Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Rid of Stumps

Tree Stumps are one of the most annoying hurdles you’ll come up against in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Removing them is also not the easiest of jobs, since pickaxes don’t work against these.

Shovel Blades are used to get rid of stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

There are several tasks that you’ll need to complete successfully in order to use this specialized shovel.

With the thoughts of making things simpler and easier for you, I’ll be providing an easy-to-follow in-depth guide on how to get rid of stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley.  

How to Get Rid of Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The key to removing these tree stumps is to obtain the ultimate Shovel Blade!

Shovel Blade
Shovel Blade

If you’ve unlocked Anna in the Frozen Realm, you’ll eventually end up making the Shovel Blade for the purpose of the quests.

The Shovel Blade requires several items to be crafted and the tasks can get quite difficult to perfect, just like it is for upgrading other tools.

The Icy Invitation quest is when you’ll be able to craft the Shovel Blade.

The quest initially wants you to get Anna the proper book she’s asking for.

Anna's First Task

In order to complete this task, you need to visit Anna’s house and explore the house till you find the required book.

The book can be found on top of one of the four-legged tables beside the big book shelves in the house. Look for a book that’s sparkling on the small tables; you should be able to find it in no time!

Once you’ve handed Anna the book, the next part of the quest starts – upgrading your shovel.

Collecting the Items

Shovel Blade requirements

To upgrade the shovel, you’ll need to have a few items in your inventory before you can craft it into the Shovel Blade. The items are 10 Softwood, 4 Hardwood, 4 Iron Ingots and 3 Tinkering Parts.

If you already own these items (which is unlikely), then things just got really simple for you! All you’ll need to do is go to a crafting station and make your Shovel Blade!

You can check out our article on how to get Hardwood and Softwood in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Both Hardwood and Softwood are easily obtainable in the Forest of Valor, where you’ll be carrying out quests with Anna anyway. Exploring the greener areas of the biome should help you collect these items without any trouble.

Moving on to Iron Ingots, you’ll need to collect Iron Ore. 5 Iron Ores and 1 Coal Ore will let you craft an Iron Ingot.

Iron Ore requirement

Furthermore, the Tinkering Parts are also crafted using Iron Ingots. 2 Iron Ingots make 3 Tinkering Parts.

Therefore, if you do the math, you’ll need 20 Iron Ores and 4 Coal Ores to make the 4 Iron Ingots; adding to that, 10 more Iron Ores along with 2 Coal Ores to make the 2 Iron Ingots, which in turn, are used to make the Tinkering Parts.

Therefore, you need to collect 30 Iron Ores and 6 Coal Ores in total.

The Iron Ores aren’t too difficult to mine, though. You need to break and mine the rocks that are on the edges of the cliffs, found near the borders of the biomes.

Iron Ore Sites on the top right zones of Forest of Valor
Iron Ore Sites on the top right zones of Forest of Valor

These kinds of rocks can be seen in the cliffs located towards the bottom and towards the top right zones of the Forest of Valor.

If you’re struggling to find iron ores in this biome, you can look for these in the cliffs of the Glade of Trust as well.

Collecting the Coal Ores is even easier as they can be found just by exploring and foraging in any one of the biomes.

Crafting the Shovel Blade

When you’re done collecting the items in the required amount, it’s time for you to visit a crafting station.

Interact with the crafting station to open the crafting recipes menu.

From the “Refined Material” section, select the Iron Ingots and toggle the quantity to 6. The Iron Ingots should be crafted once you hit “Make”.

Iron Ingot Item

Up next are the Tinkering Parts. From the same section of the menu, select “Tinkering Parts”. Toggle the counter to 3 and make these items.

Tinkering Parts requirement

Now that you have all the items needed to upgrade your shovel to the Shovel Blade, move to “Potion and Enchantment” section of the menu.

You’ll find “Shovel Blade” and selecting on it will show you the exact number of items that the quest wants you to collect. Select on “Make” to craft your very own Shovel Blade.

The Shovel Blade will be added to your inventory.

You need to access the inventory and click on “Use” to break the Tree Stumps using your Shovel Blade.

Wrapping Up

The process of obtaining this upgrade for your shovel can be quite time-consuming, especially if you can’t find the items that you need.

If you’ve followed this guide so far, you shouldn’t have had any trouble navigating your way into crafting the Shovel Blade and removing the annoying tree stumps for good! Nevertheless, if you feel like you’re struggling, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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