Cult Of The Lamb: Best Fleece Upgrades

Cult of the Lamb is an amazing game with plenty of features, but today we’re going to focus on a specific one: Fleece Upgrades.

In order to better control and lead your Cult, you will have to choose out of the many Fleece Upgrades. They come at random so knowing which one is best will help you make the right choices for your playthrough.

So, without further ado, these are the best Fleece Upgrades: try to select them in the order listed below!

1. Fleece Of The Fates

The Fleece of the Fates is without a doubt the first fleece you should unlock in Cult of the Lamb. 

This snow-white robe allows you to draw four tarot cards at the start of your crusade, which means you may reap the benefits of these potent boon tokens from the very first chamber you visit.

Even the punishment is more of a benefit; because the fleece prohibits you from drawing any more cards, you won’t have to go back through the chambers looking for the tarot reader. 

The Fleece Of The Fates is without a doubt the greatest of the group, and should not be missed if you want to inflict misery on the Bishops of the Old Gods.

2. Golden Fleece

If you consider yourself a crafty warrior with good timing, the Golden Fleece may be for you. 

When you wear it, your damage to your foes stacks with each hit landed, but if you are struck, you will receive double damage and lose all of your accumulated damage points.

Those who are new to roguelikes should definitely put in some time before earning this item since it serves you best if you’re familiar with the in-game mechanics. 

You’ll have a lot of fun with the Golden Fleece once you will be able to learn the enemies in the game. 

It will come with a brilliant yellow cape and a golden circular design on top. The “bell” will be two silver arrows, and it will all be held together by the same black belt.

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3. Fleece Of Fragile Fortitude

This fleece is interesting since it changes the way you battle on your crusades. 

Your replenishable red hearts are exchanged for one and a half times the quantity of temporary blue hearts, which means that if you run out, you’re gone.

While wielding a health-leaching vampiric weapon may inspire you to play fast and loose, knowing that your days are truly numbered may prompt you to reconsider your tactics. 

With greater strategy involved in keeping your hearts intact as you battle through each world, this fleece will unknowingly turn you into a fighting champion.

A real definition of easy to play, hard to master. But once mastered, you’ll be unstoppable. And speaking of unstoppable, make sure you make sure you also know How to unlock all Follower Forms in the game.

4. Fleece Of The Glass Cannon

This sage green fleece increases your fervor points while reducing your melee attack strength by half. 

Fervour is what increases the potency of your curse attacks, which are strong secondary attacks provided to you at random at the start of each crusade. 

If you enjoy ranged combat and want to keep your hands clean, this may be a particular favorite.

However, because curses are allocated at random and there are few opportunities to change them out, you may be stuck with less-effective special assaults for the entirety of your run.

If you enjoy close hand-to-hand fighting, well then you would want to skip out on this one. Just leave this one as it is and wait for one of the other 5 to pick up.

The Glass Cannon’s Fleece will feature a filthy green cloak with a deeper green circular design, as well as a red flame adorning the position of the bell.

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5. Fleece Of The Lamb

This is the first fleece you get in Cult Of The Lamb. You won’t need any talisman shards to unlock it, but it has no perks or drawbacks. 

It’s not the most practical fleece, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to remain impartial throughout your crusades.

The nicest thing about this fleece is how well it fits the blood-red clothes of your cult members, making you all appear like one big happy family! A happy family prepared to make sacrifices for your benefit.

6. Fleece Of The Diseased Heart

This fleece allows you to do harm to your foes anytime you take injury yourself. 

While this vengeance damage seems wonderful on paper, it comes at the cost of losing all of the goods you’ve collected on that mission.

Because you must suffer damage to reap the advantages of this high-risk, high-reward item, the Fleece of the Diseased Heart ranks last because it would be awful for anybody who isn’t a battle genius who can balance their hits delivered and absorbed to stay alive.

The Fleece of The Diseased Heart will have a purple cape with a light pink cut corner and a skull in place of the bell.

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How to Unlock These Fleece Upgrades?

To be able to get all of these amazing Fleece Upgrades listed above, you will need to get an item called the Holy Talisman.

There are various methods to obtain Holy Talisman Pieces. You usually get them by completing missions or buying them from NPCs. 

This contains Midas, the Fisherman, and other characters. Each will make a request for an item or resource in exchange for a piece. Once you have a Holy Talisman you will be able to purchase and get all of these upgrades.

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What is your favorite fleece upgrade and why? Do let me know down in the comments below. Happy upgrading!

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