Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: All Pokedex Rewards

Pokedex rewards are a unique addition to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that reward players for catching unique Pokemon.

Players can get a reward for every 10 unique Pokemon they catch, for a total of 40 rewards (since there are 400 Pokemon in the Pokedex).

However, many players miss these rewards since it isn’t very clear where to find them.

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In this guide, I will list all Pokedex rewards available in Scarlet and Violet and explain how to see your current progress.

All Pokedex Rewards in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Reaching 10 volumes on the Pokedex reward track in Scarlet and Violet.
Reaching 10 volumes on the Pokedex reward track in Scarlet and Violet.

For every 10 unique Pokemon you catch and register to the Pokedex, you’ll get an extra reward. Here is the full list of rewards for progressing the Pokedex.

Pokedex Rewards Level 10-100

  • 10 Pokemon – 3x Stardust
  • 20 Pokemon – 10x Great Ball
  • 30 Pokemon – 1x Thunder Stone
  • 40 Pokemon – 10x Ultra Ball
  • 50 Pokemon – 5x Exp. Candy S
  • 60 Pokemon – 1x Fire Stone
  • 70 Pokemon – 10x Net Ball
  • 80 Pokemon – 1x Water Stone
  • 90 Pokemon – 10x Nest Ball
  • 100 Pokemon – 5x Stardust

Pokedex Rewards Levels 110-200

  • 110 Pokemon – 3x Exp. Candy M
  • 120 Pokemon – 10x Quick Ball
  • 130 Pokemon – 1x Dusk Stone
  • 140 Pokemon – 10x Dusk Ball
  • 150 Pokemon – 1x Shiny Stone
  • 160 Pokemon – 3x Exp. Candy M
  • 170 Pokemon – 10x Dive Ball
  • 180 Pokemon – 10x Stardust
  • 190 Pokemon – 10x Luxury Ball
  • 200 Pokemon – 5x Exp. Candy M

Pokedex Rewards Levels 210-300

  • 210 Pokemon – 1x Moon Stone
  • 220 Pokemon – 10x Timer Ball
  • 230 Pokemon – 3x Star Piece
  • 240 Pokemon – 1x Fast Ball
  • 250 Pokemon – 3x Star Piece
  • 260 Pokemon – 1x Friend Ball
  • 270 Pokemon – 1x Dawn Stone
  • 280 Pokemon – 1x Level Ball
  • 290 Pokemon – 3x Exp. Candy L
  • 300 Pokemon – 1x Lure Ball

Pokedex Rewards Levels 310-400

  • 310 Pokemon – 3x Comet Shard
  • 320 Pokemon – 1x Heavy Ball
  • 330 Pokemon – 3x Exp. Candy L
  • 340 Pokemon – 1x Moon Ball
  • 350 Pokemon – 5x Exp. Candy L
  • 360 Pokemon – 1x Dream Ball
  • 370 Pokemon – 1x Nugget
  • 380 Pokemon – 2x Nugget
  • 390 Pokemon – 3x Big Nugget
  • 400 Pokemon – 1x Beast Ball

How to Claim Pokedex Rewards in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Reaching 130 volumes on the Pokedex reward track in Scarlet and Violet.
Reaching 130 volumes on the Pokedex reward track in Scarlet and Violet.

Every time players catch, hatch, or get via trade any new Pokemon, it will progress the Pokedex rewards bar. After 10 Pokemon, they’ll be able to collect one of the above rewards, based on how many they’ve caught in total.

To claim these rewards, start by accessing the Pokedex (click Y, then X, then select Pokedex) and press the X button to show the rewards bar.

From there, you can see your exact progress. Also, you’ll notice that you have already claimed your rewards for previously reached checkpoints. This happens automatically whenever you reach a checkpoint.

Nevertheless, it’s important to check the rewards bar to find out what you’re getting next and how close you are to getting it.

Wrapping up

To sum up, that’s everything you need to know about all the Pokedex rewards in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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How far have you progressed into the Pokedex rewards? Do you think the reward system makes it worth completing the Pokedex? Let us know in the comments below.

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