Death Must Die – Best Nixi Build

Are you looking for the best Nixi build in No Death Must Die? Here are the best gods, blessings, and stats to help you survive longer.

Overall, the best Nixi build uses the God of Time and the Goddesses of Fire and Death while also focusing on the Luck stat. This way, you’ll consistently spawn phantoms and shoot fireballs while dealing phenomenal damage.

Let’s go through everything in more detail.

Best Gods and Blessings for Nixi Build

Best Nixi build in Death Must Die.

In terms of gods, the best options for this Nixi build are the God of Time, Summer, the Goddess of Fire, and Mort, the Daughter of Death. As for blessings, let’s go through each god in turn.

For Mort’s Blessings, prioritize Soulstealer and secondarily Deadly Strike and Lifelink. Also, banish Necromancy and Sickles of Mort.

  • Soulstealers – Your attacks have a chance to spawn phantoms that apply Cursed on enemies
  • Deadly Strike – Your attacks deal more damage and resolve cursed statuses
  • Lifelink – Your dash drains enemies and heals you if you have low HP

For more details on a Mort-focused build, here’s our best Mort build guide in Death Must Die that focuses on a Mayhem late-game scaling strategy.

From the God of Time, take Force, Alteration Ritual, Gem High, and Deadlock. Banish Time Field and Summoner.

Best Nixi build in Death Must Die.
  • Force: Increased experience pull range. Also, when you pull an XP shard through an enemy, it will damage the enemy based on the XP in the shard.
  • Alteration Ritual: When you level up, gain a random buff for 30 seconds.
  • Gem High: Whenever you gain XP, gain movement, damage, and skill speed for one second.
  • Deadlock: Increases spell duration

Lastly, from Summer, the Goddess of Fire, prioritize Flare and Vehemence.

  • Flare: When an enemy attacks you, you have a chance to shoot a fireball at them.
  • Vehemence: Increase your spell damage.

If you don’t get all three gods at the beginning of the run with your rerolls, simply restart and try again. All three are vital for the success of this build.

Best Nixi Build in Death Must Die – Stats, Strategy, and Playstyle

Best Nixi build in Death Must Die.

For the best Nixi build, I recommend focusing on the Luck stat. While Nixi has enough Luck on her own, it will take a while before she levels up enough to be consistent. Thus, I recommend equipping gear that increases your luck.

Ideally, you’re aiming to have around 90% change for Flare to trigger in the early game and want to reach 100% later on.

For your strategy and playstyle, after leveling up everything enough, simply let Flare and Soulstealers do the work. These two blessings are your main sources of damage, so make sure to prioritize leveling them up.

Also, if you manage to get Mayhem on Mort, always take it since it’s a big DPS increase with great scaling.

Wrapping up

To summarize, the best Nixi build in Death Must Die takes advantage of her high luck stat and combines it with high-chance spells like Flare and Soulstealers to constantly apply debuffs and deal counterattacks.

With the right gods, you will be able to consistently clear runs and take down bosses in seconds.

Have you tried this build? What’s your favorite character and build in the game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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