Genshin Impact Collei Special Dish – Everything You Need to Know

Yearning is Collei’s special recipe that arrived with the Sumeru update. Collei is Genshin Impact’s latest character addition that arrived in 3.0 and utilizes the Dendro Reaction.

She’s also known as the Dendro Amber, due to her similar combat mechanics. Speaking of combat mechanics, don’t forget to also check my Collei best build guide here!

Similar to previous characters, Collei comes with her own special dish: Yearning. Yearning is a great healing item that restores flat HP and HP%.

Especially if players don’t have a healer in their party, this item can make the difference between surviving and dying.

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to unlock and cook Yearning, as well as its base recipe, which is Pita Pocket.

How to Unlock Yearning & Pita Pocket

Cooking Pita Pocket in Genshin Impact

To be able to craft Yearning, players first need to unlock Pita Pocket. To unlock the Pita Pocket recipe, simply progress through the Archon Quests in Sumeru. When you complete ‘Act I: Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark’, you’ll also receive the recipe.

This is one of the first quests in Sumeru’s quest chain and thus is unlocked as soon as players arrive in the new region.

After unlocking Pita Pocket, simply have Collei try to make the dish. There’s a chance that instead of Pita Pocket, she makes her special dish Yearning.

Yearning and Pita Pockets Recipe & Buff

Pita Pocket, Delicious Pita Pocket, and Yearning Buffs in Genshin Impact

As for the recipe, each Pita Pocket requires the following ingredients:

  • 3x Raw Meat
  • 2x Milk
  • 2x Tomato 
  • 2x Flour

Each material is easy to get and isn’t Sumeru exclusive. As for the buff that each dish provides, there are 3 variations of the Pita Pocket dish:

  • Pita Pocket: Restores 32% Max HP and 1,250 HP.
  • Delicious Pita Pocket: Restores 34% Max HP and 1,900 HP.
  • Yearning: Restores 40% Max HP and 2,350 HP.

As you can see Yearning is the best of the three dishes. However, unlike Delicious Pita Pockets, Yearning cannot be guaranteed.

The best way to get Yearning is to have Collei cook Pita Pockets and hope for the best.


Yearning is Collei’s special dish and can be cooked after unlocking the Pita Pocket recipe. This recipe is given early on, right after the first Archon quest in Sumeru

In short, it’s a very useful dish since it restores a lot of HP. Crafting Pita Pockets and hoping for Yearning is highly recommended for those who don’t have a healer in their party.

What do you think? Is Yearning a great new addition that you’re going to be cooking from now on? Let us know in the comments below!


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