SWTOR: Which Class Is Best for You? [2024 Update]

The best class in Star Wars The Old Republic is either the Sith Warrior or the Jedi Knight – depending on whether you choose the Light or the Dark Side.

I found these classes to be very strong and durable, perfect for both beginners and experienced SWTOR players.

The Jedi Knight and the Sith Warrior have attacks that are named differently but basically do the same thing. This makes sense for balancing the game out – so know that each Empire class has a similar Republic one.

Of course, there are PROs and CONs regarding each of the classes available in this game, and we’re going to get a bit more in depth with each down below.

Because, no matter if you are considering playing Star Wars The Old Republic (or most likely, start playing it once more), choosing the class that is at the moment the best will give you a huge advantage.

Your choice depends on a few factors: Do you want to play the Republic or the Empire? Are you an up-close melee fighter, or do you prefer a long-range gunfight? Are you a fighter or a healer? Do you prefer to be a member of the team or a lone-wolf? We’ll talk about all these in today’s article.

I found out that generally Light Side players are more accommodating to new players and those who like being in groups and teams.

Dark Side players are more aggressive and vicious, but can also work together if everyone is on the same page.

You can be light or dark regardless of what side you initially take (ex. I have a Sith Warrior that is light and a Jedi Knight that is dark).

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Now let’s move on and check out my rankings of the best classes in SWTOR this year. For the sake of saving time, I have grouped the Light Side classes together with their Dark Side counterpart.

1. Class: Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior

jedi knight and sith warrior

I like this class because it is best suited for players who attack their problems head-on. A Knight’s/Warrior’s main weapon is a Lightsaber and uses melee attacks to defeat opponents.

They are also one of the fastest moving characters in the game with the Force Leap ability that lets jump towards and strike opponents from a distance.

Depending on how quick you are this class can do a lot of damage with no restrictions that other classes have.

The biggest downside to this class is that its sole purpose is to attack. Every other class in the game has some option to become a healer, but the Knight/Warrior class lacks this. This makes it quite difficult for this class to team up with.


  • All about melee attacks and damage
  • Can do most damage with no restrictions
  • Good defense


  • No healing abilities
  • Difficult to team with
  • No cloaking abilities

2. Class: Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor

jedi consular and sith inquisitor

This class is best suited for players who like to attack from a distance while still being able to use close-range attacks.

They can also become a Healer (player that can heal his/her teammates) or a Tank (player that directs enemy attention towards themselves and away from teammates) depending on which advanced class you pick. Because of this, Inquisitors make great teammates.

From personal experience, I can confirm that the Inquisitor can have a hard time doing real damage and is seen as a class that supports other classes.

The light armor also makes it extremely vulnerable. This class is very good at helping you make friends and not so much for going solo.

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  • Great healers or tanks (depending on which advanced class you take)
  • Great all-around fighters
  • Great teammates


  • Light armor = Low defense
  • Not the best for damage
  • Not very good solo

3. Class: Smuggler / Imperial Agent

smuggler and imperial agent

This class is best suited for those who like to use strategy and tactical abilities when fighting.

Smugglers and Imperial Agents are good long range fighters and can make great backup for other players. They also have the ability to become Healers.

The biggest weakness with this class is that there is not much you can do at close range. You will find yourself trying to create distance between you and your opponent when fighting one-on-one.

This class also relies on crouching behind a barrier for defense. This class also relies heavily on surprise attacks so it’s not very easy to play. All of these make me stay away from it, generally.


  • Long range fighters
  • Great tactical abilities
  • Great healers


  • Not good with close range
  • Relies on barriers and crouching
  • Must rely on surprise attacks at times

4. Class: Republic Trooper / Bounty Hunter

trooper and bounty hunter

This class is well suited for long-range fighters who can also rush into battle to help its teammates. This class is what most people would call a “super soldier”.

Its heavy armor gives it great defense, allowing it to be a formidable Tank. This class also has an option to become a Healer.

Like the Smuggler/Imperial Agent, this class does not do well at close range. This class is all about power, and tactical abilities are limited.

The biggest setback for this class is that the Ammo/Heat gauge restricts your attacks, so you have to be conscious of this and limit your more powerful attacks.


  • Long range fighters
  • Great defense
  • Great Tanks and Healers


  • Not good with close range
  • More power than tactical
  • Ammo/Heat restricts attacks

Wrapping up

For more details on the eight classes and their abilities, visit the Star Wars: the Old Republic website. There, you can also sign-up and get started playing the game for free!

If you don’t want to take my word and choose either the Jedi Knight or the Sith Warrior, take a look at the pros and cons of each of the classes above and make your choice based on your play style.

If you are interested in exploring other Star Wars games, make sure to check out previous guide to the best perks in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Now don’t hesitate and let us all know what you think about this matter – which is the best class you can play in Star Wars: The Old Republic right now?

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  1. I do not normally comment on this sort of article but if any new players are here pleaser totally disregard pretty much everything the author has said. As someone who has played this game since launch, there is nothing of value in this article and it absolutely full of incorrect information. There is no way the author can have played this game for more than a few minutes.

      • Carnage marauder(might be difficult rotation for new players plus u have 2 lightsabers u gotta buy stuff for), lightning sorcerer, vengeance juggernaut, concealment assassin, and sniper. those are my opinions but any class is good for PVE.


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