toxic damage +48 on a 3 meter area
Items required: Antibacterial helmet, Antibacterial suit, Antibacterial trousers, Antibacterial shoes

Biker: Permanent combo damage +20%
Items: Biker’s bandana, Biker’s trousers, Biker’s jacket, Biker’s boots

Cheerleader: 20% chance during attacks for heal +20% on a 3 meters area for 3s
Items: Cheerleader’s top, Cheerleader’s sportswear, Cheerleader’s sneakers

Cowboy: Permanent attack damage and attack speed +5%
Items: Cowboy’s hat, Cowboy’s jacket, Cowboy’s pants

Electrician: 20% chance during attacks for electric damage +48
Items: Electrician’s helmet, jacket, trousers

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Eskimo: Permanent Cold damage +10% and Cold resistance +20%
Items: Eskimo’s top, Eskimo’s hood, Eskimo’s trousers, Eskimo’s boots

Fast food: 10% chance during attacks for Shield +40 on a 3m area for 5s
Items: Fast food cap, Fast food t-shrit

Firefighter: Permanent Fire damage +10% and Fire resistance +20%
Items: Firefighter’s helmet, Firefighter’s jacket, Firefighter’s pants

Fisherman: 50% chance during combos to Root for 2 seconds
Items required: Fisherman’s sun hat, Fisherman’s Jacket, Fisherman’s trousers and Fisherman’s boots

Football: 50% chance during combos for Projection +4m
Items: Football Helmet, Football Shirt, Football Short Trousers, Football Sneakers

Grey Military: Permanent Piercing damage +30%
Items: Grey military cap, military shirt, Battledress

Green Military: Permanent Piercing damage +30%
Items: Green military cap, Green military shirt, Green Battledress

Inmate: 10% chance during attack for +12 damage (toxic, fire, electric, cold)
Items: Inmate’s shirt, Inmate’s trousers, Inmate’s shoes

Miner: Permanent +30 Health
Items required: Miner’s helmet, Miner’s top, Miner’s trousers, Beige boots

Nurse: Permanent Healing skill +15%
Items: Antibacterian mask, Nurse coat, Nurse Pants, Nurse’s Shoes

Overalls: Permanent physical resistance +10%
Items: Overalls top and Overalls bottom

Phoenix: Permanent piercing damage +10% and health +15
Items: Phoenix cap, Phoenix uniform and Phoenix guard boots

Police: Permanent physical damage +10%
Items: Cop cap, Police shirt, Police officer trousers

Pyjama: 10% chance during attacks for counter-attack on a 3 meters area for 3s
Items: Pyjama top, Pyjama bottom, Pyjama slippers

Rats fan: 10% chance during attacks for physical damage +20% on a 3 meters area for 5s
Items: RATS fan jacket, RATS fan shoes, RATS fan cap

Steward: 10% chance during attacks for move speed +20% on a 3 meters area for 5s
Items: Steward’s trousers, Steward’s jacket, Steward’s hat

Swimsuit: 30% chance during attacks for Wet on a 3 meter area
Items: Swimming Suit Top, Swimsuit

Thug: 20% chance during attacks for counter-attack for 3s
Items: Thug’s bandana, Thug’s jacket, Thug’s pants

Tourist: 20% chance during attacks for unleashed for 2s
Items required: Tourist’s cap, Tourist’s shirt, Tourist’s short trousers, Brown Flip-Flops

Urban Survival: Permanent stamina gain +15%
Items: Urban survival sweater, Urban survival pants, Urban survival shoes

Waiter: 10% Chance during attacks for physical resistance +4% on a 3 meters area for 5s
Items: Waiter’s top, Waiter’s trousers

Woodcutter: 20% chance during attacks to Stun for 2s
Items required: Woodcutter’s helmet, Woodcutter’s shirt and Woodcutter’s trousers

Workout set: Attack speed +20%, for 5s (20% chance to trigger during attacks)
Items required: Sport headband, Red Shirt, Black Jogging Pants

And these would be the clothing sets available in Dead Maze. Although getting them all is not really easy, some are easier to obtain like the others – the ones that only require 2 pieces, for example.

The best thing to do is to choose a clothing set that you consider to help you the most in the game and focus on getting the clothing items for it, then use it to wreak havoc in the zombie infested world!

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