Halls of Torment: Best Cleric Build

The Cleric is one of the strongest characters in Halls of Torment as he combines solid AoE and single-target damage with great survivability.

The Cleric’s unique asset is all his damage is split between all enemies hit. Prioritizing some damage traits will ensure the Cleric’s attacks hit hard.

In this guide, I will showcase the best Cleric build in Halls of Torment showcasing the best traits, abilities, and items that you should prioritize.

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Cleric Stats

The Cleric combines offensive and defensive stats. Specifically, here are all of the Cleric’s starting stats:

HP Regen0.5
Block Strength5
Attack Speed0.3
Critical Hit Chance0
Critical Hit Damage0
Piercing 10
Movement Speed4.4
XP Gain100%
Pickup Range3
Based on those stats, let’s examine the best Cleric build that utilizes everything to its full potential.

Best Cleric Traits in Halls of Torment

Best traits for the Cleric in Halls of Torment.

In terms of traits, you want to prioritize the following ones on Cleric:

  • Strength (+Damage)
  • Quick Hands (+Attack Speed)
  • Weapon Proficiency (+Attack Speed on Main Weapon)
  • Multihit (Multiple Attacks)
  • Vanguard (+Range)
  • Collateral Damage (+AoE)

Overall, the Cleric focuses on damage and Attack Speed, while completely ignoring Critical Stats. This is because he starts with a 0% critical rate chance, so it’s not worth investing in it.

Best Cleric Abilities in Halls of Torment

Best abilities for the Cleric in Halls of Torment.

As for Abilities, the best ones for the Cleric are the following:

  • Radiant Aura – Damages all enemies in range and deals great damage.
  • Lightning Strike – Strikes random surrounding enemies with bolts of lightning, which causes them to get electrocuted and stunned.

When upgrading your abilities, similar to Traits, avoid any Critical Stike Hit and Critical Damage upgrades, and prioritize damage, range, and attack speed.

Best Cleric Items in Halls of Torment

Best Items for the Cleric in Halls of Torment.

Lastly, the best Cleric items involve anything that increases damage, attack speed, and range. Some prime examples are the following:

  • Collar of Confidence – Increases damage by 5% for each enemy in your pickup range.
  • Wind Crown – Increases attack speed by 1% for 5s for each enemy killed (up to +50% attack speed).

Since you’ll be positioned close to enemies, and will be killing many with your AoE attacks, these items will have their effects always active.

Wrapping up

To summarize this Cleric build guide in Halls of Torment, players should focus on damage and attack speed traits and items.

As for abilities, Radiant Aura and Lightning Strike will help you deal with the majority of enemies.

Have you tried any different Cleric builds? What do you think about this class overall? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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