The Best D&D Dice Set (DnD Dice) for Tabletop Gamers (2019)

Even though you can get cheap DnD dice sets for as low as $5, if you are really passionate about tabletop gaming in general and Dungeons & Dragons in particular, you will want some dice of high quality, which is both accurate and fair offering perfect balance when rolling.

And in today’s article, we are going to share with you the best dice sets for D&D. We’re also going to share everything you need to know about how to choose your D&D dice and everything else that you need to know about this often overlooked part of the DnD universe.

We will first start with the list of the best dice and dice sets, but don’t stop here and explore the bottom of the article as well, where all the information about our selection process and much more awaits.

But if your DM is on a roll (no pun intended!) and needs some quality dice to get you through your next adventure, get any of these recommended products below – all from renowned manufacturers – and make him or her happy! Or yourself – why not?

Wiz Dice Sea Glass Set: Best Price

If this is your first purchase of a dice set for your favorite tabletop game and you either don’t have a larger budget, or you want to make sure that going with custom built sets is the right direction, then this one manufactured by Wiz Dice can be considered the perfect entry point.

Each die has numbers that are easy to read, the difference between 6 and 9 is also easy to see and even though they are built of plastic, we’re talking about high quality plastic here, so they’re pretty durable as well.

I like the fact that they are pretty heavy and feel like the more expensive dice sets available for purchase. As an added bonus, you also get a case for transportation, although there’s still room for them to move and scratch inside if you’re not too careful.

All in all, as I already said, this is a really good set of dice to start with if you don’t want to invest a bit more in some higher quality dice.

Click here to check it out

Q Workshop Metall Dwarven Set: Best Overall Set

We’re going to the other extreme with the editor’s choice set for DnD. Although a bit more expensive than your regular dice, you know that you’re paying for the best quality available and for some extremely durable polyhedrals.

Made of high quality metal and with the numbers engraved and easy to read, this is by far the best choice you can make in terms of a perfect set of dice for your gaming sessions.

Since they are made of metal, they are heavy and feel good in your palm. For the same reason, they are extremely durable and it’s very difficult to get them scratched and as for chipping… I don’t think that would be possible under normal gaming circumstances.

Get this set on Amazon here

Chessex Velvet Dice Set

Chessex is one of the best known dice manufacturers in the world and they haven’t stayed in the business for creating mediocre quality products…

First of all, this set looks really great thanks to the Smoke effects, and the numbers are large and easy to read. I love this!

They have a nice feel to them, even though they are not as heavy as metal ones and despite them being made of plastic (or maybe a combination of hard plastic and resin), they are still extremely durable.

They come in the regular plastic case that all Chessex dice come in and overall they offer a solid price/quality ratio for all your RPG sessions.

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Vivorr Metal Polyhedral Dice Set

Even though plastic can be durable and feel heavy as all dice should, you still can’t beat metal when it comes to quality and especially durability.

This particular set has a ton of things to be happy about. First of all, they feel professional thanks to their flawless design and they roll consistently on the table, playing mat or wherever you’re playing.

Then, you have the design: although they don’t feature any bling, the numbers are large and easy to read and they’re perfect for those who don’t want additional design patterns to get in the way. This also means that they’re perfect for all DnD scenarios and they will never feel that they don’t fit.

Third, we have the durability. I won’t talk more about it here, since these are metal dice and they’re always extremely durable, but I will insist that you get some nice bonuses too:

You get 3 extra D6 dice, for a total of 4, making this set perfect for more regular board games that require D6 dice. Plus, you also receive a really good looking leatherette display & carrying case (with a protective foam liner instead), which looks good and will surely leave your friends speechless.

If you want higher mobility, you also get a Velvet Carry bag and a cleaning cloth for your dice. In other words, tons of bonuses for an already amazing set of dice – definitely consider it as your next purchase

Click here to get it now

Darksilver Forge Cthulhu’s Gold Metal

Last but not least, we have this golden set of dice for Dungeon & Dragons, Made of metal and with this blingy (or luxurious, depending on how you look at them) gold finish.

Perfect for Lovecraftian fans out there thanks to the case featuring Cthulhu, this set of dice is balanced, durable and has numbers that are extremely easy to read thanks to the golden touches of the dice.

The only reason why they rank so low is a number of reviews on Amazon that claim that the pain chips after a while… and you never want that happening to your dice, especially since they’re not the cheapest on the market. Most people have absolutely no complaints about this… but have in mind that there’s this small risk involved.

Check it out on Amazon

Bonus: Wiz Dice Bag of Devouring (20 Complete Sets)

And as a bonus, if you need a large set in order to have all your friends come over and play with your own dice (or for whatever reason), you can’t go wrong with the Bag of Devouring from Wiz Dice.

The dice in this pack have a nice feel to them and are really balanced, but also cheap enough to be worth the investment.

I am not really pleased with all the colors in this pack, to be honest (especially the yellow dice with white numbers are difficult to read), but when 20 complete sets are involved… you definitely have a ton to choose from and you’ll have more sets than you will probably need to use.

So, no matter if you want to share sets with your friends, or you want to change sets depending on the type of adventure you’re embarking on, this pack of 140 dice is a great choice.

Click here to check it out

Why should you buy additional dice sets for Dungeons & Dragons?

There are many D&D players – including veterans and hardcore fans of the game – who still play with the regular dice set and are perfectly satisfied with that.

But the truth is that if you choose a high quality dice set for DnD and give it a try, you will see how important having a fully balanced set actually is. And I would go as far as saying that you can’t consider yourself a real fan without having one of these high quality products to further enhance your game.

We all have our superstitions before, during and after a throw and some of us have an entire – sometimes elaborate ritual before the throw is made – and with a high quality dice set you will definitely break any bad luck spell and turn luck on your side.

Yes, I know, this sounds foolish and many would say that there’s nothing but pure randomness involved here, but we all know that we get a better result if we twist our wrist in a specific way when throwing, if we bite the tip of our tongue or, as I found out, if we’re rolling with a really good dice set.

And even if you don’t care about these superstitions, simply having a fully balanced, easily readable and high quality dice for your DnD adventures should still be considered a solid enough reason to invest in them.

How to choose the best D&D dice and dice sets

Believe it or not, not all dice are created equal. There are actually many studies showing that the polyhedral dice used in Dungeons & Dragons (or any other tabletop game that requires them) actually have a larger side or a heavier side (or both).

This means that you are more likely to get a specific result, which means a less than random experience and a ton of frustration instead. If you want to learn more about this, you can check out the Youtube video below where it’s all explained in detail or just read on for my summary of the most important characteristics of the best DnD dice sets or individual die.

Part 1 Video:

Part 2 of the video:

Now, if you don’t want to really go through the two videos above, here is a short summary, TLDR type of text that tells you what should you look for when choosing the best D&D Die or dice set:

Fairness & Accuracy: This is probably the most important characteristic. You want a die that is fully balanced, accurate and fair. You don’t want to have a chance of rolling a number more often than another just because of a design flaw!

Since it’s exactly the randomness of a roll that makes D&D so amazing and highly replayable, you need a die that offers you exactly that. And unfortunately, most don’t.

Further more, experts in the field have come up with the finding that only these shapes can be 100% fair if manufactured correctly (with all sides equal): the cube, the tetrahedron, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron.

In other words, any other dice shape doesn’t have the same potential randomness and will always increase rolling a side or a couple of sides more often than others.

However, it’s not just the shape that matters: the die itself has to be extremely accurate and balanced. This is also extremely difficult to achieve during the manufacturing process, because you want a die that is equally weighted on all sides, edges and angles.

The good news is that if you’re really serious about this, there are tools for testing the accuracy of your dice (called a caliper) or you can go for a free option, but less accurate, like salt water, as shown in this video.

Quality: You need not only a really well-built die, you want one built from a durable material, so it won’t chip when dropping it or even break as it once happened to our group while playing (Pro tip: don’t throw the dice on hard rock surfaces, ahem!)

Usually, diehard fans swear by their metal dice, considering them invincible and extremely durable. However, the truth is that high impact plastic can be just as durable and solid of an option for your dice, while high quality resin – although generally considered the less durable, is also an option.

So yeah, there are various materials here and it all comes to personal preference in the end. I would personally say that simply going with the best known brands here will guarantee the quality of your set.

Looks: All fairness and quality issues aside, your set of dice must look absolutely awesome! You have to feel good and confident when holding them, so a nice looking pair is vital.

Now this could mean anything, based on personal preference, but I would say that we covered all options and offered some solid sets above so that you can find one that you absolutely love!

Price: A set of custom-made dice for DnD can sell for $100 or even more, but you don’t really have to pay a small fortune for your unique set.

However, don’t expect a $5 set to be as good as a more expensive one. So even though you definitely want to keep the costs low, it’s better to go for the slightly more expensive products if you want to make sure that you’re indeed getting a good product.

If you’re investing some money anyway in a new set of dice for Dungeons & Dragons or any other type of tabletop game that requires them, then why not spend just as much as it is needed to get a high quality set that you will love?

How to store your newly purchased dice?

Now that you have spent some money on purchasing a high quality set of dice for your future adventures, it wouldn’t hurt to actually do your best to keep them safe and deposited nicely, so that you reduce the chances of them getting scratched, chipped or completely broken.

The best option for storage is a carrying case. This is something you should invest further in – or make your own at home to store each individual die – but totally worth it.

Most dice sets come with a pouch for carrying them – and this is the most common method used by most players, mainly because it’s so easy to carry the pouch around, but the truth is that it’s not as safe as a carrying case.

In many cases, when carrying your set in a pouch, the dice will constantly hit each other and the risk of them at least getting scratched increases.

So if you want to keep the risks at minimum values, you definitely have to look at crafting or purchasing a carrying case for your dice. If it’s the latter option that you choose, you can’t go wrong with this case – it’s extremely cool (although not very easy to comfortably carry around)


If you are looking to buy a great set of dice for D&D, I am sure that you have everything that you need to know about your future purchase in this article.

I am confident that the recommended products are really the best dice sets for D&D at the moment of writing and no matter which one you choose, you will be extremely satisfied with your purchase.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and impressions about the recommended dice sets above or any different ones that I omitted.

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