How to Get the Stray Sneakitty Trophy [Full Guide]

Getting trophies in Stray is not easy, but a few of them can really drive you crazy. That’s the case of Sneakitty, one really challenging trophy that might take a while to unlock.

But I am here today to offer instructions on how to get the Sneakitty trophy in Stray… hopefully you still have some power left after grinding on to get the Can’t Cat-ch Me one.

But without further ado, let’s jump straight into this guide and see what has to be done.

Getting the Sneakitty trophy in Stray

sneakitty trophy earned

In order to unlock this trophy, you must go through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.

It requires patience, coordination and a bit of grinding too as you will once again have to memorize the routes of the Sentinels in order to make it work.

You have to be fast when the drones are not looking and patient otherwise. Spend some time before each encounter with a drone to learn their path, then act at the right time.

You will always have a bit of a break in between drones, where you will be safe – or at least safe spots or zones along the way. Never panic!

Always use the things around you to hide from the Sentinels and be as fast as possible when out in the open.

using the environment to stay hidden

There will be moments when you will have to actually use these elements when walking, in order to remain hidden from the drones, like the one above.

Can you still get the Sneakitty trophy if the lights turn yellow?

No, you can’t get the trophy if the Sentinels’ lights turn yellow or red. I recommend restarting from the previous checkpoint until you get this done in order to avoid having to go through the entire chapter once more.

sneakitty trophy unlocking

I initially considered that you can still get the trophy if the drones’ lights turn yellow. I am sure that this happened during my playthrough, but I can’t test this. If you want to risk it, go ahead and keep playing even if the lights turn yellow.

I am 80% sure that it still works…. but if you are finding it really, really difficult to complete these missions, it’s best to play it safe and reload the last checkpoint even if the lights only turn yellow.

Wrapping up

Getting the Sneakitty trophy in Stray is not easy at all and it does require a lot of patience and grinding, as well as learning the paths that the Sentinels follow.

But if you manage to remain calm and cool, you will quickly get this trophy, without a problem.

As always, if you managed to find a shortcut or anything that makes it easier to unlock this achievement, don’t hesitate to share your findings with fellow fans of the game in the comments section below.

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