Star Trek Resurgence: the Hotari or the Alydians – Which One to Choose?

Decision-making is an essential part of Star Trek: Resurgence. Making the right choices influences your ship, the other characters in the story, and your relationship with everyone else.

When deciding who should the Federation recognize in Star Trek, there is no right and wrong choice. Each option leads to a different outcome, but both will allow you to progress the game. Thus, you should choose based on your actual preferences.

In this guide, I will showcase what happens if you choose to side with the Hotari or the Alydians, and will recommend which one to pick.

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What Happens if the Federation Recognizes the Hotari?

Should the federation recognize the Hotari in Star Trek Resurgence?

Deciding to side with the Hotari, to whom the mines originally belong, seems to be the morally right choice.

In this scenario, the Alydians will blame the Hotari for causing the ion storm and will be upset with you for choosing the Hotari.

As for future effects, the Alydians will ask for your help when in danger, even though they will be disappointed for not choosing them.

What Happens if the Federation Recognizes the Alydians?

Should the federation recognize the Alydians in Star Trek Resurgence?

Suppose you decide that the Alydians should control the dilithium trade. In that case, this will ensure a steady supply of dilithium for the Federation while also ensuring stability regarding the control of the mines.

In future choices, the Alydians will ask for your support again, since you previously supported them. However, the Hotari will be displeased when you choose the Alydians over them.

Hotari vs Alydians – Which One to Choose in Star Trek Resurgence

Overall, there is no wrong choice between the Hotari and Alydians in Star Trek Resurgence. Players should decide based on their opinion so far of the two tribes.

Personally, I decided to side with the Alydians, since it seems more beneficial to everyone to ensure a steady supply of dilithium. However, choosing the Hotari is also a good option as the mines originally belong to them.

Wrapping up

To sum up, when deciding who should the federation support in Star Trek Resurgence between the Hotari and the Alydians, players are free to select either option as the game will progress regardless.

The only thing to keep in mind is to select the choice that makes the most sense to you, based on the story so far.

Which one did you decide with? Which element of the story influenced your choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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