Soulstone Survivors: Best Skills

Soulstone Survivors allows players to equip six active skills while playing the game in any current match. In this guide, I will go over the overall best skills of Soulstone Survivors.

While in early access the game has introduced 142 skills, and each character has 3 unique skills to unlock. Your Prestige level will increase as you gain experience, and you will be able to unlock these skills by reaching levels 5, 20, and later on 50.

Soulstone Survivors’ skills can be unlocked by gaining experience and earning Achievements. Aside from the active skills, there is a skill tree that can be passively upgraded, which can improve your damage or health.

You can use our guide on the best character builds and combine that with what you learn about the best skills here, to overcome whatever the game throws at you.



Bloodlust is a skill from the Chaos tree that will empower both you and your allies while increasing the movement speed modifier by an additional 20% and cast modifier by 40%, this will last for 10 seconds.

Mobility is an asset in this game, and this is an amazing skill that lets you run away from difficult situations. Be aware of the 24-second cooldown and use this skill to get out of sticky situations.

Subdue & Flurry


This is a combo of skills that work well with each other.

Flurry, a skill from the Thrusting tree throws daggers in the direction you aim, hitting enemies 20 times, and doing 40 damage per hit. It will also apply the Bleed status for 60 damage over 10 seconds for every hit.

Subdue is a skill, from the Swing tree that deals a powerful strike in the direction you are aiming at for 50 damage with an additional 10 damage per stack of the Bleed status. It will also cause the Fragility status.

Using Flurry first will stack Bleed on your enemies and then Subdue will increase the damage you do proportional to those stacks. Keep up with cooldowns and make quick work of any enemy you face.



Meteor is a great AOE attack from the Fire tree, that will deal 400 damage while having a strong pushback effect on your enemies.

This Active Skill will also inflict the Burn status, which will do 200 damage over 8 seconds and cause a 6-second stun. With a measly cooldown of seven seconds, this will be your clutch for clearing waves of enemies.

Being a big fan of Fire magic, I can assure you that hurling a giant flaming rock, and clearing waves of enemies, is a great feeling. For me, that makes Meteor the best skill in Soulstone Survivor.

Chain Lightning


Chain Lightning is a Lightning active skill, that hurls a lightning bolt at random enemies, dealing 400 damage and applying the Dazed status for 8 seconds.

What makes it one of the best, is that the lightning bolt can jump to up to seven enemies, with a cooldown of only 6 seconds. Even when swarmed you can, keep using chain lightning a decimate everything.

A spell like that can make anime fans feel like Nami from One Piece when she is using Thunderbolt Tempo. If you are interested in using Nami or any other of the Strawhats in your party check out our guide on the best team for One Piece Odessey.



Blizzard is an Active skill from the Ice tree, that conjures a blizzard over a random enemy, hitting enemies 25 times, and dealing a total of 875 damage.

Additionally, it will apply the Slow status for 8 seconds. Even if you are unable to move fast in a bad situation, making the enemies take damage as they move slowly to catch up to you is a great way to maneuver and pace the fight.

Expert tip: Use Blizzard against bosses, to turn the fight in your favor by slowing the boss down, and allowing you to deal those important hits to take it down. The Slow status gets applied with every hit to a maximum of -60% movement speed.

Poison Bomb


Lastly, I had to mention Poison Bomb.

It is a Nature Action skill, that throws a poison bomb at a random enemy dealing 100 damage, applying the Poison status to that enemy, and then leaves a poison puddle on the ground for 15 seconds, inflicting the Poison status over a large area.

What makes Poison Cloud an excellent Active skill is its short cooldown, of 3 seconds. Stacking damage over time on enemies can completely wipe a map and give you a chance to move around, reposition, and eliminate annoying enemies.


In conclusion, these have been the best skills in Soulstone Survivors. With 142 different skills to choose from and countless combinations, you will benefit from knowing what the best skills so far are.

If you are planning to unlock all the skills, maybe you enjoy completing things in games, that are well worth the effort. Check out our guide on all the rewards for completing the Pokedex, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Let us know what skills you like to use and which combinations have been useful for you while playing so far. Are you planning to use any interesting combination now that you know about these skills?


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