10 Best Pets in Sea of Thieves

Being a Pirate can be a pretty lonely life at times. Why not share the spoils of plunder with some cute fluffy or furry companion that’s going to be always right by your side no matter what happens? Find out the 10 Best Pets in Sea of Thieves below.

10. Macaws

The traditional and most well-known Pirate Pet. If a pirate doesn’t have a Macaw on his shoulder, what kind of a pirate even is he?!

The Macaws are cute feathery birds who always wear a very unique and interesting cap. It will follow you around and fly around you.

You can do lots of emotes with it and a very interesting dancing emote is what you’ll usually see from the Macaw.

Place him on the porch of the ship and he will do the shake a tail feather dance!

9. Cockatoos

Cockatoos are a very special type of bird too, just like the Macaws. They are also a very faithful companion that will fly around you and always look for a place by your side.

You can get the playing instrument and while playing you will get the cutest little dance that you can expect from them. Their emotes are very interesting as well.

Get as many Cockatoos as you can with your friends, place them all on one side, and play the instrument. You’ll get a Cockatoo dancing party.

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8. Barbarys

The Barbarys monkey is one of the sweetest monkeys out there. It is not very lively and energetic as you would expect from a monkey but they have a very sweet side of them.

You will get the occasional monkey wondering sound no matter what you’ll be doing making you feel like you’re never alone in the middle of the ocean.

They have very interesting dancing emotes as well and make sure to hide your food from them!

7. Wildcats

Wildcats are you pirate-style type of cats that you might see roaming around ships for docks from time to time. They are a very interesting type of pet because of their constant meowing that will follow you literally everywhere you’ll go.

You can pet them, dance with them, and rub them on their belly. Simply placing them on the porch of the ship will get them to walk around or just lay down and purr.

They are a very interesting pet indeed. Who doesn’t love the sight of a sleeping cat on your bed?!

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6. Alsatians

The Alsatian is a very special type of dog breed. They are energetic and lively and can make your quiet lonely and sad ship a very happy place indeed.

You will get the constant playful barking following you around everywhere that you might go. Take out your instrument and give them a song so they can dance while standing on their two feet.

A very loyal companion to take with you everywhere that you might be going.

5. Ragamuffins

Now let us make a little change with the pets. The Ragamuffin is the first pet that you’ll see that differs in this list from the other pets. You can also decorate them with an eye patch and so on.

Instead of a smile, you’ll get a very rowdy but very piraty look! Who doesn’t love a faithful but evil and scary-looking companion right by your side? Make all your enemies tremble with fear, for you have a Ragamuffin!

They have very interesting emotes, just like the Wildcats but their rowdy looks make them unique.

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4. Capuchin

You will get three types of breeds from every pet in Sea of Thieves. The Capuchin is the best one of the monkey breed. 

This monkey doesn’t have the sweetness behind his face look like the Barbarys does, but its energetic feeling is something that makes them very interesting. You can also load him up in a cannon!

You will constantly hear happy monkey sounds and while dancing with them you’ll be having a real joy. Although the most common type of monkey, for sure the most interesting one.

3. Whippets

The Whippets are a very interesting and unique dog breed. They are the most alive and energetic type of dog pet in the game.

They are constantly on the run somewhere, doing all sorts of things making you always get out of your way to join them in their fun!

A very interesting type of pet if you’re looking for something playful and something to dress with a very cute and almost embarrassing type of outfits.

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2. Marmosets

Marmosets are the cutest monkey type of pet in Sea of Thieves. They are the smallest breed of monkeys and that is why they are the cutest.

Offering lots of joyful and sweet emotes makes them number 2 on our list. It is a classic monkey, but with the size of a cat! How can you not love them?

They have very cute dancing emotes and you will get a lot of choices to mess around with their outlooks. Dress them up like a pirate and go conquering the world together!

1. Inus

The Inus are our number one pet because of literally their very fun and alive and sometimes annoying and stubborn character. They can bark at you and fight with you for some small things.

This makes them the most fun pet out there. Having a living companion that has a very diva type of character makes the Inus the most interesting pet in Sea of Thieves.

Make sure to listen to their demands or you’ll be stuck with constant barking. Also, playing with them is the funniest thing ever! Dress them up with a pirate hat and eye patch and you’ll fall in love with them in an instant.

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