Does Rain Affect Fishing in Minecraft? [Answered]

Does the rain affect the fishing in Minecraft? Should you only go fishing while it is raining or on the contrary – when it is not raining? In this guide, we will be covering this topic to help you better understand what effects will rain have in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a very popular game and probably the main reason for that being your freedom in it. You start out with nothing and as nothing. Just a normal person in a big and crazy world.

You are free to do anything that you want. Go exploring, caving, battling monsters, and defeating the End Dragon, building your wildest imaginations.

Sometimes you just want to lay back from all those things and you can do some very relaxing fishing.

How Does The Rain Affect Fishing In Minecraft?

When fishing in the rain in Minecraft, your odds of catching fish increase.

When the bobber’s block gets rained on, each tick has a 25% chance of counting down 2 instead of 1, reducing the wait duration by around 20% to 40%.

So to sum it up, if you want to have more yield and fish gotten from fishing you will want to wait until it starts raining. Some people will say that 20% is not a big difference, but veteran Minecraft fishermen will tell you otherwise.

Fishing While Raining In Minecraft 2

As soon as you see that the rain starts pouring take out your fishing Rod and get to the nearest water surface!

How Does Rain Work?

Rain is a semi-common transient, a global occurrence that can occur at any time in the world at random. It snows instead in colder biomes and at higher altitudes. Rain does not fall in warmer biomes, such as the desert and savanna, or in other dimensions.

Rainfall lasts an average of 0.5-1 Minecraft day, with a 0.5-7.5 day interval between rains. Thunderstorms are possible if the rain continues.

Rain in Minecraft

Also, after sleeping in a bed, rainy weather always clears around the morning. Otherwise, it will stop after a random amount of time.

How Does the Sky Affect Fishing In Minecraft?

It affects it by a whole lot! It makes a difference of around 50% more or less loot. So it is pretty significant.

Whenever you are fishing, make sure that you have a clear line of sight of the sky. Meaning that nothing will be on top of you. This will also increase the % chance of you getting better loot while fishing. 

So when waiting for the rain to come, don’t go to closed areas and hope that the % fishing rate will be higher.

Step outside and get next to a lake or water area and take your Fishing Rod and start fishing. Getting some raindrops on you won’t kill you!

The sky combined with these Minecraft Shader Mods will affect you though! Be sure to give them a try and fall in love with Minecraft once again.

Does Raining Affect the Fishing Loot?

Yes, it does. When you’ll be fishing outside while it’s raining, not only will you get a whole lot more loot than usual, but the type of loot will be much higher quality too.

Fishing while Raining in Minecraft

You will start seeing much better fish, much better enchantment books, and sometimes enchanted tools as well.

In thunderstorms, players have been saying that the loot quality is the best, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Is Fishing in Minecraft Worth It?

Fishing is very worthwhile doing in Minecraft. In fact, Fishing is one of Minecraft’s most underappreciated activities.

Many players utilize it to simply relax and enjoy the ambiance of an unusual biome or new construction. It can be a wonderful source of resources and experience for other players.

When combined with rain and maybe some amazing enchantments for the rod it is an amazing loot farm as well! Imagine getting very quality items per second with only relaxing and not wasting any energy! Amazing!

Does Raining at Night Affect Fishing in Minecraft?

Fishing in Minecraft at night will reduce wait time in the same way that humans fish at night for more efficient fishing. The effect will stack with the enchantment Lure. 

However, for it to work, the water must have access to the sky, and rain helps a lot. Without access to the sky and rain, fishing at night takes as long as it does usually.

Is it Safe to Be Fishing while Raining?

Well yes, and no. As we all know in Minecraft the bad monsters will start spawning in the nighttime. They can also start spawning in the daytime if it starts raining.

That means that while you might be relaxing next to the lake or river fishing, you might see some zombies or skeletons come to join you. 

You can always create a protected area around your home or fishing place. Build up some walls but make sure that there is no roof above you when fishing. This will make the % fish rate much lower.

Monsters in Minecraft

Also, while fishing, make sure that you will be with full HP. The main reason being is that while raining you can get struck by lighting. It cannot kill you, but it can damage you enough to make it so that monsters can one-shot you.


Rain is your best friend when it comes to fishing! Make sure to be out in the open with the sky in sight while doing so, and even make enchant your Fishing Rod with Luck of the Sea enchantment too. This way you will become the best fisherman in Minecraft!

We hope that this guide helped you and provided you with some food and very good items.

How much time do you spend fishing per day, and how much is it in the rain? Do let us know down in the comments below. Happy fishing!

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