Genshin Impact – How To Unlock Sumeru Commissions

Commissions are types of rewards in Genshin Impact that you can get over time. This means that you will need to do various types of activities, whether daily, weekly, or monthly in a certain area to be able to get them.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to unlock Sumeru Commissions in Genshin Impact.

The Sumeru land and zone is the newest thing added to the glorious and breathtaking world of Genshin Impact.

There will tons of things to see and literally everywhere you’ll go, you can enjoy the scenery. Being a new area means that the Commission won’t be unlocked either.

To unlock the Commissions in Sumeru you will need to do a couple of things first and it will take you some time. So let’s get into it and show what you’ll need to be doing in order to Unlock Sumeru Commission.

How To Unlock Sumeru Commissions in Genshin Impact

To Unlock the Sumeru Commission you will have to fulfill 2 prerequisites first.

  1. Complete Archon Quest Chapter III: The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings: Denouncement
  2. Complete the World Quest ‘Adventure Takes Courage’

Once you finish these 2 you will unlock the commissions and be able to get the daily rewards from the new Sumeru Map.

Depending on how fast you’re going through these hard missions, it is still a pretty late-end game event and quests that you can pass.

So probably you’ll need 3-5 hours to get to this point where you will be able to complete these 2 prerequisites.

Keep in mind that you will finish these archon quests one after the other, you will need to wait a full day to pass.

This full day (real-life day) will mean that the servers and the game will have a full reset, and only after this reset you will be able to find Katheryne in the Adventure’s Guild.

Where to Unlock Sumeru Commissions

You will make your way all the way to the Adventure’s Guild inside the newly added Sumeru City. It will be in the center of the city after following the road up. This is the map location.

Here you will go looking for the NPC by the name of Katheryne. She will also give you a couple of Commission Quests that you will need to first finish. 

After talking to Katheryne and getting the quests, you will start seeing some new Daily Quests on your Commission Screen. Here just look for the Sumeru quests and you will see a whole couple of them.

This is how you can open this screen.

Select the Sumeru Region (as shown in the picture above) and you will start seeing the new Commission Quests available to you.

Don’t forget that you will need to wait for a little while until the game will reset and show you the next commissions for you.

What Are The Sumeru Commissions Like

The Sumeru Commissions are like all the others that you’ll see in Genshin Impact. You will get your fair share of quests just like in the other regions.

The most common ones that you’ll find to complete will be these:

  • Escort an NPC to a destined location
  • Defeat a couple of opponents
  • Talk to an NPC far away on the map
  • Time Trial Challenges

They are just as fun as the others and bring some very cool and interesting rewards. I recommend that you do unlock them and keep finishing them daily.


Unlocking the Sumeru Commissions is highly advisable. You will be getting some interesting rewards by doing very interesting quests on the new map.

This way, you will not only Unlock the Sumeru Commissions, but by completing them you will get to explore more of the new Sumeru Map. 

I hope that this guide was of some help and aided you in unlocking the Sumeru Commissions. If somehow, something is not clear let me know and I will make sure to help you out!

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