Cozy Grove: Where to Find Wilderness Guide

Are you looking to find the location of the Wilderness Guide in Cozy Grove? We’re here to help because we’ve been in your situation and we know how frustrating it can get to actually find it.

The problem with the Wilderness Guide in the game is that it’s not available to be found straight from the beginning, when you first unlock the mission. You’ll have to play around a little bit and explore until the game actually unlocks it for you.

So let’s get this started and learn everything there is to know about the location of the Wilderness Guide in Cozy Grove and where to find this quest item.

Where to find Wilderness Guide in Cozy Grove?

This is one of the first missions that you get when you start the game, as a requirement from Charlotte Pine:

Wilderness Guide Location Hint

As you can see, she actually gives you all the hints that you need to know where the Wilderness Guide is located: “Look by a photobooth standee. It’ll probably be… under a leaf pile!”

And it actually is there, but you have to progress a bit through the story and explore more. Here is the location of the Wilderness Guide (before it actually appears in the game):

jeremy grufle location
The pile of leaves will appear to the left of that table.

This area is to the left of Charlotte Pine (who gives you the mission), near that Jeremy Grufle character (the first character you meet in the game). Here is how it looks after you explore a little bit and the game unlocks it for you:

wilderness guide location

Notice that pile of leaves next to the table? That’s where you will find the Wilderness Guide! Just go next to that place and use your shovel!

You will get the item:

wilderness guide found

And this is it! You have finally found the Wilderness Guide in Cozy Grove. I am sure that this is just one of the very hard to find items in the game.

If you have trouble finding others, let us know and we’ll help you with the location if possible. If not, maybe our readers and fellow Cozy Grove fans can help.

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