Lethal Company: How to Deal With the Jester

Are you looking for a way to deal with the Jester in Lethal Company? Here’s the best strategy against this jack-in-the-box creature.

Overall, once you see the Jester, you must leave the map. There is no way to defeat it and once it activates, it will almost instantly kill everyone.

Let’s go through how this enemy works so that you can understand how much time you’ve got exactly.

Lethal Company Jester Explained

How to deal with the Jester in Lethal Company.

The Jester can be found most commonly on late-game moons like Rend, Dine, and Titan. Players have encountered it on moons with lower Hazard Levels, but it’s extremely rare.

The Jester has three phases. In phase one, once it spots a player, it will simply follow them around. It is completely harmless in this phase and won’t damage you. However, this doesn’t last long.

After a while, once the Jester will start cranking its box, phase 2 begins. In this phase, creepy clown music will start playing, which works like a timer. This is your cue to run and to run fast.

About 20 seconds after the music starts, the Jester will enter phase 3. In this phase, a large head will come out of the box and will start chasing you.

It moves exceptionally fast and you can’t avoid it. Once it leaves the box, if you’re nearby, you’ll die. This includes you and every other player around you.

Similar to the Ghost Girl, the Jester can wipe your entire team in seconds. So, what can you do?

How to Deal with the Jester

How to deal with the Jester in Lethal Company.

The only way to deal with the Jester in Lethal Company is to leave the moon as soon as you see it. From the second you spot it, grab any loot you have nearby and leave.

Think of it like a time bomb. If you see it and don’t leave the planet in the next few minutes, you are guaranteed to die. There’s no way around it.

So, you should stop being greedy for loot immediately, grab what you already have, and run. It’s not a good time to be greedy or brave as you can’t defeat the Jester, nor can you outrun it.

Wrapping up

To summarize, the best way to deal with the Jester in Lethal Company is to run as soon as you see him. This includes you and your entire team and you should evacuate the moon asap.

If you don’t, the Jester is a ticking time bomb and after a few minutes, it will kill everyone nearby. You won’t be able to enter a building with the Jester there.

How was your first experience with this creature? Did you try to attack or outrun it? Feel free to share your painful stories and funny deaths in the comments below!

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