Fallout’s Caravan vs Witcher’s Gwent: Best Card Game in Video Games

Considering how compelling video games can be, getting distracted every now and then is not a bad idea while playing them. And a game within a game’s serves as the best type of distraction.

While subplots and side quests are all okay, mini games are what truly take the cake in this department. And among the card games from these mini games, there are two that have really stood out the test of time and continue to enjoy great popularity.

Please note, we aren’t talking about the high-paying online card games that can be played at reputed platforms both with and without UK license, although they have their own charm; we’re referring to card games such as Gwent, Caravan, Triple Triad, Pazaak and the likes that can be played within some of the highly popular video games today.

Coming back to the two which we’re going to talk about in this piece, let’s understand which out of Fallout’s Caravan and Witcher’s Gwent is the best. Please note, this is just our opinion of these games and it’s alright to have a different take on them!

Fallout’s Caravan

This is a card game enjoyed by denizens of Mojave Wasteland in Bethesda’s Fallout series. The cards used are regular playing cards, and the game was designed to be played one-on-one, by Caravan’s guards, during long treks.

The player must collect these cards throughout the New Vegas’ universe, which is a post-apocalyptic, near-future world. Every player tries building three separate card stacks, referred to as Caravans, in a way that each sums up to total between 21 and 26.

Your goal is to build your stacks in a way that you can outbid your opponent in a matchup, while staying within the 21 – 26 limit. Extra dosage is added with the help of face cards that disrupt the gameplay’s flow. And while there were rumors that Bethesda’s games will be Xbox exclusive, that’s set to change after this recent news story.

Witcher’s Gwent

This game is also played between 2 players, with each one taking turns to place 10 randomly drawn cards on the board, one at a time.

There are 3 rounds, and the player that wins 2 of them is the winner. The catch is that the players have to use only the initially drawn 10 cards for each one of the 3 rounds. So, the hands are not replenished after every round.

Every card has a designated point value (referred to as ‘strength’). The player with maximum number of points becomes the winner of that round.

Might sound simple, but it’s not! Apart from the point value, there are factors like position of the cards on the board, unit cards, weather cards that bring it a lot of uniqueness.

Comparing the two

Gwent is a card game which feels quite unlike any conventional card game, which can be bad or good for different players depending upon their specific likings. Although the idea of this game isn’t the most unique, it definitely has a certain novelty factor to it, and that’s a good enough for a large section of players.

This game isn’t the kind that will win those ‘Best Card Game of the Year’ or ‘Most Innovative Mechanic’ awards. It’s not very complex either. But it definitely deserves a lot of credit for being far more than just a logic game based on numbers.

Talking about Fallout’s Caravan, you might find some elements of Blackjack in this game, something that makes it easy for players to pick it up quickly, however, the entire gameplay is distinguished enough to make it a unique and exciting offering.

The game actually transforms New Vegas into an actual breathing and living world! The gameplay is fun and that’s what’s most important.

The icing on the cake is that you can bet money against your opponent and win handsome sums! Caravan has won numerous awards and is hands-down the better of the two.

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