Best Crossbow Enchantments in Minecraft

While the crossbow is not one of the most common weapons in Minecraft, it’s a pretty solid one that can cause a lot of damage. And it’s fun to play, too!

And it gets even better if you choose one of the best crossbow enhancements recommended in today’s article! Let’s get it started!

1. Piercing Enchantment

If you want to go for the damage first, Piercing will be your best friend. This enchantment will make it so that when you spend that long time pulling the string of your crossbow be worth it.

Once you fire your crossbow you will get a destructive and very painful shot.

Piercing Enchantment in Minecraft

Not only that it does a lot more damage, but also you can multiply that damage by hitting more enemies at once!

Line up your zombies one after the other and then shoot them all with this amazing enchantment. It will pierce through a couple of them, damaging everything in a line.

You can even use this Crossbow Enchantment to pierce through objects! How cool is that?!

Never ever will you get some pesky zombies stuck deep inside the ground or hiding behind corners in your home.

You can level this Piercing Enchantment a whole total of 4 times. Each level will make your Crossbow better than before.

Each level also represents the number of structures or enemies your bow will actually pierce and pass through.

The downside is the decreased durability that it will give to your crossbow and you cannot combine it with the Multishot Enchantment. So, make sure that you’ll combine it with Unbreaking!

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2. Multishot Enchantment

If you chose not to pick the Piercing Enchantment well this is the one for you. For some players, this one is the Crossbow Enchantment just because of how powerful you’ll feel while using it. 

Multishot Enchantment in Minecraft

The key thing to this enchantment is that you will fire multiple arrows until releasing the pulled string.

This means that you will have a chance to shoot more than one enemy that might be scattered everywhere in your sight.

This enchantment is really good if you want to make a safe bubble around you. Basically, you will be pushing every enemy back that was very close to you by hitting them with your shots.

The downside is of course, that you cannot combine it with the Piercing Enchantment but the durability hit is much harder. Each time you will take a shot you will see that the durability will go down drastically.

You will have very quality bows that will get destroyed in almost a couple of battles. Make sure you combine it with Unbreaking!

Multishot Enchantment in Minecraft2

It doesn’t level up, meaning that you will just need to use the enchantment book once and you will have all the maximum benefits that this enchantment offers.

This is a good Enchantment to have if you play various mods that bring in a lot of new and amazing mobs, like the Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod.

3. Unbreaking Enchantment

I wanted to include the Unbreaking Enchantment right after those first two. You must combine this enchantment with literally everything in your Crossbow.

Some players will say that this is the best Crossbow Enchantment because you will end up using it almost all the time!

Unbreaking is the thing that will make your Crossbow not break as fast. It will raise the Durability and the time that your Crowwbow can fire shots until it gets broken up.

This actually really empowers your bow because now you will be able to use it a whole lot more than usual.

Unbreaking Enchantment in Minecraft1

Everybody loves that feeling when you’re wielding a very powerful Crossbow and never having the fear of it actually breaking!

That is one of the best feelings a Minecraft Range player can have. Well, the key to this is the Unbreaking Enchantment.

When combined with Piercing or Multishot you’ll be able to use the advantage of those Enchantments while not getting the disadvantages(they lower durability) of them.

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4. Quick Charge Enchantment

Minecraft players prefer to use the Bow over the Crossbow because of the time necessary to shoot an arrow.

Sometimes this time, of about 1-2 seconds, can be a life or death situation. That is why I recommend using the Quick Charge Enchantment.

This enchantment will make it so that when you fire your crossbow that long waiting time will be drastically reduced.

Never ever will you be waiting for a shot and wondering if that zombie will you or not!

Quick Charge Enchantment

It has a couple of levels and each level will actually reduce the firing and loading time of your Crossbow by a whopping 0.25 seconds! 

After you increase it with 3 level-ups, which is the maximum, you will reduce the fire time by 0.75 seconds! You can almost shoot it like a bow now!

You can combine this enchantment with every other one as well, making it one of the most useful enchantments too.

A good recommendation is to combine it with the Multishot. You will be spamming arrows in all directions in a matter of seconds. Highly destructive!

5. Mending Enchantment

Mending is something of the same sort as the Unbreaking Enchantment. It offers protection and durability of your Crossbow, just like the Unbreaking one does, but this time in a different kind of way.

Mending Enchantment

Whenever you kill something in Minecraft, no matter what it is(player or mob) you will get a durability point back. This means that the more you kill, the more you’ll heal. Your crossbow will now become a self-sustaining item which makes it fantastic!

It doesn’t level up, meaning that only by using one enchantment you will get the most out of it, which is also very nice.

The downside of it is that it is really hard to come by. You will need a lot of help from the RNG gods in order to be able to put it on your crossbow. 

Mending Enchantment2

So go on ahead and gain as much experience as you can from all the enemies that will be tracking you down!

Highly recommended enchantment as well especially good when you combine it with the ones mentioned above.

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6. Curse of Vanishing Enchantment

This is a really good item in case you’re playing multiplayer games. When you have a top-notch Crossbow fully kitted with all the enchantments you’ll need, well then you won’t like it to be in your enemies’ hands!

Curse of Vanishing Enchantment

That is where the Curse of Vanishing comes. This will make it so that your crossbow will actually disappear from your inventory once you die.

Meaning, that once you get killed you will take your amazing Crossbow with you! You will spawn having this same crossbow and you’ll be able to go tracking down your killers and get your vengeance!

The bad side of it is that when you get killed near your spawn location, it will mean a total loss of your Crossbow.

It will get completely destroyed so neither your enemy nor you will be able to weird it ever again. That is why for some people this is the best and also the worst crossbow enchantment.


Those are the best Crossbow Enchantments in Minecraft. You will need to use them and develop your own strategy when fighting against lots of enemies.

Whether this is the strategy of Piercing or Multishot that is entirely up to you. Don’t forget that you can use the crossbow with these enchantments for your farming as well!

That was it! I hope that this guide has served its purpose and made you a much better Crossbow Minecraft Player. Getting these enchantments is another thing you can do in Minecraft when bored.

Go on ahead and give these enchantments a try and do let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite to use and why!

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