Starfield: Andreja vs. Sarah Romance: Which One to Choose?

Starfield is full of important decisions and at some point, you’ll need to decide which character will become your companion. In this case, you’ll have to choose between Andreja and Sarah’s romance in Starfield.

Overall, the choice should depend on your playstyle as Sarah rewards you for doing the right thing while Andreja will allow you to perform more morally grey actions.

In this guide, I will explain how to romance Andreja and Sarah in Starfield and showcase which one to choose as a companion depending on your playstyle.

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How to Romance Andreja in Starfield

Which one to romance and make your companion in Starfield: Sarah or Andreja?

To romance Andreja in Starfield, find her in Deep Cave, Nira, and progress the mission “Into the Unknown”. Then, interact with her at the Lodge and increase affinity with her until you get the “Divided Loyalties” quest.

Lastly, make sure to initiate romantic conversations whenever you get the option, and that’s all.

Andreja will give you access to skills related to stealing, piracy, and stealth, as well as energy and particle beam weapons.

How to Romance Sarah in Starfield

Which one to romance and make your companion in Starfield: Sarah or Andreja?

Sarah is one of the first characters you’ll meet and you can romance her by finding her in the New Atlantis Jemison in Alpha Centauri and completing the “Artifact” quest.

Proceed by interacting with her multiple times and bringing her along in your adventures until you get the “In Memorium” quest. Choose the romantic dialogue afterwards and that’s all.

Sarah grants you access to skills in botany, lasers, and leadership.

Should You Choose Andreja or Sarah as a Romance Companion in Starfield?

Overall, when you’re called to decide which one to pick as your companion in Starfield between Adreja and Sarah, the answer depends on your playstyle.

If you’re focusing on doing the morally right thing and are avoiding things like theft and piracy, Sarah is your best option.

On the contrary, if you want to try things that are morally grey like stealing, smuggling contraband goods, or making immoral choices overall, you should choose Andreja.

Both characters have interesting quests and dialogue options, so it should only depend on which one fits your character’s style the most.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, when you are called to decide between romancing and choosing Sarah or Andreja as your companion, the decision should depend on your character’s moral background.

If you’re planning to do morally good deeds, Sarah should be your companion; if you’re more into theft, piracy, and smuggling goods, Andreja is a much better choice.

Which companion did you choose in Starfield? What’s your character’s background? As someone who is interested in exploring every aspect of the galaxy and trying out various things, I went with Andreja. Feel free to share your thoughts as well as your character background in the comments below.

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