Friends vs Friends Characters Guide [Full List]

Friends vs Friends is a PvP FPS game where players can use cards to gain various advantages during each round.

Additionally, the game includes a wide variety of characters, each with different abilities.

In this guide, I will list all characters in Friends vs Friends, explain how to unlock them, and showcase their unique abilities. This will help you decide which character to main and understand when you’ll unlock the next one.

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All Characters and How to Unlock Them in Friends vs Friends

All characters and how to unlock them in Friends vs Friends.

There are 10 characters currently in Friends vs Friends and each of them has a unique ability. Four of these characters are unlocked by default, while the remaining six require reaching a specific level.

CharacterHow to UnlockUnique Ability
Moose SaltoLevel 0Double-Jump
Duck AndersonLevel 0Self-Healing
DJ NewtonLevel 0Increased Accuracy
Spike RemingtonLevel 0Increased Damage
Steview GullLevel 3Starts with a Custom Boira-9
Donnie B.Level 6Increased HP
Myk RaverLevel 9Starts with Brasshopper
Little LarsLevel 12Explosion Resistance
Sable SantanaLevel 16Starts with a Katana
HaruLevel 20Increased Speed

The Brasshopper is a machine pistol with an extremely rapid rate of fire.

Keep in mind that this character list is accurate as of patch 1.0.2. In a recent dev blog, the developers have confirmed that the first big expansion will be announced later in June 2023, which will include multiple new characters.

Lastly, don’t forget that while characters are important, using the right cards is what will make the difference between winning and losing. For instance, Sable Santana is one of the best characters in the game as the Katana is an extremely strong weapon.

However, using a slow movement speed card on the Katana, or having a shotgun, makes it extremely easy to counter.

Wrapping up

To sum up this characters guide, these are all the characters available in Friends vs Friends.

Now you know how to unlock them and what each one brings to the table.

Based on everything you learned, which character will you main? Which one do you think is the best character overall? Let us know in the comments below.

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