Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Best Divine Beast

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Best Divine Beast

After dealing enough damage, players can fill their spirit gauge and use it to summon a Divine Beast of their choice. Divine Beasts are a unique gameplay feature in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that allows … Read more

Patch Quest: How to Melee and Eat Bugs

Patch Quest: How to Melee and Eat Bugs

Patch Quest is a Roguelike/Metroidvania that seems cute, but it’s a deceptively difficult bullet hell. Patch Quest tasks players to venture ever deeper into the island’s underbelly. One of the many mechanics to aid you … Read more

Dwarf Fortress: How to Make a Tavern

Dwarf Fortress - How to Make a Tavern

Building a tavern in Dwarf Fortress is essential as it allows dwarves to socialize and calm down after a tough day. It also motivates visitors to come to your fortress. To build a tavern, players … Read more