How Many Blocks Does Water Flow in Minecraft?

Water is one of the most important types of blocks in Minecraft. It can have multiple uses and can also fill up a place quite nicely. But how many blocks does water flow in Minecraft? We’re going to talk about this and more about water blocks today!

Placing water from a bucket in Minecraft will make it flow up to 7 blocks in all directions on a flat surface. If you’re placing it on top of a mountain, water will flow indefinitely until it reaches the bottom and then seven blocks more. Obstacles along the way will reduce the amount of blocks water will flow.

Check out some of our example screenshots first, since a photo speaks a thousand words!

First, we have water placed on a flat surface. You can easily see how it spreads 7 blocks in all directions:

Water Flowing in Minecraft

However, if your water meets an obstacle along its way (or more) it will be contained.

Here is the same block of water placed in an uneven area:

Minecraft Water flowing obstacles

But if you want to built a waterfall, or reach the bottom of a ravine safely – you can place a single block of water on top and see it fall endlessly until it reaches the bottom:

Minecraft Waterfall

Even more, if you don’t have a straight line down, a single block of water can offer some impressive results, as you can see in the example below:

Huge Minecraft waterfall

As you can see, depending on the situation, water in Minecraft will flow different numbers of blocks. However, the maximum distance covered is seven blocks in all sides.

How do you control water flow in Minecraft?

The only way to control the flow of water in Minecraft is by placing obstacles along its route.

Most blocks in the game will stop water from flowing. Also, digging holes can be a way of controlling the flow of the water in the game.

How to create still water in Minecraft?

Most water in the game is still water. You can create still water if you place a block of water that is surrounded by blocking blocks on all sides (so a single block of water surrounded by 8 blocks of dirt would give you still water).

You can also have two blocks of water placed next to each other, surrounded by blocking blocks.

For covering larger areas, you will need to place your water one block apart. This will make the block in the middle to turn into still water also.

Have in mind that all still water in Minecraft will turn into flowing water if you give it the opportunity (for example, dig one block or more around it).

The difference between still and flowing liquids in the game is what can be really frustrating – like not being able to get lava in a bucket, for example.

How to create infinite water in Minecraft?

Minecraft infinite water

Infinite water is made similarly to still water, but you need at least two buckets of water to create your infinite water source, as well as a hole that’s three blocks long.

Simply place one of your buckets of water to the right-most side, then the other one to the left-most side. The block in the middle will be turned into water and you can collect infinite amounts of water from it.

Have in mind that if you collect water from the sides, it will turn into flowing water and will no longer be infinite!


You know now how many blocks will Minecraft water flow, as well as some additional things to consider when handling water in the game.

As long as you know these basic principles regarding the flow of water, as well as how to create still water in Minecraft, you can create all sorts of amazing contraptions and designs to impress.

And if you want to take things one step further and make that water look simply amazing, try one of the best realistic Minecraft mods out there – you’ll be blown away!

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