Friends vs Friends Cards Tier List

Are you looking to optimize your build? This Friends vs. Friends cards tier list includes everything you need to know.

Overall, the best cards in the game stand out due to offering universally useful effects and you can never go wrong with them.

In this Friends vs. Friends cards tier list, I will rank all buff, debuff, weapon, and personality cards in the game to find out the best ones.

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Cards Tier List in Friends vs. Friends

Cards tier list in Friends vs. Friends.

There is a wide variety of cards in Friends vs. Friends and they are split into four main categories:

  • Buff Cards
  • Debuff Cards
  • Weapon Cards
  • Personality Cards

While the majority of cards are in the first two categories, there are great options for all types of cards that will help you progress the game more easily by increasing damage and defense, or by offering unique effects.

Without further delay, let’s move on to this cards tier list in Friends vs. Friends, starting with the best Buff cards.

Buff Cards

Cards tier list in Friends vs. Friends - best buff cards.

Buff cards apply various buffs to your character and allow you to be more effective overall. Let’s examine all of them, starting from the best:

  • S Tier: Vampire Bullets, Predator Vision, Steel Bullets

Overall, the best cards in Friends vs. Friends are Vampire Bullets, Predator Vision, and Steel Bullets. With lifesteal, increased damage, and wall hacks, you’ll be practically unstoppable.

  • A Tier: Bomb Lover, Health Up, Energy Drink, Poison Bullets, Bigger Explosion, Bullet Time, Med Kit, Double Jump, Move Faster

These cards offer extra utility and movement and make the game overall more convenient.

  • B Tier: Helmet, Small Head, Invisible, Thick Skin, Tin Man

B-Tier buff cards focus on defensive effects mostly if you’re getting hit too much.

  • C Tier: Phantom Bullets, More Accuracy, Big Mag

These cards offer certain buffs that are useful only situationally and even then offer minor benefits.

  • D Tier: Green Herb, Love Letter

D Tier cards should be avoided as their effects are minimal and won’t always help you.

Debuff Cards

Cards tier list in Friends vs. Friends - best debuff cards.

Debuff cards, as their name suggests, focus on debuffing your enemies. In this Friends vs Friends cards tier list, we’ll go through all of them, starting from the best ones:

  • S Tier: Poison, Less Accuracy, Health Down

The best debuff cards in Friends vs. Friends are Poison, Less Accuracy, and Health Down. With these cards, your opponents will take damage per second, be less accurate, and have reduced health, all of which will make your job significantly easier.

  • A Tier: Invisible Hand, Move Slower, Mind Blowing, Big Head, Garbage Day, Empty Mag

A-tier cards offer significant advantages and focus on making it easier to hit enemies.

  • B Tier: Rubber Bullets, Barbed Cards

B-tier cards offer useful effects but are slightly more situational.

  • C Tier: Swap Weapons, No Jump, Small Mag

These cards can offer some fun effects but nothing game-changing to the point where you must use them.

  • D Tier: Pixel Vision, Invisible Health

Lastly, D-Tier cards are more often than not ineffective and unhelpful and should be avoided.

Weapon & Personality Cards

Cards tier list in Friends vs. Friends - best weapon and personality cards.

For the last part of this Friends vs. Friends cards tier list, weapon and personality cards offer unique advantages and thus some of them manage to stand out on top.

  • S Tier: Katana, Spike Remington (increased damage), Donnie B (increased HP)

The best weapon card in Friends vs. Friends is the Katana, while the best personality cards are Spike Remington and Donnie B. With these, you’ll have a significant advantage over your opponent.

  • A Tier: Punch-R, Haru (increased Speed), DJ Newton (increased accuracy)

A-tier cards offer useful advantages that will be helpful in almost every scenario.

  • B Tier: Brasshopper, Sable Santana (Katana default weapon), Myk Raver (Brasshopper default weapon)

B Tier cards are situationally useful and can offer great benefits if used properly.

  • C Tier: Boomstick, Little Lars (explosion resistance) Moose Salto (double jump)

Cards in C Tier are extremely situational and should be avoided unless you’re fully confident in a specific build.

  • D Tier: Lieka, Stevie Gull (Boira-9 default weapon), Duck Andreson (Green Herb)

As for D Tier cards, there are always better choices and should be avoided when possible.

Wrapping up

To summarize this Friends vs. Friends cards tier list, these are the best buff, debuff, weapon, and personality cards in the game.

Some are universally useful and you can never go wrong with them, while others are more situational and require specific gameplay tactics to make them work.

Which ones are your favorite cards overall? What would you change in this tier list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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