Starfield: Barrett vs. Sam Coe: Which One to Choose?

Are you trying to settle on a companion and can’t make up your mind? Let’s see which companion to choose in Starfield between Barrett and Sam Coe.

Sam Coe has a solid moral compass and comes with his daughter, Cora Coe, while Barrett is more flexible and supportive. There’s no right or wrong choice in terms of the best one, as they depend on your playstyle and character background.

In this decision guide, I will explain which companion to choose between Barrett and Sam Coe in Starfield while also showcasing how to romance both of them.

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How to Romance Barrett in Starfield

Starfield companion romance - How to romance Barrett.

To romance Barrett in Starfield, complete the “Back to Vectera” main quest, and return to the Lodge. Then, you’ll be able to set Barrett as your main companion and progress with his quest line.

After raising affinity enough by bringing him alongside you in adventures, you’ll unlock more quests and dialogue options with him, including romance.

In terms of attributes, Barrett is more flexible and supportive overall. As for rewards, Barrett enhances combat and exploration skills, as well as granting you access to “The Starstruck” unique weapon.

How to Romance Sam Coe in Starfield

Starfield companion romance - How to romance Sam Coe.

To romance Sam Coe in Starfield, complete “The Empty Nest” main quest, and find him in Akila City, in the Cheyenne Star system. Follow his quest line and return to the lodge to recruit him as your companion.

Continue flirting with him and eventually, you’ll get the “Matters of the Heart” quest, which will make Sam divorce his wife and romance with you.

Sam Coe offers an interesting questline focused on his daughter, Cora Coe. Additionally, he has a solid moral compass and opposes any unnecessary violence.

Completing his quests will award you with the Gunslinger ability and Cowboy perk, as well as a unique outfit.

Should You Choose Barrett or Sam Coe as a Romance Companion in Starfield?

Overall, there is no right and wrong choice between Barrett and Sam Coe in Starfield. They both have interesting questlines and offer solid rewards.

However, you should keep in mind that Sam Coe has a solid moral compass and will be disappointed in you if you’re stealing, killing innocents, or performing suspicious and illegal activities. On the other hand, Barrett won’t care much for these and will be more supportive overall.

Also, keep in mind that engaging with Sam Coe means that you’re also agreeing to be a guardian of his daughter.

Therefore, you should choose depending on your play style and character background. If you’re playing a morally gray character, Barrett is the preferred choice.

However, on a more personal note, Barrett’s personality is annoying as he is extremely persistent. This made Sam Coe the better option for me. Of course, that’s only a matter of preference and it’s important to interact with both characters before deciding on your favorite one.

Wrapping up

To summarize this decision guide on whether you should choose Barrett or Sam Coe as a companion in Starfield, the answer depends on your character’s background.

Both are amazing choices but Sam Coe will go against any immoral decisions you make such as killing innocents or stealing, so you should avoid romancing with him if you’re engaging in such activities.

Do you prefer Sam Coe or Barrett? Which character is your favorite companion overall? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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