Town of Salem 2 Roles Guide [Full List]

Town of Salem 2 includes over 50 roles in total, split between Town, Neutral, and Coven.

These roles are split into further subcategories based on their alignment into 12 categories.

In this roles guide, I will list all alignment categories and roles in Town of Salem 2 and explain the general purpose of each role.

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Town of Salem 2 Roles Guide

Each role is unique as it has its pros and cons. Without further delay, let’s examine all the roles and alignments in Town of Salem 2.

Town Roles and Alignments

All Town Roles in Town of Salem 2.

Town roles are split into further subcategories based on the role’s alignment, and each alignment includes multiple roles. Let’s examine each Alignment and the roles within it.

1. Town Investigative

Roles in the Town Investigative category focus on gathering information on other players regarding their roles, alignments, and actions. Here are all the roles with the TI alignment:

  • Coroner – Can perform an autopsy on a dead player during the day and examine alive players during the night to see if they did the killing.
  • Investigator – Can investigate player houses for evidence.
  • Lookout – Can select a player to see who visits them at night.
  • Psychic – Receives a vision every night that gives a hint about potential evil/good players.
  • Seer – Can select two players at night and see if they are on the same faction.
  • Sheriff – Can interrogate a player for suspicious activity.
  • Spy – Can see everything that happens to a certain player.
  • Tracker – Targets a player and can see who that player visits.

If you want to gain information, the TI role is ideal for you.

2. Town Protective

The Town Protective alignment includes roles that protect other members of the Town. Here are all the roles with the TP alignment.

  • Bodyguard – Protects a player against a direct attack.
  • Cleric – Casts a barrier that grants Powerful Defense to a player and cures Poison.
  • Trapper – Can spend a night building a trap, which can be placed at a player’s house. If that player is visited by someone else, you will learn all the roles of the visitors and protect the player with Powerful Defense against one attack.
  • Crusader – Gives a target player Powerful Defense against all attacks.

Overall, TP roles make sure other players stay alive at night while defending or attacking others.

3. Town Killing

The Town Killing alignment focuses on roles that can kill other players. Here are all the TK roles:

  • Vigilante – Can kill a player at night.
  • Veteran – Can go on Alert at night and shoot all of their visitors.
  • Trickster – Can redirect attacks towards themselves or other players.
  • Deputy – Can shoot a player during the day and deal a Powerful Attack.

If you’re confident about who the bad guys are and don’t mind some blood on your hands, the TK roles will set you up for a fun time.

4. Town Support

The Town Support alignment includes roles that buff allies in various ways. Here are all the TS roles:

  • Amnesiac – Will automatically remember the role of the first Town person to die at night. Restricted to Townies only.
  • Admirer – Twice per game, the Admirer can propose to another player. If they accept, they become Lifelinked and if one dies, the other dies too. Twice per game, the Admirer can care for their lover, which gives them Powerful Defense and cleanses debuffs. The Admirer can only be Lifelinked to one player.
  • Tavern Keeper – Can Role Block another player, which prevents them from acting that night.
  • Retributionist – Can raise a dead Townie and use their ability on another player.

The TS roles spice up gameplay by adding various twists that help protect players and prevent enemies from acting.

5. Town Power

The Town Power alignment includes roles that have authority and great power in the town and can take initiative. Here are all the TP roles:

  • Jailor – Select a player to put in jail. Then, they can talk to the jailed player and execute them with an Unstoppable Attack. However, if they execute a townie, they lose their ability to jail people.
  • Major – You can reveal yourself as the Mayor during the day. Then, your votes count as three and you’ll be able to whisper to other players.
  • Monarch – Can “Knight” up to two players, which gives them an extra vote. Knights gain extra defense, and the Monarch gains extra defense while at least one Knight is alive.
  • Prosecutor – Can trial any player and automatically find them guilty. This is ideal for killing players with extremely high defense.

With great power comes great responsibility and that’s what TP roles are for. If you’re not afraid to take initiative and risk a bit, these roles are extremely useful.

Neutral Roles and Alignments

All Neutral Roles in Town of Salem 2.

Similar to Town roles, Neutral roles are also split into further subcategories based on the role’s alignment, and each alignment includes multiple roles. In this roles guide for Town of Salem 2, we will examine each Neutral Alignment and the roles within it.

1. Neutral Evil

Neutral Evil alignment roles focus on creating chaos and have no loyalty to anyone. Here are all the NE roles:

  • Jester – As a Jester, you want to look suspicious and make others vote against you. You can haunt any player who voted you guilty or abstained.
  • Executioner – Select a player. If you get them Hanged, you can torment players who voted the selected player guilty or absent during the trial by dealing an Unstoppable Attack to them.
  • Pirate – Select a target to duel during the night. If successful, you will plunder them. Your goal is to plunder two players.
  • Doomsayer – Can select a player and call out their name and role to Doom them. Your goal is to Doom three players.

If you want a role that doesn’t have any allegiances and simply wants to cause havoc, the NE alignment is amazing fun.

2. Neutral Killing

Neutral Killing alignment roles are selfish killers who simply kill others for the fun of it. Here are all the NK roles:

  • Serial Killer – Each kill you get grants Bloodlust. After two consecutive kills, your attacks are Rampaging Power Attacks. This resets if you fail to kill a player.
  • Arsonist – Can set other players on fire.
  • Werewolf – Rampage during each Full Moon, which will deal a Powerful attack on your target and all visitors.
  • Shroud – Shroud a player and Astral Attack whoever that player visits.

If you simply want to kill players non-spot, the NK roles are ideal for you.

3. Neutral Apocalypse

The Neutral Apocalypse alignment includes roles that aim to bring the end of the world through unique abilities. Here are all NA roles:

  • Plaguebearer – Infect a player with the Plague each night. That player won’t know they are infected. Once all players become infected, you will become Pestilence.
  • Berserker – Attack a player on full Moon night. Each successful kill makes you stronger. After one kill, you can attack every night regardless of Full Moon. After two kills, you can Rampage at a player’s house, while after three kills you become War, your attacks become Unstoppable, and gain Invincible Defense.
  • Soul Collector – Select a player. If that player dies, collect their soul. After collecting 6 souls, become Death.
  • Baker – Can give bread to other players, which causes them to starve slower during the Famine event. After giving bread to three people, the Famine starts.

Each of these roles has the power to transform into one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and wreak havoc on all living players if certain conditions are met.

Coven Roles and Alignments

All Coven Roles in Town of Salem 2.

Lastly, Coven Roles include 4 alignment subcategories in Town of Salem 2 and multiple roles within each category. For this roles guide, I have included all the Coven Alignments.

1. Coven Power

The Coven Power alignment includes roles of power that want to eliminate Townies. Here are all the CP roles:

  • Coven Leader – Can choose to attack someone each night. With the Necronomicon, you can upgrade either your attack to Powerful Attack or your defense to Basic Defense.
  • Hex Master – Can Hex a player each night. With the Necronomicon, you gain Astral Visits and Basic Attacks.
  • Witch – Can control someone each night and see their role. With the Necronomicon, you can also Basic Attack someone.

These roles gain the power to kill with the Necronomicon and aim to guide the Coven to victory.

2. Coven Killing

The Coven Killing alignment focuses on killing as many enemies as possible. Here are all the CK roles:

  • Conjurer – Kill a player with a Meteor Strike, which counts as a Powerful Attack and does not reveal your identity.
  • Ritualist – Perform a Blood Ritual on a target player. If you guess their role, you gain an Unstoppable Astral Attack. If you guess wrong, your identity is revealed.
  • Jinx – Sit and wait at a player’s house and Jinx random non-Coven visitors.

CK roles take some risks but can kill players safely if successful.

3. Coven Utility

Coven Utility focuses on supporting members of the Coven similar to Town Support. Here are all the CU roles:

  • Potion Master – Use Barrier Potion (grants Unstoppable Defense) or Reveal Potion (reveals target’s role). With the Necronomicon, you can use Harmful Potion which deals a Basic Attack.
  • Necromancer – Create Zombies from a dead player.
  • Poisoner – Force a player to have a drink with you and role block them. Once per game, you can poison the other player’s drink.
  • Voodoo Master – Choose one person each night and make a Voodoo Doll of them. This silences the target and prevents them from voting or talking in the next discussion.
  • Wilding – Can see everyone the Town visits at night.

CU adds some unique twists to the gameplay by providing extra information or buffs to allies.

4. Coven Deception

The Coven Deception alignment includes roles that deceive Townies and cause them to believe they are on their side. Here are all the CD roles:

  • Medusa – Can Stone Gaze a player each night. If that player dies, only Coven members will see their role and last will.
  • Illusionist – Makes a player appear innocent and good to everyone else.
  • Dreamweaver – Can invade other players’ dreams and drive them insane. Being Insane prevents players from using abilities during the day, causes them to vote randomly, and makes them attack random players at night.
  • Enchanter – Enchant a player with evil to make them appear suspicious.

The CD roles are ideal for messing with other players who try to gain as much information as possible by giving them false info.

Game Mode Exclusive Roles

Lastly, there are two roles that appear only in exclusive game modes. Here are both of them:

  • Vampire – Can bite someone at night. If the target is a Townie or Juster, they become a Vampire. If they are already vampires, deal a Basic Attack.
  • Cursed Soul – Swap souls with a player at night. 50% chance to swap with the targeted player, 50% to be swapped with a random player.

Keep in mind that these roles are only available in certain game modes and aim for unique victory conditions.

Wrapping up – Compete Roles Guide in Town of Salem 2

To sum up this roles guide in Town of Salem 2, these are all the alignments and roles currently available in the game.

With such a wide variety of roles, Town of Salem 2 manages to maintain a similar depth of gameplay to the original game.

Which one is your favorite role? Which one is the most annoying in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.

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