Stray Can’t Cat-ch Me Trophy: How to Get It Easily

You’d think that the “Can’t Catch Me” trophy in Stray is an easy one to get, since it’s one that you can unlock so early in the game. Well… the reality is different and I’m probably not the only one who went a bit crazy trying to get this trophy.

But eventually I did and today I am here to share with you how to easily unlock the Can’t Cat-ch Me trophy in the Stray videogame. Don’t get too excited, though, you will still probably need to restart a few times.

Getting the Can’t Cat-ch Me trophy easily

cant catch me trophy earned

In order to get the Can’t Cat-ch Me trophy easily, you need to complete the Chapter 2 Zurk pursuit without any of the creatures latching on you. If they do, simply restart the mission from the last checkpoint.

Now, there are two important tricks that you must master in order to unlock this achievement:

  1. Run in zig-zag
  2. Learn the spawning points of the Zurk

Getting more in depth with each of these two important points, I would say that the first one is the most important. Running in zig-zag will completely confuse your enemies.

The thing is that they need a fraction of a second to decide the direction of their jump and they can’t change direction in mid-air. Therefore, if you are right when they decide to jump and then move left, they will miss.

So doing this, even without really knowing where they will come from (you will learn this as you play over and over again) will help you complete the chapter AND unlock the Can’t cat-ch me trophy easily.

IMPORTANT! There is one area in the game where you will have to stick more to the left than during the rest of your run. It’s after the sign you can see below.

stray trophy stick to the left side

When you reach the sign, the next two waves of Zurk will come from the right, so stick to the left (but still zig-zag!).

And this is it! This is all that you need to do in order to get the trophy in Stray. And even though it does sound easy, you will see that you still need to try a few times before getting it right.

But at least it will no longer be as frustrating as going at it aimlessly is. Maybe take a few minutes in between tries too, in order to calm down and be able to fully focus on the run.

Got other tips or strategies for those looking to get this trophy easily? Let us all know by sharing your thoughts below.

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