The 10 BEST Ships in Starfield

Are you trying to find the 10 best ships in Starfield that will make space exploration and combat much easier? Here are our top choices.

With such a wide variety of ships, choosing the best one is important before investing all your credits in mods.

In this guide, I will list the 10 best ships in Starfield to help you decide which one to purchase first based on your needs.

Combine this with our list of the best mid and end-game weapons in Starfield and you’ll be able to take down any enemy.

Best Ships in Starfield

Without further delay, here are the 10 best ships in Starfield.


10 best ships in Starfield - Dragonfire.

The Dragonfire stands out exclusively due to its high crew space. If you want to bring many crew members and utilize their various skills, this ship is your best choice.

You can buy the Dragonfire II for 370,000 at Eleos Retreat on Ixyl II.


10 best ships in Starfield - Razorleaf.

The Razorleaf is an amazing early-game option, primarily due to its medium cargo capacity and the fact that its cargo is shielded.

As a result, it will make it easier to farm credits by transferring contraband goods around the galaxy. For more tips, check out our best Starfield money farm guide.

You can get the Razorleaf by completing the Mantis quest.


10 best ships in Starfield - Voyager.

The Voyager combines cargo and crew space and it’s an upgrade over the Dragonfire, especially when considering its great shield HP.

However, it’s harder to get as it costs over 500,000 from Lon Andersen at the Ship Services – Red Mile shop.

Abyss Trekker

10 best ships in Starfield - Abyss Trekker.

The Abyss Trekker is one of your best options if you’re interested in space combat. With a strong reactor, high-tier weapons, and amazing weapon ratings, this ship can take down enemies in seconds.

You can purchase the Abyss Trekker on Paradiso.

Starborn Guardian

10 best ships in Starfield - Starborn Guardian.

The Starborn Guardian can become one of the best ships in Starfield if you invest enough time in it. Specifically, it’s the only ship that you’ll keep once you start a New Game Plus.

Its main feature is that its stats will increase on every New Game Plus, up to six times. With enough playthroughs, this thing can become a beast.

Of course, you can get the Starborn Guardian by completing the game for the first time.

Renegade III

10 best ships in Starfield - Renegade III.

The Renegade is a tankier option for those who favor survivability over anything else. While it lacks a third weapon, it has great hull HP and solid cargo space.

To get Renegade III, check Neon or Paradiso vendor’s shop, and hope that it’s available (has a low chance of showing up). Also, make sure you have enough money as it costs 450,000 credits.

Star Semi

10 best ships in Starfield - Star Semi.

The Star Semi has average all-around statistics and a high cargo space at 4,890 capacity.

To get the Star Semi, purchase it in Akila City or Hopetown from the Ship Services shop.

Silent Runner

10 best ships in Starfield - Silent Runner.

The Silent Runner is an end-game ship that has the highest cargo capacity in Starfield at 6,080 space.

While it’s not shielded, you’ll be able to easily buy the shielded cargo mod or any other mod that you want to help you transfer large quantities of items.

You can get the Silent Runner from Hopetect by talking to Inaya Rehman in the Hopetech office.


10 best ships in Starfield - Stronghold.

The Stronghold ship is ideal for traveling through space as it combines a solid cargo space of over 2,000, a fuel range of 2,200, and a shield of 1,600. You can transfer items far away without worrying about being shot down.

To get this ship, visit Paradiso in Porrima II and buy it for 380,000 credits.


10 best ships in Starfield - Narwhal.

The best ship in Starfield is Narwhal as it combines a bit of everything. With an exceptionally strong reactor and an amazing hull of over 2,000, this ship has a bit of everything.

However, to get it, you’ll need to pay 424,000 Credits to Ryujin in Neon.

Wrapping up

To summarize this list of the 10 best ships in Starfield, your best option is Narwhal. However, depending on what stats you’re looking for in a ship, there are many other great recommendations.

Which ship are you using? What do you think of the Starborn Guardian mechanic? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Now that you’ve decided on a ship, check out our guide on the best weapons for your ship in Starfield to ensure you’re packing the strongest options.


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