Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Break Large Ice Chunks

Large Ice Chunks are yet another form of obstacle in Disney Dreamlight Valley that blocks pathways and need to be broken, similar to the tree stumps and large coral rocks.

But, why do these ice rocks form? How can you break these large ice chunks in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

I’ll be helping you out today with this well-informed article, based on these large ice chunks and everything about them in this beautiful game.

How to Break Large Ice Chunks in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley ice chunks

The large ice chunks first appear after you’ve unlocked Elsa in the Frozen Realm. The only way to break these ice rocks is by upgrading your pickaxe with a potion you’ll be creating with the help of Elsa’s magic.

The entire process is part of “The Singing Ice” quest. After you’ve reached Friendship Level 6 with Elsa, you’ll come across this quest where she tells you about how large ice rocks have appeared inside the Ice Cavern.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Singing Ice quest

She’ll ask you to help her out in breaking these rocks and you’ll be tasked to collect a number of items in order to make the Cold of Winter potion. This potion will be later used to boost the powers of your pickaxe.

The first items you need to collect are specific flowers that you’ll be using to create the Icy Bouquet.

White Daisy

Disney Dreamlight Valley White Daisy
White Daisy

The first flower in the list is the White Daisy. White Daisies are easily found in the flowery areas of the Peaceful Meadow. These are white in color and collecting 1 White Daisy is good enough for this quest.

Red Falling Penstemon

Red Falling Penstemon Disney Dreamlight Valley
Red Falling Penstemon

The Red Falling Penstemon is more available in the Plaza than anywhere else. Just take a stroll around the areas where plants and flowers are found in Plaza and you’ll definitely find a Red Falling Penstemon.

Pink Bromeliad

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pink Bromeliad
Pink Bromeliad

The last flower needed to make the Icy Bouquet is the Pink Bromeliad. These can be found near the tall trees and beside the ponds in Sunlit Plateau.

Since all these flowers aren’t too rare, you can quickly collect them from their respective places and offer them to Elsa.

The Icy Bouquet

Elsa will use her “ice magic” and turn the three flowers you’ve given her into the Icy Bouquet.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to collect even more items in order to create the Cold of Winter potion. But, don’t worry! These items aren’t too difficult to obtain, either!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ingredients List

Ice Chunks

5 Ice Chunks are required for this quest. These Ice Chunks need to be collected from the Ice Cavern, as per the quest instructions.

Enter the Ice Cavern and you’ll run into quite a few Ice Chunks once you start exploring the Cavern.

The Ice Chunks are small pieces of rocks that give off a sparkle, and you can easily add these to your inventory like you added the flowers.

These are not that difficult to find and you won’t need to go too far into the Ice Cavern.


Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowball

Before this confuses you, collecting the large snowballs in the game will suffice as snow for this quest.

You’ll need to obtain 3 snow or snowballs in order to meet the requirements.

These snowballs can be found in the snowy areas of Frosted Heights. Just exploring the surroundings for a while should bring you 3 snowballs without any trouble.

Vial of Freezing Water

The Vial of Freezing Water is also found in the Frosted Heights.

You’ll need to visit Ariel’s pond in the Frosted Heights. You’ll notice there are sparkles coming out of a certain part in the pond beside Ariel.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Vial of Freezing Water

Approach the sparkles and click on “Pick Up” when the prompt appears. That’s all you need to do for the Vial of Freezing Water. You can also make conversation with Ariel if you’re interested.

Alright then! You’re done with the “Collection” part of the “Singing Ice” quest and halfway through to upgrading your pickaxe. Before boosting your pickaxe, though, you’ll need to create the Cold of Winter potion.

Making the Cold of Winter Potion

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cold of Winter Potion

The Cold of Winter Potion needs to be crafted in any of the crafting stations in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

After interacting with a crafting station, navigate to the “Potion and Enchantment” section and you should find the “Cold of Winter Potion” there.

Select it and hit on “Make” on the small window present on the bottom-right corner of the screen. The potion will be added to your backpack.

Giving Cold of Winter Potion to Elsa Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s now time to offer the potion to Elsa so that she can apply her magic and that will automatically upgrade your pickaxe.

Go back to the Ice Cavern in the Forest of Valor. Take out your pickaxe and hit one of the large ice chunks in the Ice Cavern with it. Those large rocks should be easily demolished with one hit!

And there you have it, fellow gamers! That is how you break large ice chunks in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Wrapping Up

The process of upgrading the pickaxe may have been a bit lengthy, but the good thing about this quest is that none of the items take too long to find. These are quite common, if you know where to look.

Are you able to break the large ice chunks easily now? Are you still having trouble boosting your pickaxe? Do consider leaving a feedback in the comments below!

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