Roblox Doors: All Monsters [And How to Escape Them]

If you’re still playing Roblox Doors, I am here to make things a bit easier for you by sharing the full list of monsters you can encounter in the game, but also how to escape each of them.

Roblox Doors has gained huge popularity since its release back in August, 2022. It has exceeded expectations as the perfect successor of Roblox Apeirophobia in the Roblox Horror games.

In my opinion, Doors is by far the scariest Roblox game yet, and it can easily cause some hearts to leap out of their chests. But at least you can check out the list below and be somewhat prepared. Let’s start!


Doors Rush

Right after entering Door 6, if you see the lights malfunctioning and a faded static sound, then Rush is definitely around you.

The only way to counter Rush is to hide, since it will cause instant death if it can find you.

You can hide in the nearest wardrobe or vents, or if you don’t see one near you, going under the bed isn’t a bad option either.

You may also go up or down any staircase you might see around. Make sure you’re completely hidden when the static sound comes nearer to you – this is a sign that Rush is around.

Once Rush is gone, you can start exploring again.

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Doors Screech

Dark rooms are always scary, aren’t they? Screech doesn’t make it any better!

Screech lurks in the dark rooms where you the keys are located. The only you can tell Screech is around you is if you can hear a mild “pssst” sound.

You need to directly look at Screech to prevent dealing any damage and don’t look away! The screeching sound might disrupt your ears but it won’t cause any harm as long as you’re looking at it.

Keeping the torch turned on and a bit of your surroundings visible might help to keep Screech away from you.


Doors Seek

As you explore through the hotel, completing quests and mysteries, you’ll come across a very long hallway with large windows on the sides.

That’s where you’ll see Seek sneaking up from under the floor and start running towards you.

Your character should start running by itself and all you need to do is follow the highlighted areas as you proceed forwards.

You should opt for the highlighted door when there are multiple doors in front of you.

If you can’t spot any door that is highlighted, then just go for the door that’s right ahead of you. However, it doesn’t end here!

Seek makes life even more difficult by causing fires to rise up along a hallway you’ll run through. On top of that, you’ll see large, black hands hanging from the large windows.

Contact with these hands will cause instant death, so you need to be careful while running past them. While the fire won’t directly kill you, it will still inflict damage and you should try your best to avoid it.

Once you’re past the final hallway, the door should close behind you and get rid of Seek once and for all!

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Doors Eyes

Eyes is one of those very annoying monsters in the game. It can appear out of nowhere and kill you in a second!

Eyes comes with a purple light, accompanied by a loud sound as well. You must not look at it at any cost, as that will be the death of you!

If you spot or figure out that Eyes is somewhere near you, make sure you have good control over your sight.


Doors Halt

Consisting of teleportation capabilities, Halt can be quite dangerous and difficult to escape.

Halt can easily force you into a long hallway that never seems to end. You’ll have to be careful and keep your ears open for Glitching sounds.

If you’re moving forward, start moving backwards when there’s a “Glitching” noise. Do the opposite if you’re moving backwards.

Once you repeat that in the proper manner, you should be out and about in no time. However, failure to do so may end in death as Halt can deal full damage in just two hits.

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The Figure

Doors The Figure

The Figure has an essence of the mummy bodies that start walking in horror films! It does have quite a unique design but it can’t see you and can only track you through your movement.

This makes the process of avoiding The Figure very straightforward. You should just maintain a safe distance from The Figure and crouch or stand still in the same position.

However, The Figure can quickly find you while you’re searching for books, required in that mission. That’s what makes it challenging.

If you think the Figure is near you, you can enter a closet and solve a Heartbeat Puzzle to ensure it isn’t able to open the closet. Corners of the room beside the bookcase can also be an excellent hiding spot.


Doors Ambush

Ambush is one of the scariest creatures in the game, in terms of looks as well as characteristics.

It is one of those characters that can kill you instantly and end your progress through the hotel.

Similar to Rush, Ambush also causes malfunctioning of the lights in the room when it’s about to come.

Unlike Rush, however, Ambush doesn’t go away after moving through the room once. It keeps on coming back multiple times, causing the room to shake and making a loud, unusual noise.

Therefore, you should enter a closet or a vent whenever you sense Ambush coming in. You should also stay close to your hiding spot, so that you can quickly move back in, should Ambush reappear.

Ambush can appear at any given time as you proceed through the game. If luck isn’t on your side, you might just have to face Ambush more than a few times!

Other Monsters in Roblox Doors

There are a few more creatures in the game that almost don’t inflict damage at all. These monsters are there to get your heart beating at 120 beats/min!

One of these monsters is the Glitch. This creature will only appear if you’re playing with your friends.

If you’ve fallen behind to your friends, Glitch will first give you a jump scare and then teleport you closer to your allies.

Doors The Glitch

Another monster is the Hide.

Hide is there to stop players from hiding for long periods of time. It makes the screen go red and disrupts the playing experience till the player starts moving.

Now you know all the monsters in Roblox Doors, as well as how to deal with them. Which monster scared you the most? Which creature did you find it to be most difficult to escape from? Let us all know in the comments below!

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  1. The one I am very scared of is Ambush, Figure, and Jack because they are my favorite scary monsters in the game! I don’t know how you made them but I can’t wait for chapter 2 to come up…………………..


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