Minecraft Running Slow on High End PC / Laptop: What to Do?

While Minecraft doesn’t accompany sky high PC requirements, there may be frame rate drops and lack of smoothness even when you’re playing on a high-end device.

Why does that happen and what can we do about it? That’s exactly what we’ll look at today and I’ll help you figure out what to do if Minecraft is running slow on your high-end PC/laptop.

I’ll talk about the several steps that you can take to improve the gameplay experience and smoothly breed your tropical fish or dig with your diamond pickaxe.

Why is Minecraft Running Slow on High End PC/ Laptop?

Minecraft Sad

Depending on the state and condition of your computer, there can be a number of reasons why the Minecraft gameplay experience is subpar.

It can be due to specific drivers on your computer not being updated on a regular basis. Some drivers usually update on their own, but a lot of them have to be upgraded manually.

RAM allotment can also be a big issue behind the game not running as smoothly as you want it to.

You have probably downloaded various types of Minecraft versions, shaders and mods, which can play a part in affecting the gameplay too.

Apart from these, there may be settings in your graphics card or the game itself, which are causing the inconvenience. 

How to Improve Minecraft Gameplay on High End PC/Laptop?

Up-to-Date Graphics Drivers

Several drivers in your computer, especially the graphics drivers, almost always have an update pending. That’s because your graphics company is constantly working on the device and release newer versions regularly.

While it’s not a must to update drivers on a weekly basis, you should make sure that your graphics drivers are updated every 2-3 months or so.

Sometimes, if the drivers are outdated for a long time, they start to malfunction and your graphics card doesn’t function properly, resulting in poor FPS.

You can use the software DriverEasy to keep track of your drivers’ update status and update automatically.

Additionally, you can visit the website of your graphics company, such as Nvidia or AMD Radeon, and download the drivers by yourself.

RAM Allocation

If the RAM allocated for Minecraft isn’t adequately, your computer won’t exactly work properly to facilitate the graphical aspects of the game. This can lead to the game running slow.

If your RAM is 4GB or above, this shouldn’t happen. But, in case it does, you can always allocate more RAM to the game.

From any version of the Minecraft launcher, navigate to the release version of the game that you’re playing.

Click on “Edit” and then on “More Options” to find the “JVM Arguments” feature.

You can find a part of the text is “Xmx#G”. The “#” in this code represents the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the game.

You should change the “#” to the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the game.

Whatever your RAM is, make sure you don’t allocate more than 75% of it to the game. So, if it’s 4GB, you shouldn’t allocate more than 3GB.

Internal Graphics Settings

If you don’t see any positive change in the game yet, you probably need to make changes in the graphics settings of the game itself.

In-game Graphics Settings

Enter the graphics settings of the game and make the following changes to better the gameplay:

  • Resolution: 1280X720
  • Biome Blend: OFF (Fastest)
  • Graphics: Fast
  • Use VSYNC: OFF
  • GUI Scale: 5
  • Render Distance: 6 chunks

These changes should significantly smoothen Minecraft graphics. Nevertheless, don’t lose hope if everything’s still the same! We still have more options!

Fullscreen Optimization

Similar to how it helped improve the Genshin Impact FPS drops, disabling Fullscreen Optimization will do the same for Minecraft.

Right-click on your Minecraft launcher and select “Properties”.

Fullscreen Optimization Window

On the “Properties” window, move to the “Compatibility” section and open “Change Settings for all Users”.

Tick the “Disable Fullscreen Optimzation” option hit apply to save the changes.

Priority Settings

Instructing your task manager to put more focus on the Minecraft game can help improve the situation.

With the game running in the background, open your task manager by typing “Task Manager” on the Start menu. Right-click on the Minecraft application and select “Go to Details”.

You should be automatically selecting the “javaw.exe” file. Set the priority of the game to “High”.

Close the game and launch it again to notice the changes.

The Optifine Mod

Optifine Mod Webpage

Moving on to our last resort, you can download the Optifine mod for Minecraft.

Optifine is a better-coded, smoother-running Minecraft mod that will most definitely provide higher FPS and swifter gameplay.

Furthermore, downloading the mod isn’t difficult at all.

Googling “Optifine Mod Minecraft” will direct you to the Optifine website.

From the “Downloads” tab on top, you can install the latest version of Optifine to enjoy Minecraft at high FPS and smoother textures.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re collecting food items or just building a sky base, Minecraft has always given a relaxing and enjoyable experience to gamers all around the world.

However, optimization of the game is not up to the level, which can cause problems like FPS drops and lags even on high-specification PCs and laptops.

The simple solutions above should solve the problems and run Minecraft properly on your high end PC/Laptop; nevertheless, the devs should really look into making the game more optimized, because Minecraft isn’t going anywhere soon!

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