How to Get, Install & Play the Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod in Minecraft

The Wither Storm was initially introduced to Minecraft: Story Mode, but never made it to the full game… until now.

A Minecraft Mod was launched, and a really popular & amazing one too: Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod brings the Wither Storm to the game and I am here to tell you everything you need to know about it: how to download & install the mod for free, as well as how to test your skills against the amazing boss.

So, let’s get everything solved one step at a time!

Where to download & how to install the mod

minecraft wither storm

The Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft is available as a free download from Curse Forge. Once there, download the files from the website.

After downloading the mod, simply move its files into the Mods folder in your Minecraft install folder.

IMPORTANT: At the moment, the Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod only works for Minecraft Java edition and not Bedrock. For those owning the latter version, I have a useful list of things to do in-game when bored.

How to play the mod & make the Wither Storm evolve faster?

The Wither Storm is a massive new boss in Minecraft. It starts out relatively small in Phase 0, but quickly evolves into a massive storm-like Wither madness by simply absorbing blocks, structures and even mobs around it.

It will keep growing even when the player is not around, so simply running away is not an option. You want this mod, you’ve got to face the consequences. It’s fun though.

How to summon the Wither Storm

wither storm in action - minecraft mod

You have a bit of time to prepare, fortunately, so the Wither Storm will only appear after you summon it. However, for the best experience, summon it first and then start preparing for the final encounter with its most advanced phase.

To summon the Wither Storm, simply start a new world and head over to coordinates X0 Z0 to find a rundown library. This is where you will find the Command Block capable of bringing the boss to life.

To summon it, place the final wither skull laying next to the structure on top of the Command Block. The first stage of the Wither Storm will be summoned and it will become active after around a minute.

How does the Wither Storm evolve?

While it is dangerous even at its first phase, the Wither Storm will evolve over time by simply consuming all types of blocks around it. It will get exponentially bigger, so try to prepare as well as possible for the final fight in the next 30-45 minutes.

The Wither Storm will not always follow the player and try to attack, but sometimes it will – especially if you get close. However, it will always be active and consuming the world, even if you are not close to it.

How to make the Wither Storm evolve faster?

wither storm big

If this massive new boss is still not a big enough challenge for you (most likely it will be!), you can change some stats and make it evolve even quicker.

In order to do so, you will first need to go to Pause Menu -> Options, click the W button and finally select “World Options“.

There, find the evolutionAttributeModifier and change its value to be under 1. The lowest allowed value is 0.1 (fastest evolution) so try to play with this until you find a number that works best for you.

However, have in mind that this mod is pretty resource-demanding and it might be a bit too much if you play Minecraft on integrated graphics.


The Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod in Minecraft is an amazing new mod that we didn’t really knew we needed until it popped up out in the wild.

While it only brings in a new boss, the Wither Storm itself (and several other features), it simply changes the Minecraft world completely and makes for an incredibly fun to play game.

And now you know where to get it, how to download it and install it to play it for free. Good luck and have fun!

If you have some additional tips for playing the mod and getting the most out of it, especially gameplay tips for defeating the Wither Storm, don’t hesitate to let fellow Minecraft fans know how to do it by commenting below.

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