Capture Monsters in Path of Exile’s Bestiary League

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PC action RPG Path of Exile is getting a rather beastly new content update. The Bestiary League is a new challenge league coming in March. Players will engage with Einhar Frey, a hunter-scavenger who teaches them how to capture and sacrifice monsters to create items.

Once you’ve received your training, you can capture any beast you find in the world of Wraeclast. As you become more skilled at hunting, you’ll be able to capture legendary named creatures. Every creature you’ve caught will be recorded in Bestiary, a detailed book containing information about the beasts.

Players will receive their own menagerie which you can populate with the beasts you’ve captured. It’s like your own personal zoo… with crazy creatures that probably want to hurt you! You can keep them here on display to show off, or you can get them ready for the fun part.

“Beastcrafting” allows players to sacrifice their captured beasts to the Blood Altar to create powerful new items. Beastcrafting recipes will require monsters from all sorts of classifications, so you’ll need to get out there and hunt if you want to craft the best stuff. You’ll be able to craft gems, flasks, and more.

Once you’re ready, you can beastcraft a Spirit Lands portal to hunt one of the four Spirit Beasts. These guys are tough so make sure you’re prepared. If you can best them, they have the chance to drop some rather unique items.

Among the Bestiary, the March update also adds the The Uber Elder. That’s a name you want to run away from, and rightfully so as it’s going to be one of the hardest bosses in the entire game. Ascendancy classes have also been rebalanced and tweaked, so you can expect new playstyles and mechanics.

Path of Exile: Bestiary will launch March 2.


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