The Last Faith: Edwyn Boss Battle Guide

If you are having trouble with Edwyn, in this battle guide, I will go over everything you need to know to get over it in The Last Faith.

As with every boss in the game, Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror has two phases each with different moves, and knowing what’s coming will greatly increase your odds of success.

Let’s dive into what you can expect when you are fighting the boss.

Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror First Phase


In the first phase, the boss has four different attacks he can use.

  • Body Slam: The boss will jump up in the air to do a body slam attack.

When the boss is in the air, you will notice rocks falling from above. These rocks are the indication of where the boss will come back down. Move out of the way when the boss falls back down.

  • Purple Flame Orbs: After slamming the ground with its hand, the boss will spawn three flame orbs which will attack the position the player was in at the beginning of the attack.

You will need to keep moving away from the boss, and then roll back toward him. You can even use the small window to land a few attacks on the boss.

  • Purple Wave: The boss will raise its hand, glow for a few seconds, and then slam its hand back down.

The wave will follow the boss descending from the ceiling. The attack will always begin in front of the boss, and then extend to the sides. Once you see the wave coming, you can jump over it.

  • Whirlwind: The boss will jump across from you, and create a whirlwind behind you. It will continually pull you toward it, while the boss spews flame orbs at you.

The best thing you can do is keep running toward the boss, while at the same time avoiding the flame orbs. After a while, the boss will stop, and you will be able to move freely again.

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Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror Second Phase


In the second phase of the fight, the floor will break apart, and you will fall to a lower stage.

The boss will have two new attacks, an enhanced version of a previous attack, and the whirlwind attack from phase one.

  • Meteor Rain: The Boss will scream, and a rain of meteors will begin to rain down on the player. If they manage to hit you, you will be inflicted with the nightmare status.

You can avoid the meteors quite easily because they fall at a diagonal angle. Follow the angle, and you will be able to avoid them without too much of a hustle.

  • Enhanced Body Slam: The boss will jump up like before, and when it falls back down a rock spike will attack the player. After much like in phase one flame orbs will attack the player.

You can use the falling rocks as an indicator of where the boss will drop down to avoid it. You will need to keep an eye out for the rock spike that spawns right after, and by rolling you will avoid it. After that avoid the flame orbs much like before.

  • Whirlwind Attack: The boss will hunch down, and create a storm inside it. After a few seconds, a huge whirlwind will move toward the player.

You can either use the invincibility frames of your dash to avoid this attack or run to the side of the boss arena.

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Final Thoughts

These are all the attacks the boss can throw at you, and knowing what to expect can make it easier to face.

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With the battle guide for Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror complete, and all the different attacks explained for The Last Faith you will be able to defeat it and progress the story. Let us know in the comments which boss has given you the most trouble.


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