Best RPGs with Romance and Relationship Options

Are you looking for a new RPG with romance and relationship options? Let’s go through the best options available to help you decide.

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of choices in the RPG genre with relationships and romance (as well as WLW romance) on various consoles, including text-based, tactical, action, and even JRPG options.

Let’s go through the top choices available.

Fire Emblem Engage

Best RPGs with romance - Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage is a Switch-exclusive game that allows you to romance any character in the game once you build enough support with them.

It’s a tactical RPG with turn-based combat and a party system where you build and level up your characters.

There is a wide variety of partners available, so make sure to check out our guide on all romanceable characters in Fire Emblem Engage.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Best RPGs with romance - Baldur's Gate 3.

BG3 is available for PC and PlayStation 5, and it received the Game of the Year Award in 2023. It combines classic RPG combat with an immersive storyline and an extreme depth of gameplay and mechanics to create a unique experience.

The game allows you to romance almost any character you want, but the process is slightly more complicated since you’ll need to select the right dialogue and story options in multiple chapters of the game.

For more details, check out our Shadowheart romance guide in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Coral Island

Best RPGs with romance - Coral Island.

Coral Island is a farming adventure RPG available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 5.

It includes some RPG elements where you create your character and progress through the storyline on a remote island while interacting with all the NPCs there, but it also focuses on the farming/life-sim part of the game where you manage your farm, crops, animals, and more.

On top of those, the game includes a wide variety of romanceable characters, and you’re free to date and marry anyone you want.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Best RPGs with romance - Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

Yakuza LADIW is a story-focused RPG and one of the biggest releases of 2024 so far. With an immersive storyline in its inspiring Hawaiian setting, Infinite Wealth tells a story of crime, with its focus being split between fighting and exploration.

When you’re not doing either of those, the game allows you through the Miss Match minigame to romance various girls and unlock unique cutscenes.

My Time at Sandrock

Best RPGs with romance - My Time at Sandrock.

MTaS is a life/farming-sim sandbox RPG that stands out due to its sheer amount of amazing content. Build your house, construct automation machines and crafting stations, complete quests, and progress the main story.

On top of those, there are 21 romanceable characters in My Time at Sanrock, and each includes unique cutscenes, quests, and a small storyline.

Wrapping up

To summarize, these are the best RPGs with romance and relationship options currently available.

I’ve made sure to include entries from various genres, such as farming/life-sim, story-focused single-player games, and turn-based combat options with leveling and build systems.

Which game are you planning to check out first? Which romance RPG did you enjoy that made you look for more similar games? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.


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