The Last Faith: Second Skin – How to Use to Get 2nd Ending

There are three endings in the game, and in this guide, I will go over how to use the second skin to get the 2nd ending in The Last Faith.

Players need to follow a few steps to get the second ending.

You need to find Lady Annika in the City Of Mythringal. After you complete her questline, visit the Veiled Maiden in the City Of Erlim and purchase the Second Skin item.

After buying the second skin mask, visit the Ghost NPC in the Esk Mansion, and after that defeat the Harbinger of Nightmare boss. After defeating the boss you will obtain the Esk’s Left Eye item.

Lastly, you will need to visit the throne room to find Caterina and Annabella, after talking with them you will have to choose the “Refuse the Throne” dialog option. Fight and win Caterina and Annabella, unlocking the second ending.

Let’s dive a little more in-depth about what you have to do.

The Last Faith: Lady Annika Quest Line


You need to find Lady Annika in the City Of Mythringal talk to her, and start the quest.

After you start the quest, you will need to progress the main story until you reach the City of Erlim.

After you find and talk with the Veiled Maiden, head back to Oxnevyelle’s Manor and talk to Lady Annika to complete the quest.

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The Last Faith: Visit the Veiled Maiden Again


After completing the quest, visit the Veiled Maiden again in the City Of Erlim.

With the completion of Lady Annika’s quest line, the Veiled Maiden will have new items for you to purchase. Rather she will have a really important item for you to purchase.

It will cost a hefty 10000 Nycrux, but since you need it, to get the second ending you better find it.

Now that you have the Second Skin mask in your possession, you are ready to move on to the next part of the quest.

The Last Faith: Visit the Ghost NPC and Defeat the Boss


With the mask in your inventory, you will be ready to meet a very special NPC.

This ghostly NPC can only appear after you have already completed the previous steps. So no matter how many times you may have visited this location before, she won’t be there.

To find her in the Esk Mansion you will need to go to the left of the bottom checkpoint. Go up the ledge, and keep going up until you see the second gate to the right.

Inside the room, you will find the Ghost NPC, and after that, you will need to run back down, and to the left. Keep going left until you reach the last room, and you come face-to-face with the Harbinger of Nightmare boss.

After defeating the boss you will obtain the Esk’s Left Eye item. Naturally, you will think that there may be an Esk’s Right Eye, but for the ending we are going after it will be completely useless to us.

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The Last Faith: “Refuse the Throne”


After completing all the previous steps you will have all the requirements to complete the game and get the second ending.

When you go to the throne room, and you speak with Caterina and Annabella, you will be given two options. You can either accept the throne or refuse it.

We want the “Refuse the throne” option, and after offending them, they will start a boss fight.

Once defeated you will get the second ending that uses the Second Skin mask for The Last Faith.

Final Thoughts

Knowing which game series inspired this game, multiple endings were expected. The game manages to create an interesting web of events that leads players to unlock the other endings.

If you want to know more about the game, check out our strategy guide on how to counter Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror boss battle in The Last Faith.

With all the different requirements to get the second ending with the second skin laid out in The Last Faith, you will be able to get the ending easily. Share your thoughts in the comments about what you thought of the ending.


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