This Fallout Themed Wedding Photo-Session Is the Coolest Thing I’ve Seen Recently!

We’re all waiting for Fallout 4 to be released and the days seem longer… but every now and then we find something amazing that makes the waiting a bit easier and inspires us.

I am married, so I missed the opportunity to do something as amazing as what I’m about to share with you, but those of you who are not… consider this!

A Russian couple, both Fallout fans, decided to go for an absolutely amazing pre-wedding Fallout-themed photo session and you can check out the result below.

Dogmeat is there too and fortunately no radiation and/or mutants have been present. Not even radroaches!

fallout 4 wedding 01
fallout 4 wedding 02
fallout 4 wedding 03
fallout 4 wedding 04
fallout 4 wedding 05
fallout 4 wedding 06
fallout 4 wedding 07
fallout 4 wedding 08
fallout 4 wedding 09
fallout 4 wedding 10

The couple, Dmitry and Katie wrote about their awesome idea on Imgur, where they also posted the photos:

You can see a photo session rich with Fallout-themed props, from the original Fallout to the newest title, like the Gauss Rifle (which is Katie’s favourite weapon), Pip-Boy, Vault Suite from the Vault 13, G.E.C.K., a pre-war wedding dress and then some. You can also see Geoffrey – a German shepherd police dog, which is a nice touch regarding the upcoming Fallout 4!

They’re a really nice couple too, so wish them all the best as a new family. Hopefully they pre-ordered two copies of Fallout 4: there’s no need for any fights starting November 10!

Calin Ciabai

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