What Blocks Can An Enderman Pick Up In Minecraft

The Enderman is the scariest creature and monster in Minecraft. They will creep up on you from the distance.

Most of the time they will just stand there next to you without doing anything waiting for you to look at them and then proceed to run at you at full speed trying to kill you.

The other thing they are scary about is about destroying your beautiful buildings. Sometimes they will randomly pick up a block from your house only to place it anywhere in the world randomly. 

That is why the question of what blocks can an Enderman pick up in Minecraft comes very often. Should you be scared of what material to build your house so it doesn’t get destroyed? Well, in this guide you will find out just that.

Blocks That An Enderman Can Pick Up

When you’re walking about and you’ve seen a block missing from your house, well probably an Enderman has picked it up. It didn’t even suit your house so that is why he probably did it! 

These are the blocks that an Enderman can pick up:

  • Cactus
  • Clay
  • Dirt
  • Coarse Dirt
  • Grass Block
  • Gravel
  • Melon
  • Mushrooms
  • Flowers
  • Mycelium
  • Pumpkin
  • Sand
  • Red Sand
  • Podzol
  • Netherrack (only in Java Edition)
  • Crimson Fungus
  • Warped Fungus
  • TNT
  • Crimson Roots
  • Warped Roots

Can Enderman Pick Up Weapons?

Blocks That An Enderman Can Pick Up

Endermen cannot pick up any weapons. Fortunately for us, the developers of Minecraft have not made the Endermen into a wielding NPC that can one-shot you.

Imagine an Enderman coming at you with a full enchanted sword or with a crossbow with the best enchantments available.

So have no fear when throwing away some of your weapons on the ground. They cannot pick them up.

Can Enderman Pick Up Tools?

Endermen cannot pick up any tools either. If you decide to test some transferring of items and you might throw a tool on the ground, well the Endermen won’t be interested in it. 

Can Enderman Pick Up Armor?

The Enderman cannot pick up any Armor either. Maybe someday we will see an upgraded Enderman which is able to gear up by picking armor, just like zombies and skeletons can.

Imagine fighting with a fully enchanted and kitted Enderman! How amazing would that be!

Endermen cannot pick up any of the entities in Minecraft. They just tend to stick with their blocks.

Why Does The Enderman Have TNT Even If You Didn’t Place Any?

Sometimes, and this is a very rare chance of about 1%, the Endermen will spawn with a TNT in their hands. So you won’t have to place a TNT for them to be an explosive danger and threat to you.

Enderman with TNT

The way the TNT works with them is that they will run up to you, as they do, and the TNT will be activated only in your vicinity. Then not only will they do damage to you, but also blow you up!

Can Enderman Pick Up Obsidian?

No, they cannot. The most sturdy block in Minecraft remains still the strongest in the game. Even the Endermen are not strong enough to pick them up!

Can Enderman Pick Up the Dragon Egg?

No, they cannot. It has been a suggestion by players that they want this to be possible in order to better protect their precious Dragon Egg.

But on the other hand, if something like this does happen well you will probably lose The End entirely. That is why the developers don’t want it implemented.

How To Take Your Block Back From An Enderman?

The only main and possible way of obtaining your stolen block back from an Enderman would be to kill it. Be careful though, because they can do up to 7 heart damage per hit!

Enderman uninvited

You’re not going to be able to outrun these NPCs. These guys, unlike any other mob, can teleport. Even from a great distance away. It’s nearly impossible to flee from an Enderman. The only option is to straight up go for the kill.

After you’ve killed them they will drop the block that was in their hands. Sometimes you can even a good item from them in this way! People have even developed farms for this purpose as well.

So creating an Enderman farm can be one of the things to do in the game when bored.

Why Does Endarman Pick Up Blocks?

According to MatPat’s Game Theory theory, the Endermen were a race of builders similar to Steve and Alex who had to travel to the End due to a catastrophe. This is where the strongholds came from. 

People could only eat the chorus fruit when they were at the End. The chorus fruit is a type of edible item only found in the End. When eaten it will teleport you by a couple of blocks. Explains a lot about Enderman’s ability.

The builders were transformed into Endermen with teleportation abilities after consuming only chorus fruit. Despite this, they are still able to pick up and place blocks. 

The builders are also thought to be the ones who built the desert, ocean, and jungle temples and villages that no other mods can.

Can You Befriend An Enderman?

Yes, you can. Although they look so scary, if you read about their background they have a past of being normal builders just like you.

Enderman Strolling around

The Enderman can be made friends with by giving it gifts. This is just the same equivalent of taming a pet in Minecraft. 

These gifts are chosen from a list of blocks that an Enderman can acquire. Rarer blocks like Melons, TNT, Podzol, and Red Sand are much more likely to befriend this Enderman than common blocks like dirt.

How To Defend Your Blocks From An Enderman?

Build a moat around your house. Endermen are vulnerable to water. So, make a moat around your house. It should be around 3 blocks wide and placed all around your base. Your base should be looking something like a medieval castle.

You can place Vines on your walls. If you place vines on your walls they will start growing and becoming bigger and bigger. This offers protection from the Enderman as well.

They will now grab the Vines instead of the blocks of your house. And everyone knows that vines grow back.

Build your house with blocks that the Enderman isn’t possible to pick up. Check the list that we’ve mentioned above and follow it.


The main conclusion after learning about the Enderman and his love of blocks is that you are on his territory.

The Minecraft world is his domain and if he wants to pick up something, well he can! Now you have learned how to protect yourself from these kinds of things though.

Do let us know in the comments down below, what is the most precious block that the Enderman has stolen from you. Have fun protecting yourself!

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