Best Level for Diamonds Minecraft 1.19 (And How to Find Many Fast)

With Minecraft 1.19 being the latest major update released in Minecraft, you might be wondering what’s the best level for finding diamonds in the game.

I am here to share with you the quick answer to the question, as well as my own strategy for finding tons of diamonds fast while mining.

What’s thee best level for diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 (Java and Bedrock)?

The best level for finding levels in Minecraft 1.19 are Y= -59 and Y= -58. You can find diamonds at any level between Y=15 and Y= -63, but the two mentioned above give you the best chances to find tons of diamonds.

Until recently, we all knew that the best level for diamonds in Minecraft was at around Y=11, but things have changed since the Cliffs and Caves update was released.

As you probably remember, that particular update (Cliffs and Caves 2, actually) increased both the upper and lower limits in the game, completely changing our existing worlds and new ones that are generated.

As a result, you now have to dig much deeper in order to find diamonds, and levels Y= -59 and Y= -58 are the ones that will give you the most diamonds. This goes for all versions of the game – both Bedrock and Java edition.

Now that we know where to find them, for those playing Minecraft survival in version 1.19 and above, I am sharing below my own strategy for optimizing your search for diamonds in the game.

How to find more diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 (Bedrock and Java)

Minecraft diamond pickaxe

I am using this strategy since well before the latest version was updated and it still works really well. It optimizes the amounts of blocks you have to dig and how many blocks you see, giving you the best returns when playing the game.

Now, put on a great Minecraft skin and here is what you should do, step by step:

1. Create your mining area by digging down all the way to Y=-59. This way, you will see both levels that give you the best returns, including Y=-58.

Important: Make sure that you have heaps of torches with you – we’ll use them to mark our mine

2. Once at this level, dig in any direction, in a straight line, for at least 25 blocks. (You can go as far as you want).

3. If you’re lucky, you will already find some diamonds when doing this, but most of the time you won’t.

Worry not, at this is just the beginning of our mining “maze” that will reward you with tons of diamonds and also keep things really well organized.

4. When you reach the end of the tunnel you have just dug, start digging in a straight line either to the left or right.

I usually dig for 25-30 blocks more or until I find something that makes digging a chore (like lava, water or many blocks of sand/gravel).

Minecraft mining trick
This is how two of the completed side-tunnels look like

5. If you find diamonds when doing this, it’s great. If not, when you reach the end of the tunnel you have just dug, dig three more blocks to the left or right and return to your initial tunnel (basically having two blocks in between tunnels).

So if you created this secondary tunnel by going to the left, at the end you will also dig left and then backwards until you reach your main tunnel. If you dug right, go right.

6. Rinse and repeat on all sides. This will not only give you the best returns in terms of diamonds, but it will also keep things really organized and you won’t risk getting lost in your mine.

Why does this method work so well?

Using my strategy, you optimize the number of blocks you see and you will have to dig a minimal amount of blocks to see them all – you see all the blocks to your left and right, as well as those above and under you.

If you want to keep things even more organized (since these tunnels can get VERY long eventually), you can block the side-tunnels you have already visited with a block of your choice and put a soul torch on top.

Also, you have another method to follow that allows you to dig even more and increases the chances of finding diamonds further.

Once you finish a side-tunnel, dig upwards (or downwards) four blocks, so that you end up one block above the ceiling of your current tunnel. Then return to your main tunnel, digging above the side-one.

minecraft two tunnels
This is how it looks like when you also dig above the side-tunnel

I personally do this all the time – it keeps things organized and gives you a TON of diamonds easily.

Wrapping up

So, this would be it for today – you know what the best level for finding diamonds is in Minecraft 1.19 and beyond, but also how to optimize and organize your mines for getting more diamonds faster.

If you have additional questions or comments and recommendations, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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