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Dead Maze Guide to the Crafting Buildings in the Game

Crafting is an important part of Dead Maze and you do all the crafting in your camp, after unlocking the required buildings. In today’s article we’re going to find out everything about the crafting buildings in the game: what are they used for and what are the required materials to actually build them.

If you’re just starting up, don’t forget that we have also published some Dead Maze tips and tricks to help beginner players.

But now let’s move on and let’s find out everything about the Crafting Buildings in Dead Maze in our complete guide! Knowing what each item does, how to unlock it and especially what resources are needed to build it makes it a lot easier to plan ahead and collect the required resources.

Stock Building

This building is unlocked by default and it’s located inside your cabin. This is the place that you need to click in order to salvage materials (turn loot into resources that can be used for crafting or building other structures)

Kitchen Stove

Unlocked by default early on in the game, this allows you to start cooking mode advanced recipes to keep your hunger levels low.

Water Tank

Cost: 120 Plastic, 40 Scrap Metal & 10 Screws

It is used to hold various types of water (regular water, dirty water and toxic water).

Assembling Table

Unlock: Level up reward choice (make sure you get it when you have the option!)
Cost: 60 Wood, 30 Scrap Metal, 5 Tools

You can craft all sorts of weapons here.

Crafting Table

Unlock: Level up reward choice
Cost: 40 Scrap Metal, 80 Wood, 5 Tools

You can use various resources to craft tools for in-game use. This is where you can get a fishing rod, for example.

Sewing Workshop

Unlock: Level up reward
Cost: 20 Wood, 4 Fabric, 40 Screws, 5 Tools

Fuel Tank

Unlock: Level up reward
Cost: 40 Wood, 40 Scrap Metal, 5 Screws, 2 Precious Ore

You can store additional fuel here.

Materials storage

Unlock: Level up reward or buy from Lynn Durand for 150 Reputation
Cost: 20 Scrap Metal, 50 Wood, 10 Screws

This increases the storage space for your base materials (resources) in the camp (NOT inventory items in your backpack).

Food Storage

Unlock: Level up reward or buy from Lynn Durand for 150 Reputation
Cost: 50 Fabric, 20 Wood, 4 Fertilizer

This one is used to increase the storage space for your base food items


Unlock: Buy from Lynn Durand for 100 Reputation
Cost: 150 Wood, 100 Scrap Metal, 40 Precious Ore, 10 Screws

An extremely useful building, this one allows you to store loot (like weapons)

Research workshop

Unlock: Level up reward or buy from Lynn Durand for 400 Reputation
Cost: 150 Scrap metal, 50 Electronic Component, 50 Plastic, 20 Tools, 10 Precious Ore

This is an important building that gives you additional quests per day (resource projects), which require various amounts of resources for great rewards, including Reputation Points, experience and a lot more.

Strategy table

Unlock: Level up reward or buy from Lynn Durand for 500 Reputation
Cost: 40 Wood, 20 Paper, 15 Scrap Metal

This building basically gives you the chance to choose different boosts and buffs for your character, which also have negative effects on other stats. Not really the best building in the game, but great if you want some diversity and you have the required resources to build it.

Dressing table

Unlock: Level up reward or buy from Lynn Durand for 300 Reputation
Cost: 100 Wood, 20 Alcohol, 15 tools, 5 sewing kit

You can change your character’s hair style here (but it has to be unlocked from the Salon first), and most likely future updates will make this work with other appearance-based traits.


Unlock: Buy from Lynn Durand for 100 Reputation Points
Cost: 40 Wood, 40 Scrap Metal, 25 Medicinal Herb

You can craft various medicines here, including bandages.

Vegetable Garden, Chicken coop and Goat Pens

These will allow you to grow your own vegetables from seeds or raise animals. You can buy them with reputation points from Lynn or unlock them in the Research Workshop. Very expensive though, especially the coops.


Unlock: Buy for 10 Survivor Marks from Lynn Durand
Cost: 200 fabric, 150 wood, 15 screws

This works like any normal fire, with the exception that you don’t have to add any fuel to keep it going and you also get to keep any food-induced boosts or bonuses.

These would be the buildings you can unlock and build in Dead Maze right now. Most likely, new features and buildings will be added by future updates – and if we missed any, we’d love it if you could share the details in the comment section below.

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  1. How do I get more resources?
    I recycled something for wood, but now it’s in the recycle window, and I can’t do anything with it.
    The bench says 0, so I need to move it, but when I do, it’s just destroyed.

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