Starfield: Best Weapons for Mid & End Game

Are you interested in the absolute top-tier weapons that will take down any enemy with ease? Here are the best mid and end game weapons in Starfield.

As the game has a lot of content, the weapons on this list will be on the more expensive side and will require progressing quite a lot before you can get them.

However, if you manage to get them, they’ll be definitely worth the effort as they’ll have phenomenal stats overall.

In this guide, I will list the five best weapons for the mid and late game in Starfield that will help you complete any combat encounter with ease and explain how to get them.

If you still haven’t progressed enough, check out our list of the best early game weapons in Starfield.

Best Mid and End Game Weapons & How to Get Them in Starfield

Keep in mind that weapons come in varying weapon tiers and rarities. For the best weapon overall, you want to aim for the Superior tier and Legendary rarity. If you’re not sure how they work, check out our Starfield weapon tiers and rarity guide.

Without further delay, these are the five best mid and end-game weapons in Starfield:

5. Peacekeeper

Best weapons in Starfield - How to get Peacekeeper.

The Peacekeeper is a solid all-around rifle that stands out due to its extended magazine. With high damage and a solid rate of fire, you can’t go wrong with this weapon.

To get the Peacekeeper, wait until you receive a distress signal in the Altair system and initiate the Groudnpounder quest. Follow the quest and defeat a group of Spacers to obtain this weapon.

4. Experiment A-7

Best weapons in Starfield - How to get Experiment A-7.

If you’re a fan of shotguns, the Experiment A-7 is the choice for you. It comes with seven mods and an increased 30% damage against aliens.

Its damage is amazing and can take down even the toughest enemies in a few shots.

To get the Experiment A-7, complete the Entangled main story quest.

3. Unmitigated Violence

Best weapons in Starfield - How to get Unmitigated Violence.

The Unmitigated Violence is a laser rifle that stands out due to the following perks:

  • Frenzy: Has a small chance to frenzy the target.
  • Radioactive: Deals radioactive damage and demoralizes the target.
  • Instigating: Deals double damage if the target is in full health.

Combined with the overall amazing stats and high magazine capacity, this weapon is a must-try.

To get Unmitigated Violence in Starfield, side with the Emissary at the end of the Unearthed quest, and defeat the Hunter boss at the end of the Revelation quest.

2. Beowulf

Best weapons in Starfield - How to get Beowulf.

The Beowulf is a solid assault rifle that combines high damage and great accuracy, thus making it an ideal mid and long-range weapon.

With some modding, you can make it one of the best all-around weapons in Starfield.

To get the Beowulf, loot it from Pirate Marauders or Spacer Scum enemies, or buy it from the Neon Tactical, Rowland Arms, and UC shops.

1. Eternity’s Gate

Best weapons in Starfield - How to get Eternity's Gate.

The best weapon overall in Starfield is Eternity’s Gate, a legendary particle beam rifle that stands out for dealing both physical and energy damage. It comes with the following perks:

  • Skip Shot: Every fourth shot fires two bullets.
  • Handloading: Volatile rounds that are designed to pack a bigger punch, but aren’t as stable and can fail on occasion.
  • Anti-Personnel: Increased damage by 10% against humans.

With its stats and perks, Eternity’s Gate has everything you’re looking for.

To get Eternity’s Gate, side with the Hunter in the Unearthed quest and defeat the Emissary in the Revelation quest.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, these are the best mid and end-game weapons in Starfield that are ideal for any combat encounter.

With these, you’ll easily take down any enemy and complete any combat-related mission in the game.

What’s your favorite weapon overall? What do you think about the recommended weapons? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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