Halls of Torment: Best Swordsman Build

The Swordsman is the standard all-around melee fighter hero in Halls of Torment and also one of the best classes for newer players.

He has great damage but also enough survivability to ensure you won’t get punished for any small mistakes. For his best build, the Swordsman focuses on increasing the AoE and range of his attacks.

In this guide, I will showcase the best Swordsman build in Halls of Torment showcasing the best traits, abilities, and items that you should prioritize.

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Swordsman Stats

The Swordsman is the most balanced class and starts with the following stats:

HP Regen0.1
Block Strength10
Attack Speed1
Critical Hit Chance10%
Critical Hit Damage100%
Piercing 100
Movement Speed5
XP Gain100%
Pickup Range3

Based on those stats, let’s examine the best Swordsman build that utilizes everything to its full potential.

Best Swordsman Traits in Halls of Torment

Best Swordsman Traits in Halls of Torment.

The Swordsman has average stats all across the board and thus can benefit from almost any trait. However, focusing on attack range and area of effect will make the Swordsman a menace on the field. Based on that, here are the best traits for the Swordsman:

  • Collateral Damage (+Area/Cone Size)
  • Vanguard (+Range)
  • Strength (+Damage)
  • Quick Hands (+Attack Speed)
  • Cunning Technique (+Critical Hit Chance)
  • Ruthlessness (+Critical Damage)
  • Multihit (Multiple Attacks – great combo with Phantom Needles ability)

You can spread your traits and stats all across the table and take a bit of everything, or focus on a few specific ones, based on the trait options given.

Either way, the Swordsman will become a solid class and it’s impossible to go wrong with any Trait.

Best Swordsman Abilities in Halls of Torment

Best Swordsman Abilities in Halls of Torment.

As for Abilities, the best ones for Swordsman are the following:

  • Lightning Strike – Strikes random surrounding enemies with bolts of lightning, which causes them to get electrocuted and stunned.
  • Phantom Needles – Continuously fires needles at random nearby enemies. The Multihit Trait increases this ability’s attack speed.
  • Transfixion – Fires projectiles in front of you that can apply the Fragile effect.

These abilities are ideal for dealing with stronger foes in front of you and will make quick work of even the toughest boss fights.

Best Swordsman Items in Halls of Torment

Best Swordsman Items in Halls of Torment.

Lastly, the best Swordsman items, similar to traits focus on increasing anything that complements your build. Overall, you can never go wrong with extra damage, attack speed, or survivability. It all depends on what you lack.

Without further delay, here are the best Swordsman items in Halls of Torment:

  • Collar of Confidence – Increases damage by 5% for each enemy in your pickup range.
  • Wind Crown – Increases attack speed by 1% for 5s for each enemy killed (up to +50% attack speed).
  • Quickhand Gloves – 20% Attack Speed.
  • Blood-Soaked Shirt – 3% chance to gain one health point after killing an enemy.

Combined with the right traits and abilities, your Swordsman will become almost unstoppable.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the Swordsman is the most balanced and all-rounder hero class in Halls of Torment and his best build focuses on high damage, long-range, AoE attacks.

Focus on offensive and range-increasing stats and your Swordsman will be able to clear any wave easily.

What do you think about the Swordsman class overall? What’s your favorite class in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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