50 Fun Things to Do in Minecraft When You’re Bored

If you ever get bored in Minecraft, there are lots of things that you can do to bring back the fun.

Today, I am here to share with you my top 50 suggestions which will ensure that you continue to have fun when playing Minecraft, no matter if you’re playing with friends or alone.

My recommendations below are generally aimed at players who have already been playing survival mode for a while (so for existing worlds), but simply scroll through all of these recommendations and you will surely find something fun or interesting to do even with a new world!

1. Convert a Nether fortress

Nether fortresses shouldn’t be those scary things that we visit every now and then for Blaze Rods and XP. We can really make them look like never before.

A good idea would be to convert a Nether fortress into an amazing building with suspended roads and gardens, using a variety of blocks and structures that are usually not found in the Nether.

2. Build a sky base

Go up high now that the height limit has been increased so much and start working on your own Skyblock base, starting from scratch.

You can either create a mini-world by towering up and starting from there or take a huge, impressive mountain and turn it into the best sky base that you’ve ever seen.

3. Sky race!

If you have an Elytra, you can practice your flying skills in a really fun way.

Simply place lots of hoops up in the sky, suspend them with balloons (go into Education Edition for that… or get creative!) and try to fly through the hoops with your Elytra.

You can even bring in your friends to the world and see who’s the fastest!

4. Complete achievements

You’d think that since you’re playing Minecraft for such a long time, you’ve completed all achievements in the game. But you’ll probably be surprised if you check them out.

So simply look at the achievements you haven’t completed yet and work on getting at least a few more.

5. Try a custom map / adventure

While most of these are not free, you can find some that are too. From custom maps to complete adventures, these will always bring a fresh new take on the game and they’ll challenge you too.

6. Try mods

While I personally prefer Vanilla Minecraft, I know that there are so many mods out there that you simply can turn it into a completely different game.

Many are available to download, from those who add new challenges and game modes to mods that bring in new mobs and everything you can think of.

Or you can check out my previous article sharing the BEST Realistic Minecraft Shaders Mods.

7. Change you character’s skin!

This might not sound like a big deal, but simply looking different can make a huge difference.

So go ahead and find a brand new (and amazing) skin to use. You can also check out my recommended ones in a previous article.

8. Connect two villages/bases with a huge suspended bridge

This is an impressive project, but the results can be amazing. You can even create a highway on the bridge, using minecarts and redstone to travel from a place to another (or move the villagers around).

9. Build a rollercoaster

This is something that my son and I started doing more and more often, getting much better at this. And it can be extremely fun even if you are playing solo!

Start small, building a basic rollercoaster using rails and minecarts then build the ultimate rollercoaster for heaps of fun!

10. Join a server

It’s always a lot more fun (well… not really!) when you play with others, and a quick and easy way to have some fun is to join a server.

You can find some nice free servers or get a bit more dedicated with a paid one. Either way, you will find lots of things to do there and many challenges and minigames waiting for you.

11. Build your house from Diamond blocks

Yup, this might seem like a waste in most cases, but it can be a huge challenge that will take you some time… and you will feel really good once you’re done.

With the recent updates, Diamonds might not be found where you normally expect them to be. Make sure you read my article about the best level for Diamonds before you start this quest.

12. Re-live great memories

Have an amazing memory from your childhood? Try to rebuild it in Minecraft, so that you can always experience it later.

13. Make your own Mount Rushmore

Find a huge mountain (or, if you’re up for the challenge – build one!) and carve in the faces of your friends or families. It’s easier if they play Minecraft and you can carve their in-game skins, but that’s up for you to decide.

14. Build a city

This is something that I always planned on doing, but never managed to. It takes planning, time and dedication – but the results are really rewarding and nice.

You can go for a city with several houses, or go crazy with one with skyscrapers, roads and all the details you can think of.

15. Finish an unfinished project

I think we all have tons of these in Minecraft. Simply find one you never got the chance to complete and work on getting it done!

16. Experiment with redstone

I have to admit that I am not great when it comes to redstone contraptions, but there are plenty of fun and truly amazing things you can build with it.

So do a search (or more) on Google, find some amazing Redstone contraptions to build and… start working!

17. Decorate your mine

Usually, mines look like this: A hole in the ground.

Take things to the next level and crate a proper entrance to your mine with various types of ore around it, some fires and special blocks… maybe even add some anvils and workbenches too.

18. Build a huge Pyramid

Find one in the desert and work on making it the most amazing Pyramid ever seen.

You can also build tunnels beneath it to other smaller pyramids, create traps and contraptions… or just make it look awesome!

19. Try a new game mode

Now that Hardcore is finally available in Minecraft Bedrock, it might be the perfect time to try it (or retry it if you’re still playing Java). Or, if you feel particularly strong, you can try Ultra Hardcore (without regenerating health).

20. Set your own challenges

Start a new game and make a rule to only use wooden tools, not to wander further away than 100 blocks in any direction or anything you can think of to bring some extra challenge to the game.

21. Make a woodland mansion your home

I always wanted to make a Minecraft mansion my home, but never got around to doing it. But the advantage here is that you already have the huge house built… you only need to do a little bit of work to make it your own. Could be a really fun project!

22. Build an oasis in the desert

This will take some time, but the results can be pretty impressive: a small lake, some green grass, a few palm trees (get creative here) and you will have your own oasis.

Nobody says that you can’t build your own hut or bring over a villager, name him and keep him living there, selling you buckets of water for emeralds.

23. Build treehouses and connect them with rope bridges

This works best in Jungle-type biomes, but in the end you can do it anywhere. Just build a bunch of awesome treehouses and connect them with suspended “rope” bridges (use fence poles and slabs).

24. Move a Nether fortress into the Overworld

Now, you don’t really need an actual reason to do that. You can do it just because you can. Piece by piece, move the fortress over in the Overworld. Place it near a Village to keep those poor people living there spooked all the time.

25. Build a mob generator or mob farm

Mob generators up in the sky might not look that amazing, but they are interesting to build and extremely useful.

If you find spawners, you can get even more creative, but either way works: it will be a fun project that will reward you greatly with tons of XP which you can use for enchanting and basically opening up for even more possibilities of having fun in Minecraft.

26. Build a zoo (and add all animals in the game to it!)

This will look really nice in any world you play! Build a large zoo, with dedicated areas for each type of animal available in the game – and make sure to have them all on display.

27. Build a Wizard’s tower

Find a nice looking, tall mountain and build a Wizard’s tower there. You can make it your enchantment room or just have it there to look cool, preferably overlooking a village or your home base.

28. Build an underwater base

This is probably one of the more difficult things to build in Minecraft, since you need lots of potions, a turtle shell or a conduit – all of them pretty difficult to get.

But this massive challenge will keep you busy for a long time and you will surely enjoy it. Plus, there aren’t many people who have an actual, cool-looking underwater base!

29. Defeat all bosses

I think that I only decided to try and beat all the “bosses” in the game three years after I started playing (and I started playing late).

The Ender Dragon? I only fought him two-three times in survival, simply because I have other interests when playing.

So if you are like me, beating all the bosses in a new world (or even an existing one) will be a nice challenge. And if you run out of them, you can always install a “More mobs” type of mod and have even more new bosses to beat.

30. Create your own biome

We could say that Minecraft’s got us pretty much covered when it comes to biomes… but you can get creative and make your own.

Use various blocks (ideally, the rarer ones) and create a biome of your choice. Build a base there. Bring in some villagers. Or just let it sit for eternity and enjoy your work whenever you visit.

31. Try the new features of the latest update

A new update has just been launched at the moment of writing this article, but chances are that no matter when you read this, a “new update” was just launched.

And even if it wasn’t, we can assume that you still haven’t tried EVERYTHING that the new update brought to the game.

Whether it’s a new mob, new game mechanics, new blocks to build with or anything else… make sure to get 100% completion on all new updates.

32. Experiment with new blocks

Building up on the previous idea, you can always put the new blocks to good use – or find a way to make them useful.

The truth is that most of us are already used with the more traditional blocks and we tend to ignore most new types of blocks introduced to Minecraft.

But give them a chance! Try to find new combinations and put them to good use. You can create some pretty unique things with them!

33. Create a massive fish tank

You can build this next to the zoo recommended earlier.

This is a bit more difficult to build (if you want to have all the water mobs in it), but it will sure be fun! Just make sure that you don’t break any glass blocks after building it, as it can ruin the entire project pretty fast.

34. Start a new world with an amazing seed

There are all sorts of amazing seeds in Minecraft that you can find shared online by other people playing the game.

Just do a bit of research, find a great seed that you enjoy and… begin your new adventure. Sometime, simply starting a new world after playing the same one for years could be enough to breathe fresh life into the game.

35. Prepare a New Year’s celebration with tons of fireworks

At the moment of writing this article, the New Year’s celebrations are still far away into the future, so you have time to prepare.

But even if the new year just started, you can still prepare an amazing celebration with amazing fireworks displays using redstone contraptions.

Place your fireworks show next to a village and enjoy it!

36. Build statues around your base

Your friends and family, characters from your favorite games, favorite skins or anything else… you can always get tons of ideas for statues to build in Minecraft.

So start building them, nicely spreading them around your home base or a village/city in the game.

37. Create your own parkour course

This is something that my son is actually really hooked by at the moment (me – not so much). But he’s having tons of fun and his parkour courses have improved a lot over the months.

You can do the same – build the craziest parkour courses you can think of, complete them and then challenge your friends to complete them also to see who can do it faster.

38. Build something amazing for your End Portal

We usually put our building skills to good use when it comes to all sorts of things in the game, but not so much with the End Portal.

But since this is a really important part of the late game (where you’re most likely to start feeling bored too), building something amazing around your End Portal could keep you busy and entertained for a while.

39. Build bridges over rivers

I personally hate it when I have to cross rivers that go between the mountains. A good solution to this (one that will also look awesome) would be to build bridges over them.

And I am not talking about the “one block straight line” type of bridge. Build nice looking bridges that will make crossing rivers a real pleasure.

40. Build a floating island

Get to feel some more Skyblock vibes by building a floating island. I usually prefer to add some waterfalls from the margins to make it look good (and easier to get up to).

Get creative with various trees and shapes – the floating island will look amazing when looked at from the ground.

41. Turn a ravine into a hotel

I have recently re-read H.G. Wells’ Time Machine and realized that ravines are perfect places for building a hotel for morlocks. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read more here).

But even if you don’t care about HG Wells or anything else… you can still build into the side of a deep ravine… a hotel.

42. Build your house from the real life

Nothing feels like home… so why not bring your real life house into the game? It will be fun for sure.

43. Build a soul sand elevator to the top of a tower/mountain

This isn’t a massive project by any means, but it can look really cool – simply build an elevator to make it easy for you to go up to the top of a mountain (where the Wizard Tower is, for example) or to any place that requires you to quickly go up.

44. Build an archery range with moving minecarts

If you want to become an expert archer in Minecraft, you should start experimenting with moving targets.

Use rails and carts to build your moving targets and… start shooting. You will improve your aim a lot by practicing and you will also have lots of fun. Maybe even complete an achievement in the process…

45. Build a fully automated iron farm

Iron farms are really difficult to build (and noisy) but once you have one, your iron related problems will be forever solved. So start working on building one ASAP!

46. Re-invent the lighting of your base

Most of us still have torches as the main way for lighting up our base. But the truth is that we can do a lot more (and better).

Use glowstone, lava and all sorts of lamps for a truly amazing base that looks even better at night.

47. Rescue a zombie villager

Turning zombie villagers into regular villagers is a really difficult task and an amazing challenge. I personally haven’t done this yet, but it’s on my to do list. I recommend you to try it as well.

48. Build the coliseum

Build a replica of the Coliseum of Rome and pit all sort of fights there by dumping skeletons and zombies, cats and creepers and golems and so on.

Or just head into the arena yourself and test your skills against the enemies. Or, why not, just keep it there around your base because it looks good.

49. Build a dragon / fantasy scene

Fantasy settings look great in Minecraft, so you can go over the top with a dragon or any other fantasy scene.

50. Create your own Nether challenge

I had great fun with a self-made challenge: I got into the Nether, destroyed the existing portal and with nothing but a full set of wooden tools and three loaves of bread, I had to find a way to exist the Nether once more.

It won’t be easy, but it will be extremely fun. Just make sure that you keep your character alive!

These 50 things to do in Minecraft will certainly help you feel entertained once more and can prove great if you’re starting to feel a bit bored with the game.

But with it being such a huge game where possibilities are virtually endless, I am sure that there are a ton more things that you could do when bored. So don’t hesitate to share your ideas of fun things to do below!

Calin Ciabai

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